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Musician from Mexico you can learn jazz,blues,rock and Latin rhythms theory-practice dynamics

My teaching method includes tools that allow you to develop your own style and put it into practice through theorical and practical exercises.

North Vancouver
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Music teacher specialising in classical guitar and music reading based in North Vancouver with a degree from Capilano University

I teach solely based on the student and what they excel in and strive to find a balance, ease and joyful approach to learning.

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Award-winning Vocalist (singer-songwriter) gives vocal, guitar, piano and music production lessons. Genres: Classical (Western, Carnatic, Hindustani), Pop, R&B.

My teaching methods are flexible according to the needs of the student. As long as the student has an open mind and voice they'd love to work with, we are all set to go! I can teach half hour lessons or one hour lessons (or more if required) every week.

West Kelowna
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Jazz music teacher with 15 years of experience gives acoustic guitar/bass guitar/double bass lessons in Kelowna area

I believe that when the teacher is inspiring, the student becomes inspired. With my professional degrees, and much experience in teaching, I am sure I can offer you something useful. I customize my lessons to the student's needs, based on what they want to accomplish. I specialize in beginners.

Côte Saint-Luc
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Learning guitar should be fun. Let me teach you all you need to know.

I am a guitarist with thirteen years of experience who has been teaching students of all levels for five years. I will first teach my students the basics as well as the theory behind guitar playing, and gradually make our way to learning songs and understanding the significance of improvisation.

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Music producer and professional guitarist with more than 15 years of playing and teaching experience

- Assesing students's personality type. - Creating the right lesson materials to use with my students that are consistent with: their personality type, their stated goals and their musical strength and weaknesses. - Getting my guitar students to do what they like so they actually make progress and become great players.

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Music Performance student gives lessons on everything guitar (all ages and genres welcome)

My main teaching manifesto is to teach whatever the student is wishing to learn. We will spend lesson time on whatever interests you the most. If you just want to learn songs and work on basic chords Im happy to indulge you but if you want to take a more well rounded approach and learn theory and note reading Im more than able to accommodate that as well.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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I teach guitar, English as a second language, math, science, computers and business management.

I am readily able to utilize his unique skills and insights to transcend goals while maintaining the highest quality product, program development, productivity and standards. Safety, quality, productivity and growth are the four elements required for vital customer and company satisfaction. I harness these elements to achieve goals that produce perpetual results.

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Guitar Teacher in Winnipeg Manitoba, 11 Years Playing Experience, 7 Years teaching, Learn Songs that you Like

I base my classes on the basic chords and scale shapes, taught through popular/classic songs either chosen by myself or (preferably) by the students. Lessons take as long as they need to take (usually around 45, they start off longer and then settle as we find your path). I also teach guitar hero lessons, if anyone is interested.

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Seasoned Guitarist with over 40 years experience looking to share the love of the instrument with practical learning approaches to help you reach your musical goals and to inspire your playing. Beginn

Personal observation has taught me that it is most beneficial the balance the challenge of learning an instrument with an element of fun. So I find it advantageous to set realistic attainable goals. This serves to keep the student challenged enough but not deterred. I will be sharing fundamental exercises as well to train their ear and induce muscle memory.

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Graduate music student offering lessons in guitar performance, composition, recording and production

My teaching methods incorporate learning music through the lens of a variety of fields. Music is a language and performance should be approached from the perspective of wanting to learn how to express a thought or an idea. Physics and science help us to understand how the sounds we make exist. Psychology and neurology offer infinite insight into how and why it is we perceive music the way we do.

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Electric/Acoustic/Bass Guitar Lessons In Guelph. Enthusiastic And Experienced Musician Available For Lessons Both At Home Or Hosted

Absolutely ANYONE can learn the guitar, regardless of age, size, ethnicity or disabilities.

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Guitar Instructor teaching Flamenco, Classical and Melody of Pop songs to adults and kids

My teaching methods would vary in regards to each student talent but in general: Children: start from "Guitar Method for Young Beginners" by Scott. will learn to play melody and rhythm.

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Multi-instrumentalist with 10 years of experience giving beginner to intermediate Guitar lessons in Vancouver

I'm very flexible in my approach since I don't believe one size fits all when it comes to education and I aim to cater each lesson to the needs of the student. Though I'm primarily focused on songwriting and composition, I'm open to diving into whatever you're hoping to learn.

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Guitar player offering basic and intermediate lessons in both acoustic and electric guitar

My teaching method offers a basic conditioning technique for finger strength, how to perform all the basic major chords A-G in full chord as well as bar/power chord form. these chords are taught with variations. How to read tabs and the frets. how to tune the guitar in both standard and harmonic tuning.

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Classical guitarist gives private lessons in Montreal ! Beginners or advanced, young or old, realize your true potential !

I absolutely love to teach the classical guitar. I have also experienced teaching half classical and half popular and that was a hit, students absolutely loved it! My classes are oriented towards your goals and interests as a student. I will therefore give you all the tools you need in order to achieve it and suggest material that is related to your musical tastes.

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Keep your tempo up come and learn with me. Changing sound note by note lesson by lesson music we will make!!

Everybody has there own sound let me help you find yours. Weather a beginner or a Clapton we can all advance in music theory and method. With practise practicing and some practise we can have you playing any song you'd like.

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Biochemistry student at McGill University. Started learning and practicing since the age of 6.

Depending on the level of my students, I will adapt my approaches, identify and analyze where they struggle the most and provide them with specific exercises to strengthen their abilities. I can teach jazz, rock and classical music depending on what my student wish to learn.

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Student Offering Awesome Private Guitar Music Lessons For All New to Music!

I start out with learning the feel of the instrument then move onto very basic finger exercises. On the side, I go over some music theory.

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I have graduated from PARS school of music with a Diploma in electric guitar and classical music theory and harmony.I also graduated from TAR Music Institute earning a Diploma in jazz composition and

i believe any student must learn the basics before getting to play songs , therefore i always start with the fundamentals . correct fingerings , correct picking gesture and style , reading tabs , learning chords etc.

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UBC Graduate BMus guitar/theory instructor with extraordinary abilities open for teaching engagements

Weekly lessons hands on approachYOUR PUBLISHER back to Greatoutdoors Canada Terry B Hanson Born Vancouver BC. Hanson is the son of a concert violinist. Hanson's father was acclaimed the best violinist in Canada when he was 16 years of age (Hanson’s Father). Aside from having a father who was a musical prodigy Terry Hanson started playing guitar at the age of 6. Hanson received an A.A.

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Guitar instructor with 10 plus years of experience ready to help reach your musical dreams breathe into life. You can be the best guitarist you can be.

I teach variety of ages and in a way that is in a warm and friendly atmosphere, step by step approach, easy to follow and remember, flexible and productive, goal-oriented. My class will have the a relax and stress-free environment that you'll ever loved. Whether you are a child or adult, be with me and make your musical dreams breathe into reality.

Fort Erie
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Guitar Lessons by highly qualified (Masters Degree in Music) and experienced teacher (over 20 years) in Ridgeway, Niagara, St.Catharine's area

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher who is highly skilled and experienced to guarantee quality lessons. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students towards success. As an experienced and passionate Guitar Instructor, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn.

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Biology Student at the University of Alberta Teaching Beginners Acoustic Guitar in Camrose

Being patient and encouraging the student is my method of teaching.

Maple Ridge
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Experienced guitarist who gives private lessons to help you achieve your musical goals

I'm a musician who has 12 years experience playing guitar. I've recorded in professional studio environments, played in many types of groups/ensembles and perform live on a regular basis. I specialize in electric guitar but I can teach acoustic as well.

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Passionate teenage Guitarist from Toronto. Learn how to play guitar today with julian!

I am a very flexible teacher. I believe if a student is serious about learning he/she will practice. I am a very laid back teacher and also try to be funny and open at the same time.

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Toured and Recorded around the world. I will teach music and Guitar

Well. I guess i have a standard method for which i previously prepare lessons, following specific aims on the medium-term and specific goals for the individual lesson. I am trying to approach music in unconventional ways and make sure music is being experienced purely and in the most deep and spontaneous way.

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Learn to shred on the electric guitar in a fun and relaxed way

Teaching will be based on the student. Every student learns at his / her own pace and I will take that into consideration. Lessons will be based on learning and mastering different guitar techniques such as tapping, sweep picking, and tremolo picking. Also, we will work on ear training.

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I have 45 years of playing guitar live as a professional playing country, blues ,rock and classic rock I teach the fast track method to proper scales and Technics which all guitar players use today

I base my classes on fast tract learning sessions the quick get to know your guitar method so you learn the ins and outs of guitar, how chords are built, progressions,chord forms and the boxes to play in and out of each key simply using scales that make you play like a professional would. I teach fast tract Technics and exercises you need to do to strength your hands to be able to play like a pro.

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Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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