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Fourth Year BA (Honours) University Student Tutoring in Law - tutor in Ottawa

While I am new at this, I believe everyone has a different type of teaching style so I am more than happy to adjust my teaching/tutoring methods as needed for each specific student! I would prefer to teach one-on-one but group settings are also available depending on the size. Preferably I would like to teach high school students, but first and second year university students are also welcome.

Paris 12e
(36 reviews)

Case studies, case comments or texts, essays ... Explanations, methodologies, experience, examinations,

Hello, My name is Jocelyn, I did almost all my schooling in Montpellier, I have a master 2 in public business law. So this year, I prepare the avocado competition in Paris at the Sorbonne. During my years in Montpellier, I gave private lessons to many students. Now that I'm in Paris and I do not know anyone, I thought why not this site that will allow me perhaps to have students. See you, Jocelyn.

Paris 11e
(25 reviews)
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Attorney at law, Lecturer offers Private Law classes

Dear Students, - As an Attorney at Law as well as a Lecturer, I can help you grasp in-depth knowledge of French law. - For those of you who are interested in studying Law in Paris,Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg or taking the French Bar, I am willing to help you succeed in such achievements. - The class may be taught in English.

Paris 18e
(8 reviews)
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Charge td counsel gives private law course (exams, contest, methodology)

- My teachings are designed to maximize the success of my students in competitions and examinations (L1, L2, L3, M1, CRPFA). - Preceded by methodological and theoretical background, they focus on practical exercises related legal news. - Taught: private law, contract law, civil law, property law, business law.

(14 reviews)
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Final year LLB degree student offering tuitorials for University students who have challenges with South African constitutionall law and fundamental rights

I prefer to study everything in conjunction,I prefer to use different authorities when studying and teaching and I prefer theory followed by practice

(4 reviews)

Lecturer and graduate in Political and Social Sciences offers lessons in Law

Lecturer in private since 2014. Lecturer at the Massaua Institute since 2016. Collaborator at Google Inc. Computer programmer. Web designer.

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Hi, my name is Hugo Aston and I am admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia as a solicitor and barrister. I am also admitted to Supreme Court of NSW as a Public Notary. My teac

I have a flexible approach and methodology to teaching depending on the particular requirements of the pupil. However, regardless of methodology, my objective is to provide the pupil with the tools necessary to become highly successful students and highly effective junior lawyers.

María de los ángeles
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Lawyer, Master in Human Rights, knowledge in transitional justice and Colombian armed conflict, advice on the preparation of thesis.

Depending on the subject, what I usually do is first, develop the state of the art in relation to the theme we are playing and land it in the Colombian case if it is relevant.

Castel Mella
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The law is not memory !! i teach the keys for reading and learning of law.

I was fortunate to have Lecturers of the elevation of the President of the Criminal Chambers, Avv. Prof. G. Frigo, Member of the Court of Cassation. He debuted in his first lesson in University saying: "Guys, I will teach you the keys to reading the law!". A great jurist is not the one who has memory ...

Rio Claro
(1 review)
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Lawyer with a degree in Public University and broad experience teaches Law

My teaching method is customized to the demands of the respective student, considering the purpose and purpose of the study. The classes can be via video call, skype, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc., accompanied by written material and bibliographical references more indicated in the Bank of the main competitions in the Country.

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Degree in International Relations proposes repetitions of LAW (superiors and universities) in Vicenza

My teaching techniques change based on the subject I am teaching and the student's learning methods. Understanding, reasoning, memorization of fundamental concepts, the ability to develop a speech consistent with the topic are some of the key points of my teaching. Lessons will be at my home or via Whatsapp or Skype.

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Graduated in Law, professor of law and political economy at high school he gives law lessons for high school and university students

I do not think there is a golden rule in the approach to law, but I think we need to modulate our method according to the needs of the students, their level of education, their showing or not interested in contextualizing the topics studied with the surrounding world.

Ciudad de México
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Administrative law. Energetic reform. Energy and Law. Regime of the new Hydrocarbons Sector

My class follows a thematic. conversation always with a logical structure and a specific goal to achieve. I offer a practical approach. I prefer clinical methodology and case study instead of excessive theory issues. I offer support readings complemented with multimedia content, if available.

Porto Alegre
(1 review)
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Lawyer and teacher in the areas: constitutional, international, human rights law and migration

I am a Master in Human Rights from UniRitter. Specialist in Civil Procedural Law by UniRitter and in Constitutional Law by Damásio Educacional. Graduated in Law by UniRitter. I am a lawyer with experience in the civil and migratory area.

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Junior lawyer in Montpellier who will stick to you until sucess !

We start by analyzing the table of contents. What is the essence of the course? How will YOUR knowledge be evaluated in the end? Do we have previous year's tests? With patience, and fun, we breathe a good blow and we dissect together these courses by examples. This is often what is missing: abstract concepts are described, but we do not remember it the day of the exam because we lack examples.

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Specialist in Tax Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas / Fordham University NY. Lawyer; Former Judge advisor to the TJMG.

I am a lawyer, specialized in Public Law. Specialist in Tax Law from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation / Fordham University School of Law NY. Graduating in Public Management from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Former judge advisor to the TJMG, with experience, also, in a large office.

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Griffith student studying 4th year in Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Government and International Relations

I use various teaching strategies such as demonstrations, collaborations, as well as explanations and have a strong belief in student's action learning by teaching (Teach- back). My lessons involve a student-centred approach which includes critical and descriptive discussions of case studies.

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Administrative Brasília Master Practical and Theoretical Classes European Union Portugal Portugal Brazil

Expositive and practical classes for those who wish to deepen in Administrative, Public, International, European, Criminal Law for public examination and / or for academic studies. I have been practicing for more than 7 years teaching in preparatory courses for competition and also in law.

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Learn law with Lawyer Stefanie Ólives - Online via Skype ou Hangout

My teaching method is specialized, according to the needs of each student. I use curricular and doctrinal materials as well as use the dry law. I like the method of solving exercises and revision, but if need be I have structured classes to give all the material. In addition, I can teach in the construction of legal pieces.

Toluca de Lerdo
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Courses and Regularization of Tax Law, International and Intellectual Property in Toluca, State of Mexico. Law Degree by UAEMex.

Hello! I am Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, student of 9th semester of Law Degree in the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, my classes are addressed to students who have difficulties with the aforementioned subjects, besides support to businesses that like tax advice. The class is handled with doubts that arise in the student and based on general knowledge about the subject.

Yahir emmanuel
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Bachelor of Law with theoretical and practical knowledge in different areas of law to help students of the same career with personalized and nutritious advice for the good

Without fearing to break the stereotypes of law educators, I want to liven up the classes and turn them into practical experiences that serve both the doctrine and the work life of my students, strict without being bitter, but eager to teach and passionate.

Giovanni maria
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Graduated 110/110 with Honors, practicing lawyer and trainee at the Council of State

My lessons are based on the learning of a specific method of study, which aims to reason by using as little time as possible to become familiar with the institutions of every branch of public law, in order to reduce the preparation time and make it more profitable .

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Law students who need to reinforce concepts in civil, constitutional and labor

My method of teaching is influenced essentialy by the school of Platon, from questions to reach the essential point, thus building joint concepts, the idea is to contribute to the construction of new knowledge in an easy and semi-autonomous way.

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Legal consultant offers repetitions and in-depth legal matters in the province of Salerno

My method of study is based on very simple objectives and strategies that guarantee fast and effective learning. Preliminarily I explain the cornerstones of the subject, so as to ensure at least the achievement of the sufficiency of the examination; secondly, I proceed to the more detailed and in-depth parts that allow us to obtain higher marks and a complete learning of the subject.

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I offer my students help in all written and oral law subjects, and also preparing for lessons, essays or schemes to facilitate learning. Rest available also on Sundays

I graduated in law with a master in new media and training and a lend Advanced English course. In the past I also taught law at a technical institute in the province of Foggia. I like to help students of all school categories by also sending a method for dealing with exams and oral questions but also written assignments and tests.

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Law student of the Free School of Law of Puebla with great experience in the labor field. Diploma awarded by the Labor Law and Social Welfare Academy. And together

My classes are based on dogmas and fundamental principles that have been obtained based on events, jurisprudence, and various studies. But mainly by maximum exponents in Latin American labor, as they are; Néstor de Buen Lozano; Mario de la Cueva; Baltasar Cavazos Flores, etc.

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Experienced lawyer and former teacher gives tutoring and thesis supervision. Target group: students and workers.

Structured, where I give the student a framework within which he or she is able to make the course their own. With direct, clear feedback on both the content and the way in which the material is made its own. All this focused on practical application.

Julian felipe
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Lessons in Civil, Administrative and Labor Law in a simple, simple and uncomplicated way, learn Law in a faithful way to reality!

70% Practice 30% Theory practice is more efficient than theory, you can read a lot about a topic but if you never do it you will never have learned anything about it, in the execution, in the experience you actually know how things are.

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Professor of Constitutional Law and Criminal Law for police careers and legal careers as federal magistrate and notary public

My method is based on the presentation of concrete cases to the students and from there, from the presentation of problems or "cases", we form the legal reasoning based on the law and the desired career. In addition, I study studies with memorization techniques.

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Law lessons - in Ballarat FOR VCE 2019 (eg: CIVIL, CRIMINAL, CONSTITUTIONAL)

My teaching methodology follows the units of the current VCE study design.

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