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Paris 11e
(25 reviews)
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Attorney at law, Lecturer offers Private Law classes

Dear Students, - As an Attorney at Law as well as a Lecturer, I can help you grasp in-depth knowledge of French law. - For those of you who are interested in studying Law in Paris,Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg or taking the French Bar, I am willing to help you succeed in such achievements. - The class may be taught in English.

Paris 16e
(34 reviews)

Case studies, case comments or texts, essays ... Explanations, methodologies, experience, examinations,

Hello, My name is Jocelyn, I did almost all my schooling in Montpellier, I have a master 2 in public business law. So this year, I prepare the avocado competition in Paris at the Sorbonne. During my years in Montpellier, I gave private lessons to many students. Now that I'm in Paris and I do not know anyone, I thought why not this site that will allow me perhaps to have students. See you, Jocelyn.

João victor
(9 reviews)
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Master in Law by Unesp - Minister classes in constitutional, administrative and civil law. I am an Attorney (OAB / SP 412,885) and Conciliator.

My methodology is based on lectures on the subject, accompanied by doctrinal, legislative and jurisprudential analysis. In addition, focus on exercises (mainly linked to public competitions, OAB, among other tests) in order to assist the student in fixing the content. I am also always open to suggestions and discussions about the desired method of study.

(1 review)
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Graduate level M2 teaches public and European law at Paris and southern suburbs

Freshly graduated from a M2 in public business law, I am preparing for this year from 2016 to 2017 to make a second M2 in litigation & european law (University Paris 2) in order to strengthen my skills to prepare as serenely as possible the entrance examination to the national school of administration.

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University of London and Univeristy of Melbourne student gives law students lectures on law

My teaching methodology is very straight forward. I like to teach the basic core principles of each concept and allow the individual to form an opinion in light of given material. I like to teach my students critical thinking instead of spoon feeding them information.

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UBA Law student. Classes of Administrative, Constitutional, Human, Civil and Public Law; General Theory of Law and General Theory of the State. Support in CBC subjects. Recoleta area.

As a student I understand the need for students to explain us in a personalized way. My educational objective is personalized and comprehensive, not to give general materials but to start from the conceptual and linguistic base that the student possesses. The study technique is the most important thing to avoid wasting time.

(1 review)
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Professor Law level L1-L2, educated of all the desired subjects, methodology

I am a student in Law L3 private law course. During the private lessons I make the student work on the chapters / points of his course that he is studying. The purpose of the sessions is to make him work the legal methodology by correcting the exercises that are asked of him within his curriculum or by his exercises that I would have given him.

(3 reviews)
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Ph.D. in Law and Contractual teacher in Public and European Law, Lyon

The lessons are taught by a Doctorate in Public Law (Ph.D.) and are intended for students of Bachelor and Master in Law, and only from December to July. The purpose of the sessions is to review fundamental concepts of public law, both in constitutional law and in administrative law (general and specialized, such as civil service, public contracts and litigation).

Rio Claro
(1 review)
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Lawyer with a degree in Public University and broad experience teaches Law

My teaching method is customized to the demands of the respective student, considering the purpose and purpose of the study. The classes can be via video call, skype, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc., accompanied by written material and bibliographical references more indicated in the Bank of the main competitions in the Country.

Campo Grande
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Graduating in Law, offers review and deepening in matters of Brazilian Law!

The methodology used will be applied regularly in all classes, without exception, dispensing periods longer than 1h30 (one and a half hours), in order to provide better use of the focus. It has three means of learning, books (legal doctrines, among others), videos well-founded and consistent with the subject), reading of internal and external legislation (legislative production).

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Fourth Year Edith Cowan University Law Student giving Lessons for Law students

My teaching methods are based on practical and legal theory which the main focus will be on the application of the law and using helpful syllogisms that will properly teach you how to use the law to come to a sensible conclusion.

Ciudad de México
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Administrative law. Energetic reform. Energy and Law. Regime of the new Hydrocarbons Sector

My class follows a thematic. conversation always with a logical structure and a specific goal to achieve. I offer a practical approach. I prefer clinical methodology and case study instead of excessive theory issues. I offer support readings complemented with multimedia content, if available.

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Deakin Law PhD and Research Fellow give Law lessons for uni students in Melbourne. The focus will be on public law subjects and help will also be provided on career planning.

My teaching method will be based on rigorous case analysis and theoretical development. The focus will be given on legal writing skills and developing the analytical ability of students of law. I will also make sure to provide successful tips internships and jobs.

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Lawyer graduated from the Master 2 Public Law, Specialty: Contract Law and Public Works (Faculty of Law of Strasbourg): course and rigorous preparation of method sheets of TD

I approach the subject in a structured way. To do this, I am a number of steps that are: - First, I take into consideration the request of each of my students; - Subsequently, I explain the methodology of the various legal exercises and rules of law; - Finally, I put in touch with my practice as a lawyer. My courses are for any law student, from License 1 to Master 1 including.

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Learn law with Lawyer Stefanie Ólives - Online via Skype ou Hangout

My teaching method is specialized, according to the needs of each student. I use curricular and doctrinal materials as well as use the dry law. I like the method of solving exercises and revision, but if need be I have structured classes to give all the material. In addition, I can teach in the construction of legal pieces.

Toluca de Lerdo
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Courses and Regularization of Tax Law, International and Intellectual Property in Toluca, State of Mexico. Law Degree by UAEMex.

Hello! I am Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, student of 9th semester of Law Degree in the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, my classes are addressed to students who have difficulties with the aforementioned subjects, besides support to businesses that like tax advice. The class is handled with doubts that arise in the student and based on general knowledge about the subject.

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Law classes: Civil, Labor, Administrative, Constitutional Guarantee, Criminal, Environmental, Family, Research Methodology, Philosophy of Law, Querétaro Qro are given. Zona Centro, Graduate of the UAQ

Through specialized readings, actual exercises, innovative teaching, marking of sources of information and an equal relationship between facilitator and student solving theoretical, legal, procedural and historical questions be provided. Similarly, comprehensive advice for legal research as well as case preparation and exams are offered.

Giovanni maria
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Graduated 110/110 with Honors, practicing lawyer and trainee at the Council of State

My lessons are based on the learning of a specific method of study, which aims to reason by using as little time as possible to become familiar with the institutions of every branch of public law, in order to reduce the preparation time and make it more profitable .

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Law students who need to reinforce concepts in civil, constitutional and labor

My method of teaching is influenced essentialy by the school of Platon, from questions to reach the essential point, thus building joint concepts, the idea is to contribute to the construction of new knowledge in an easy and semi-autonomous way.

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Legal consultant offers repetitions and in-depth legal matters in the province of Salerno

My method of study is based on very simple objectives and strategies that guarantee fast and effective learning. Preliminarily I explain the cornerstones of the subject, so as to ensure at least the achievement of the sufficiency of the examination; secondly, I proceed to the more detailed and in-depth parts that allow us to obtain higher marks and a complete learning of the subject.

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I offer my students help in all written and oral law subjects, and also preparing for lessons, essays or schemes to facilitate learning. Rest available also on Sundays

I graduated in law with a master in new media and training and a lend Advanced English course. In the past I also taught law at a technical institute in the province of Foggia. I like to help students of all school categories by also sending a method for dealing with exams and oral questions but also written assignments and tests.

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Professor of Constitutional Law and Criminal Law for police careers and legal careers as federal magistrate and notary public

My method is based on the presentation of concrete cases to the students and from there, from the presentation of problems or "cases", we form the legal reasoning based on the law and the desired career. In addition, I study studies with memorization techniques.

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Lawyer Law, Diploma and Master in RRII. History, Philosophy and Politics. From Córdoba Capital

Who I am? Francisco, lawyer with experience in the public and non-governmental sector. The important thing is that I want to make your doubts the engine of knowledge. Who are you? My classes are aimed at university, secondary and tertiary students who need to understand subjects of law, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics.

Paris 15e

Courses in Public and Civil Law (1st and 2nd year law students)

I offer law courses for students of first and second year, particularly in the following subjects: Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law Courses may focus on the substance of the matter itself, or on the methodology / help Homework (case comments, essays, case studies, preparation of tutorials).

(4 reviews)
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Lecturer and graduate in Political and Social Sciences offers lessons in Law

Lecturer in private since 2014. Lecturer at the Massaua Institute since 2016. Collaborator at Google Inc. Computer programmer. Web designer.

Le Mans
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PhD student / lecturer in Assas offers intuitive courses in law (private / public)

I base my teaching method on the preferences of the student. I try to always find the most relevant angle in view of the sensitivities of my interlocutor to understand the different legal concepts while retaining the academic method "French".

Giovanni antonino
(7 reviews)
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I offer support teaching in Catania for university studies; graduated in Law with full marks, I have an interdisciplinary education and special attention to detail and Head

The lessons are aimed at university students and others, with an educational background. In the explanations it will be helpful to use concrete examples, charts and comparisons to better reinforce the concepts. Earnings will also be presented oral arguments, once learned, the better to store the key points.

São Paulo
Carlos henrique
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International Public Law and Constitutional Law - students law - - - -

The classes are intended for students studying Law, International Relations or any other course that involves International Law or Constitutional Law. The student will bring the topics of the course that are more difficult to understand and we will deepen it, with the aim of: a) making the content fully understood by the student and b) having a more in-depth knowledge of the subject.

(2 reviews)
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Classes of Criminal Law / Criminal Procedure and Criminology, Brasília and proximities. Reinforcement for graduation and preparation for the OAB. I graduated in Law from UniCeub and graduated latu sen

Graduated in Law by UniCeub, postgraduate in Criminal Law and Social Control. Lawyer registered in the OAB / DF, working in the Criminal, Civil and Constitutional area from first to last instance. Collaborating lawyer in the Public Defender's Office of the Federal District - second instance and Superior Courts. Monograph published in institutional repository.

(1 review)
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Law graduate, I give private lessons in the area of ​​Vivo. On any matter. Wide time availability.

I graduated in law and I can resolve the doubts that arise students of this race related mainly with the indicated materials, help in solving practical cases and other issues that were raised during the race. I can also help to erasmus students.

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