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I am a small business consultant. I will help you discover your passion and turn a dream into a successful and thriving business.

My approach is very personalized to each students needs and vision. I want to help you connect with your dream, purpose, and guide you towards becoming successful. I will help you clarify your idea, discover your purpose and give you direction in making and executing your personalized plan.

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Graphic Design Bachelors Student Giving Basics of Photography Course To Take your Photos up a Notch

I believe in catering to every individual's need. In my approach, everyone gets to exercise their creative freedom, photography styles and looks, but still end up learning the very essentials of the photography that are important for a photo to me really strong.

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Art College Student for Budding Artists! Develop your skills and creativity through Photography

The best way for Artists to keep creative is through collaboration, and to always seek out the opinions and interpretations of others. This process can happen through critiques and open-minded conversation that will create a starting point for improvements, and inspire future projects.

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Photographer offers basic knowledge on how to use your digital camera and the principles of the manual mode.

I like to work one on one with students to ensure that they are grasping the concepts being taught. I believe in building on the students previous knowledge and adapting teaching styles to the students individual needs. I am excited to begin teaching a subject that I am so passionate about.

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When you freeze time You capture moments that can never be regained.

My teaching methods are hands on training, lecture method, Brainstorming, Active and Engaging Discussion (Interactive/Participative) methods and Practical Presentation methods

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Communications student and professional photographer from Mississauga providing support to upcoming creatives

I approach photography as a form of expression. I believe that each person has a different view on the world, and photographer gives you the opportunity to share your vision with others - the way that YOU want to. My lessons are intended for any skill level, whether you have never touched a camera before or if you already have the hang of it and want to improve.

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Professional and artist with years of experience gives photography lessons to students in Toronto

Making a photograph is like making a painting. A thought has to be provoked to click the shutter. With online platforms these days it is very easy to grasp the technical knowledge involved in photography but the artistic and aesthetic part of it is another ball game altogether.

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Expert digital photography teacher for everyone, on line, english or french.

I have a simple and effective methodology when I photograph. I will show you the important options and we will practice. It does not matter what your camera is, I know it and I will show you how to use it. - J'ai une méthodologie simple et efficace quand je photographie. Je vais vous montrer les options importantes et nous allons pratiquer.

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Press photographer with 10 years of experience gives photography classes in Toronto area

My teaching method is mix of hands-on experience and theorethical knowledge of photography, light, and composition.

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Fine Art and Photography Teacher for all learning ages! 5 years of teaching experience and 12 years art experience

Using various methods of teaching, I work with my students to find out what they are passionate about learning. By sharing a variety of sources, techniques and equipment options, I can help a student pick what is the best for their situation.

North Bay
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Hi/Bonjour! My name is Lise and I am located in North Bay Ontario. I have an eclectic teaching background, I can provide fun top-notch interactive tutoring for many subjects. I am fluently bilingual (

My teaching methodology is always very visual and engaging. Fun, interactive, nonconventional projects and homework. Keeping it interestedly fun, while learning is proved to be effective.

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Photographer gives lessons for adults and youth to begin or continue their skills in photography

I like to teach according to what the student already knows, find out what direction they would like to go in their photography, and help them build skills to get where they want to be. I'm very easy-going in my teaching style, but still require genuine effort from my students.

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Visual Art graduate photography classes for beginners! Capture what your eye see.

My teaching methods are very hands on. You have to know your camera in order to take great photos. There are also lessons in theory and understandings of camera settings. I will also teach some photo editing methods. It is a flexible class allowing the student to explore different areas of photography.

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Communication and Media College student focuses on video editing and photography editing

I like letting people be creative in their own way and let them learn at their pace. There is never a big rush on learning anything, it shouldn't be stressful. However, there will be some more or less boring things which are part of a learning process.

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Portrait and wedding photographer with over 15 years of experience ready to help you make timeless imagery.

My experience encompasses a range of creative and technical skills that would be useful for new photographers as well as those looking to develop their skills further. I am an easy going and patient individual who can help navigate you through all the technical and artistic aspects of photography. We will work with and critic existing work as well as assignment projects to help develop your look.

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Creative Photography Tutor, GCSE Photography, A Level Photography Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex

With a warm welcome, you will soon free your creativity, have fun, get the best grades possible with encouraging, inspiring, very experienced, fully qualified Art and Photography Teacher in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

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Analog photo class for beginners in berlin. It is no camera needed !

We start with the basic steps you need to understand the importance of lighting and envirement. After that we will continue to learn how to compose and create a nice picture.

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Veteran Colorado photographer offering custom education for all skill levels including styles, equipment, camera settings, exposure, composition, photo-editing, and enhancement.

I've been teaching all types of photography for many years and I have learned that each student learns in a different manner and pace. I custom tailor a learning path based on your needs, desires, and the direction and end result you wish to achieve.

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Kiwi Freelance Photographer | Honours Degree in Photographic Design | Digital & Analogue Photography | Friendly & Patient | Melbourne CBD

I am a kind people person with a bright & bubbly personality and a lively sense of humour. I have been working in customer service for almost a decade, and have a patient and caring demeanour when it comes to teaching.

La Roche-sur-Foron
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Humanist Photographer 10 years of experience gives courses in portrait photo sessions with natural light.

My method is based on the judicious association between technical mastery, artistic expression and understanding of the human. I focus my teaching on developing your own photographic signature, an expression of your personal universe. I help you combine these three ingredients to become independent in your visual storytelling.

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ANU Master degree and over 3 years wedding, portraits and event photographer in Canberra.

My name is Jamin. email: (concealed information) Website: (concealed information) Here you can learn about how to use your camera perfectly. Which lens is best for your work. How to take photo with the best exposure. How to do compositions. Etc.. My teaching methodology includes 4 parts: 1.Theory and camera operation studies. 2.Practice and post-upgrade studies. 3.

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Photographer with published works, gives lessons for beginners and for those looking to specialize

I have been a photographer for fashion and portraits, I have been working for some years, both with studio and intern, I have some materials that have already been published in magazines and newspapers, I have already given workshops, and I participated in a debate table, dominance over Canon cameras. Classes can be closed weekly or monthly, according to need, I give classes to groups as well.

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Passionate Photographer & Retoucher offering creative & artistically inspired photography lessons from Bondi, Sydney

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for stopping by, I LOVE teaching! Photography, editing & everything that goes with it.

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A professional photographer teaches photography & editing of image and video at a fully equipped home studio. Learn to take photographs at a professional level in the fields of modelling, portrait, f

My teaching method is very friendly, easy and interactive. Before I start a lesson, I introduce myself to new candidates and I become aware of their basic knowledge. I emphasize on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. While giving a group lecture or teaching individually, I always give the necessary examples and make things easier to understand.

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Professional Photographer with over 8 years of experience giving lessons in Sydney

I base my classes on fundamentals or photography, usage of DSLR camera and equipments. I then focus on the type of photography students would like to learn by offering a basic idea about each type. Some of the classes will be theoretical and others will be practical with planned trips.

South Brisbane
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International photographer teach you how to take stunning pictures and understand photography in Brisbane

I learn that the best way to learn is do. My method is to shoot with you explaining why we're doing this instead of that. what are the other options and scenarios. Why this kind of lens. Why we edit this picture in this way. Which program is better to use...

Ferny Glen
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Published Photographer To Help You Achieve Your Photographic Potential On The GC

I believe you can only learn by doing, for this reason I like my classes to be as hands on as possible. Once a student has addressed a particular area of focus, I will work as hard as I can to perfect and improve their skills within the chosen field.

Hope Island
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World-traveling Photojournalist and Documentarian with 10 years of experience teaches Photography in the Gold Coast, Australia

I believe the best way to learn anything is to do it yourself. So while I teach the theory and specs of photography in short lectures, we spend most of our time in the field practicing the craft.

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