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Art College Student for Budding Artists! Develop your skills and creativity through Photography

The best way for Artists to keep creative is through collaboration, and to always seek out the opinions and interpretations of others. This process can happen through critiques and open-minded conversation that will create a starting point for improvements, and inspire future projects.

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Press photographer with 10 years of experience gives photography classes in Toronto area

My teaching method is mix of hands-on experience and theorethical knowledge of photography, light, and composition.

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Tell your story by capturing a photo that opens the eyes of the world

My teaching methods include gepup discusions and critcal thinking. by engaging the student we are able to realize the possiblities with a simple pcture.

Paris 17e
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MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I'll let you judge for yourself: (hidden information) My way of teaching depends on your level. In general. Avoid doing too much theory; i'd rather train you, sitting next to you on a second computer.

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Creative Photography Tutor, GCSE Photography, A Level Photography Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex

With a warm welcome, you will soon free your creativity, have fun, get the best grades possible with encouraging, inspiring, very experienced, fully qualified Art and Photography Teacher in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

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Veteran Colorado photographer offering custom education for all skill levels including styles, equipment, camera settings, exposure, composition, photo-editing, and enhancement.

I've been teaching all types of photography for many years and I have learned that each student learns in a different manner and pace. I custom tailor a learning path based on your needs, desires, and the direction and end result you wish to achieve.

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Lecturer at Istituto Massaua and photographer offers photojournalism lessons, analogue photography and photo development!

I teach as a lecturer since 2014. Currently I am the operational manager of the company Tilllate.world, based in Switzerland, the largest international community for nightlife photography, we cover more than 20 countries. I collaborate with Google Inc. as a Google certified photographer for the insertion of places and photographs in the Google Street View database.

Ponte Preta
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Take better photos or reinforce what you already know: instagram, mobile and DSLR

I base my lessons on the experience I have, what I learned at the university, the contact with professionals in the field, and the specific courses I took on photography. The classes are according to the student's need, curiosity and technique. From the beginner to the one who already has some experience.

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As a self taught photographer from a young age I have followed the philosophy: ‘It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter’. Whether that is practiced through the art of photo

I have experienced failure throughout my academic experience. Without one-to-ones with mentors and teachers I would not have been able to achieve my successes. I therefore reflect this methodology through my own teaching. I have found that teaching individuals and/or small groups through holistic approaches aids the subject at hand.

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Award winning photographer with a unique teaching ability to explain things at the student's level

I like to teach in a relaxed less formal and casual manner using videos and presentations and where students can interact and discuss subjects as they require. Many camera and post processing techniques involve people getting hands on experience which this style of teaching suits best.

Hope Island
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World-traveling Photojournalist and Documentarian with 10 years of experience teaches Photography in the Gold Coast, Australia

I believe the best way to learn anything is to do it yourself. So while I teach the theory and specs of photography in short lectures, we spend most of our time in the field practicing the craft.

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I want to create amazing stories and involve people to do the same!

I love to show people how they can improve their skills through experience. I want them to be confident with themselves and their equipment. That's why I teach on the street, so they can practice with my assistance and learn how to do their best to capture time and places.

Merthyr Tydfil
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Film Graduate offering Digital Photography lessons at home/online in South Wales area.

I'll teach anyone who wants to learn, no matter your age, experience, current situation etc. My teaching would be tailored around you and exactly what you want to learn, I'll do this through simplified instructions, mixed in with physically showing and guiding you through a process.

Seville Grove
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Photographer and aspiring filmmaker teaches his skills and the art of capturing emotions in Perth.

As I am an aspiring filmmaker, my photography style lends itself to that. I like to shoot in a candid style, even though it may be staged. I like to get emotion out of the scene, which is important to tell the story you want to tell.

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Photographer offering lessons from basic to intermediate and advanced levels including narrative and technical knowledge.

My teaching methods include gathering information from students and building a comprehensive study-plan based around what your requirements are. Not only will you learn about your chosen specifics, you will learn how they relate to other areas in the creative industries (including video production if desired).

Carrum Downs
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Bayside photographer gives lessons on photography to those of any skill level

My teaching method is very relaxed and creative. I do not just show you how to do something and send you on your way. I will show you how and keep showing until you have learnt it for yourself. I also believe in a creative approach. I would love to see you be challenged with creative and unique tasks to enable you to learn in a fun way.

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Journalist and fotographer girl with 5 years experience offers digital photography and photo retouching lessons

The method and priority is to learn photographic theory and practice at the same time. We will learn to frame, use the camera in manual mode, illuminate, etc. while taking photos.

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Lifelong photographer provides focused results on improving your photography and making the most of your camera!

I teach photography based on the images you bring to show off your skills, as well as the capabilities of your camera.

Tannum Sands
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Photographic Art gives students a different view of the world and how it is portrayed.

My teaching methodology is to make everything make sense so no one is confused, I hope I can make other students feel comfortable talking to me and other students if need any assistance while teaching. I may not be the best teacher but please bear with me.

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Dorset based award-winning photojournalist offering the very best in Photography tuition all levels catered for

I have been working with photographers of all abilities and I have developed a teaching programme that encourages creativity. It's not about what camera or lens you use, it's about developing your vision, the way you see the world and the way you translate that vision into fantastic photographs. I like to work one to one or in a group, I also do distance tutoring via Skype or email.

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Ex-BBC Documentary Producer with over 10 years experience offering filmmaking skills in Brighton/London

I will teach the basics and then set tasks. Ideally the person will have a camera or at least a smart phone. If the person has a laptop and computer with editing software then I can guide the person through the whole process of making a short film.

Mount Barker
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Adam robert
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Post grad-qualified experienced photographer giving group and individual lessons in Brisbane and surrounds

I tailor lessons to each individual student or group's specific needs. Lessons are highly interactive, combining theory, critique and practical exercises to ensure you master whatever form of photography you are pursuing.

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Qualified Photographer and Lecturer offering Photography Workshops, Classes and Trips in Cornwall

I can teach from entry level for students that have never held a camera, up to Level 3, the equivalent of A Level or Foundation Diploma. I often work with a social teaching style, letting the students lead the direction of the class whilst acting as a facilitator for the needs of the individuals in the groups.

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Art & Design Teacher available for small group/individual tutoring in photography: primary to university levels in Cheshire

I am a highly motivated and conscientious individual with an exceptionally strong work ethic. My students are not only able but encouraged to contact me outside of their lesson hours as I give everything I can to each of my students. Every single lesson is bespoke to the student (or group of students) that I am teaching.

Big Bear
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Professional photographer with over 40 years of experience will share his knowledge online or in person in S. California.

I give personalized photography lessons to all ages and levels by helping my students take step by step actions that will help achieve excellent final results in their photographs. By focusing on the concepts behind what makes great photographs, any type of camera can be used to make them.

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Veteran photographer teaches practical photography and photographic look, how to capture fellings.

I discovered myself a photographer ten years ago, watching my father record moments. Curiosity, in the end, became an interest. More than that, it became a necessity, and I was improving my knowledge. In love, I understood that photographing would always be my craft and my way of life. The beauty of photography, for me, is in the details. A look. A smile. A tear of happiness or sadness.

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Fashion and Photography graduate looking to tutor a wide age group of students up to and through university

My teaching method is teaching the basics first and building upon them by interacting with the student to give a customised lesson that they will get the most out of.

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Photography Introductory course for beginners and advanced (technique, information, inspiration) Understanding of the operation Camera, handling of light, choice of motive

I try to explain everything as simply as possible to examples from life, and I like to repeat until the aha effect comes. Most of the time people get in contact with me and teach photography pretty well and they are more interested in doing that because you are not afraid of it anymore.

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Film, Photography and TV Motion Graphics Designer Relief Media Arts Teacher Perth

I have a lifelong appreciation for the arts as an arts history major, I believe in explaining and making real life connections for students in exploring arts media by scaffolding content and engaging students with a balance of inquiry, modelling, reflection and practice.

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