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Writer/journalist tutors high school,college and university students in Calgary at their homes in English, writing and grammar.

Simplify grammar and use questions instead of abstract explanations to become proficient in its use. One on one instruction allows students to progress at their own speed. As a professional writer/journalist writing instruction is assisted by my experience. An easy method to teach grammar was accomplished by simplifying the process, using questions instead of explanations wherever possible.

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Management student gives tutions on English and Maths for middle school students in Kamloops

My strategy are determined mainly on the subject matter to be taught. I aim to see that every student learns and understands the subject. I have been taking tutions to middle school students with 2 batches of 7 students each. I am dedicated and proactive with a strong commitment in high quality educational standards that develop the potential in every child.

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My name is Stephanie, Writing and Rhetoric professional tutor, at your service

My methodology depends on the needs of the student. For those looking for help with English as an additional language, I can be a conversation partner as well as a tutor in vocabulary and grammar. For those needing help in essay writing, I can provide exercises and tips on writing with style and clarity.

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A doctoral candidate with 4 years of experience, teaching English language and literature in Toronto.

My teaching methodology is deductive: learning paths can be taught so that in the long learn the student becomes an independent learner.I believe that in a language class student participation is utmost important and that learning should be interesting and fun. If the student loses interest, he/she stops learning.

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Experienced teacher and tutor available for private or group tutoring sessions!

I believe that all students learn differently, and that said, each student may need something different from me. As a teacher, it is my duty to ascertain how each student learns from me best, and individualize their needs based upon this assessment.

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OCT Certified Teacher in London gives Academic English Literature and Writing Lessons

I have wanted to be a teacher from the moment that I entered junior kindergarten at 3 ½ years old; the well-used chalkboard hanging on the wall of my childhood bedroom will attest to that. From the moment I was old enough to, I volunteered myself for as many opportunities to work with children as I could.

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B.A. in English and Philosophy offers classes in English Literature, close reading, and reading poetry

My teaching methods are flexible based on your needs! Depending on your level, whether you're an elementary, high school, university, or college student, I can help you to meet your personal writing, reading, and comprehension goals. Together, we can work through the basics of essay writing, more advanced writing skills, close reading and analysis, or grammar and structural skills.

Fort Saskatchewan
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Fort Saskatchewan English Tutor - Essays, Resumes, CV's, University Applications, and More!

I approach essay writing and reading comprehension with a patient and fun attitude. I believe developing an honest and trustworthy relationship with the client will assist their confidence and self-esteem which ultimately translates into their academics.

Sherwood Park
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Teacher helping you explore the deeper meanings in the texts you are studying

My teaching philosophy is very student centred. I want my students to feel empowered to learn and discover that they have so much knowledge and understanding; I'm just there to help guide them through the tricky parts and challenge them to go deeper. My sessions are best suited for students in High School or University that need a bit of extra support unpacking their assigned reading.

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ESL and Language Arts Teacher with 16 Years In-class and Online Experience Worldwide

My teaching methodology includes the use of audio-visual equipment to enhance the interactivity of classes. Materials are always provided, and/or researched, and lesson notes (with homework) are always distributed to students after class. Since classes are developed based on the needs of the student, an assessment is always conducted before lesson plans are created.

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Well read English tutor with a professional background with a very good knowledge of French

I tend to wait for the student to tell me about his aims, and then work on achieving them. If it is conversation we will practise and practise conversation, if it reading we will practise that, giving insight into the more difficult constructions.

Sault Ste. Marie
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English student giving writing advice/classes on a variety of topics in Sault Ste. Marie

I like to make my classes/lessons as easy to understand as possible while still delivering the highest amount of information possible. I also like to get fun with things and keep materials authentic.

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Former English teacher and Education professor ready to help senior secondary & college students in Victoria

My strategy is to find out directly from students what they need to learn in order to be successful.

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Published Author & Poet teaching any aspiring writer how to create magic with words in Ottawa

I'm a published author and poet specializing in High Fantasy, Mythopoeia and Surrealism. I also am a freelance content & copywriter, and a blogger for hire. I provide creative writing lessons to any aspirant, regardless of age or qualification. I employ the use of writing prompts heavily, each prompt varying in length, style, structure and topic.

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English Literature Major gives English Literature classes for students from elementary level - university in Winnipeg

My method of teaching/ tutoring depends on the individual. I usually try and figure out what is causing the student to have problems and try to tackle that area through examples and practice. I also try and help the student develop a way to understand where they are making mistakes and why they are making those mistakes so that they can better help themselves in the future.

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Graduated Master's student giving Classical, ancient language, and English instruction in Hamilton/Burlington area.

I am dedicated to one-on-one lessons that are focused on building skills through individualized, interactive, and learner centred lesson plans. These lessons are adaptable to any skill level and will be personalized to suit the specific needs of each student.

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English native offering ESL tutoring to elementary school and high school students in Toronto.

I focus on reading to improve and expand students vocabulary as well as pronunciation. I also focus on grammar and proper sentence structure for a good foundation. I often adapt to the needs of the student and find myself creating different lessons to ensure the student is learning and improving to the best of their ability.

Oklahoma City
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Certified Teacher-Afterschool help Primary Reading, One on One help with afterschool work

BA in Elementary Education, MA in Theatre Education. Experienced in primary grades in reading, writing and math. One on one helps bring the reading level to grade and more. I use the three modalities of learning: visual, aural, and kinsthetic.

Royal Tunbridge Wells
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Elizabeth, experienced teacher in Royal Tunbridge Wells, teaches A level Classical Civilisation and A Level and GCSE Latin and Ancient Greek

I am an experienced classics teacher. I hugely enjoy engaging with students at all ages and levels, helping them to improve, and sometimes even outperform their expectations. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Latin, Ancient Greek, New Testament Greek and Classical Civilisation. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a BA and an MA in Classics class 2.

Central Edinburgh
(6 reviews)

Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was studying, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

Paris 6e
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Student normalien gives private lessons in Paris: Latin, Greek, Spanish, English, German

My approach to living and ancient languages ​​is original. I rely on various manuals (Lingua Latina per se illustrata Polis Assimil Hermaion, among others) to provide an overview of the language and translation problems. In Latin, my students have achieved very good results in competitions ENS.

(2 reviews)
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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

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University lecturer with 23 years classroom experience, currently also A Level and GCSE examiner

I am currently employed as both university lecturer for teacher training and a secondary school teacher. My role as university lecturer means I am responsible for assessing and training prospective history teachers. For 23 years I was Head of Department for History, Psychology and Classics, and to ensure my teaching remains up to date I still teach Years 7-13.

Central Liverpool
(10 reviews)

Flloyd - Central Liverpool - Classics

I am an experienced voice/acting coach & professional actress who has specialised in Shakespeare performance. I've performed and worked in the UK, USA and Australia for many years. I offer tools to develop a strong, flexible, effective and creative speaking voice and powerful communication skills. .

Paris 5e
(6 reviews)
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Paris: German, Latin, Greek courses and "colles" / khôlles for "classes préparatoires" + homework help, language learning

German courses, Latin, Greek and until preparatory class L2: catch-up for the "weak in ancient languages ​​/ LV1 or LV2" to the preparation of written and oral. Colles / khôlles German and Latin, admission to Chartres, possibly ENS. Setting a program earlier in the year, and tailoring it to your needs.

(3 reviews)

Course of Philosophy and Letters in Bayonne / Basque Country/ by Skype

Doctoral student in philosophy, certified graduate of the Sorbonne, I give philosophy and literature courses to a BAC level + 2. Dynamic, enthusiastic but careful, I offer tutoring to improve your grades and / or prepare exams and competitions.

Winsen (Luhe)
(1 review)

Experienced German teacher offers uncomplicated, comfortable and qualitative tuition, also online, for the purpose of improving grades or exam preparation via Skype

I am studered Germanist and Latinist, teaching all levels and grades. We are developing a collaborative approach to address weaknesses. Not all teaching methods are equally suitable for everyone. Together we find out which is the best for the respective customer. First of all, the exact development of the material is always important.


Latin/ Classical Civilisation Tutor Online/ Belfast

I take a professional and sympathetic approach to those with difficulties and to those wishing to maximise potential (e.g. Oxbridge entrance candidates). Personal contact fully backed up with all materials available in electronic format. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Latin and Classical Civilisation from beginners to Oxbridge entrants - Tell me about your qualifications.

(1 review)

David - Abingdon - Classics

Welcome! A freelance tutor and singer, I give "Personal tuition in the right key". I can help you get the highest grades in exams, and study in the "key" that best suits you. Like the right song choices, I often inspire my students to succeed.

West Hampstead

Joe - West Hampstead - Classics

I believe that pupils truly excel when they are empowered to take control of their own learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Latin and Ancient Greek. My specialist interest is language work, although I also teach some literature. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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