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IELTS course: broaden your horizons and explore the ins and outs of English

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” -Chinese Proverb

Albeit challenging and extremely frustrating at times, learning a foreign language is one of the greatest things you will ever do. Through the acquisition of another tongue, you develop a better understanding of the world, you sink deeper into other cultures, and you create friendships with native speakers that can last a lifetime. It’s important to state that with so many distinct languages to learn, the process of choosing only one may be extremely overwhelming. However, if you’ve recently arrived in Canada from another land or you are about to immigrate to a Canadian city that speaks English, you might want to focus your attention on honing your English speaking, reading, and writing abilities. But, how can that be done? Through the process of taking an IELTS exam. Let’s take a look at how students in Canada can seek the assistance of a private IELTS tutor to successfully ace their upcoming examination.

The Purpose of the IELTS Test

While there are many English proficiency tests produced by reputable sources, the IELTS examination is favoured by many academic institutes in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The IELTS exam has the purpose of testing the proficiency of non-native speakers. The IELTS test assesses four types of English skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. For foreign students who want to attend further education centers in countries where English is the predominant language, an IELTS exam must be studied for and passed. This must be completed before or during the application process to get into a university since admission depends on it. Also, the IELTS assessment is used and required when applying for positions of employment in the English-speaking world. During the immigration process, to be eligible to work in Canada, the US, or the UK, a completed IELTS examination is needed sometimes depending on the type of work that you want to do in your new country. The purpose of the IELTS is irrefutable and will continue to be useful for years to come.

Three Reasons to Take the IELTS Examination

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English test and for good reason. Such as? Let’s consider the three primary reasons why a person might take an IELTS exam. Firstly, after the successful completion of an IELTS test, non-native speakers from various countries have many doors open to them. For example, various careers available abroad require the IELTS as a guarantee that your English skills are sufficient to start work at their company. Also, when applying for the best international universities, if you’re a student coming from abroad, an IELTS certification will definitely impress admissions’ staff. Secondly, in comparison to other English proficiency examinations, IELTS is by far the most widely available. There are plenty of online and in-person schools across Canada, and other parts of the world, that offer the IELTS certificate to their students. Since the IELTS exam is so widespread, there are many resources that help pupils that are going through the process of learning. Thirdly, the IELTS assessment is extremely precise and accurate. The manner in which the IELTS is structured and strictly covers topics such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking, ensures that the results that you receive are 100% true to your English proficiency abilities. All of the above-mentioned reasons make studying for the IELTS test a slam dunk!

Tips for Studying for the IELTS Assessment

As is the case for all types of examinations and courses, it is extremely important to receive suggestions from professional individuals who have experience about the subject in question. There are some popular tips and tricks from IELTS assessors that are guaranteed to help you succeed. Such as? First and foremost, to be victorious, it is extremely important to be well aware of the examination’s format. Knowing the structure of the examination and how the questions are asked will greatly calm your nerves and make you realize that everything is possible. Secondly, if you have the possibility of getting your hands on a practice exam, we highly recommend that you use a few of them to help you get a gist of the exam you are about to take. Thirdly, you need to practice your English skills each and every day. Without regular practice, you will not succeed and not feel comfortable with the answers you put on your exam. By applying the practical tips that we just mentioned, you are taking your education seriously and you will more likely receive the IELTS qualification.

Online IELTS Tutoring Sessions with a Professional Tutor

While traditional, in-person training sessions have existed for centuries, it’s worth highlighting that since the boom of technology in the early years of the 21st century, online tuition with a remote tutor was not a popular method of instruction. However, now, no matter the academic discipline that is being discussed, virtual lessons are extremely popular since learners can acquire knowledge from the comfort of their own home. IELTS tutors require students to have a stable internet connection and a good webcam to make sure that classes run smoothly without any interruptions. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to take online sessions to hone your IELTS test preparation skills, we recommend that you at least try it; what do you have to lose? Nothing!

Finding an IELTS Instructor in Canada

To save our dear readers time, it is highly recommended to start your search for an IELTS tutor using the best website in the business: Superprof. According to our website, there are currently 600 IELTS tutors in Canada that are ready to offer IELTS instruction either face-to-face or virtually. With Superprof you are assured of quality instruction at an affordable price and in an engaging manner. We recommend that you take a look at the various tutors’ profile to choose one that works for you.

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