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Offering tutoring services for all elementary and high school courses in Whitby from Gr. 12 Honours Student

I attempt to aid high school students with coursework to maximize their mark and teach them skills that will help in any area of life. I help clients by offering my knowledge and expertise in the subject area. My schedule is flexible to suit the needs of my clients.

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Experienced and qualified teacher for any subject from K-8. Expert in Business Education/Business Studies for higher level grades.

My way of teaching is mostly based on stories. I try to involve a story if the subject and situation allows. I believe storytelling is the most excellent way to teach any lesson. I focus on providing individual attention, if a student needs it. From those stories, it becomes really easy for me to draw out examples that are closer to reality and life.

Harjot kaur
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Ontario Certified Teacher with 24 years of school teaching and 29 years of tutoring experience . B.Sc., M.Sc ( Mathematics) B.Ed, OCT

My teaching methods vary with students' learning style. I use a method which is compatible to students' level of understanding to improve their knowledge with understanding so they can apply it to problem solving.

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Etudiante en sociologie (niveau doctorat) - baby sitting et aide aux devoirs

Ma méthode s'adapte véritablement à l'enfant avec qui je travaille. Nous nous assurons ensemble que les devoirs sont faits, les leçons comprises et les notions assimilées. Puis, nous travaillons de façon plus approfondie les points à améliorer.

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The engineering student is there to give Maths Classes in Vancouver Area

My teaching methods vary from student to student depending on the ability of a kid to learn. As every child is different, so I try to obtain a suitable technique to explain and make the child understand. Making use of a variety of pedagogies according to the need of a student is the best methodology to explain the concept clearly.

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Mathematician would like to teach Mathematics to enthusiastic students. Write me up.

My first and foremost step is to bridge-in. I engage students to make them attentive. Set the goal / objective of the lecture. Pre-assess their knowledge and approach and relate the work with the last lecture. Participatory learning is essential. I use it throughout my lecture. Post-assess what they learned from the lecture. Provide them a summary of the lecture.

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Honour roll high school student gives homework help and English lessons for students in Burlington

I try to teach my classes by looking at what the student knows, and doesn't know, and try to show many examples until the student understands how to do a topic by themselves. I prepare the material prior to the class starts, but will improvise if the student prefers to learn different material.

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Enthusiastic educator uses skills-based methods to improve achievement in all subjects (15 years experience)

I use students' coursework to build the skills, mindsets and attributes required to thrive inside and outside the classroom as well as in personal, social and professional contexts. I focus on critical thinking, communication and time management skills as well as executive functions and metacognition.

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A Masters student providing Tutoring for English, Mathematics, and Science for Exam Preparation and Homework Help.

I try to focus on topics in a fun and an interactive way so it is easy to remember. No to memorizing Studies rather developing the understanding to deliver it well during exams and gain knowledge. Studying by Fun activities and discussing the weak points of every individual and working on them.

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Law student gives English, Qualitative/Quantitative Statistics, and Social Sciences homework help for high school and university students in Ottawa

I base my classes on established principles of adult learning. I work with students to find out what method works best for them and emphasize developing my students' confidence to complete tasks on their own. I respect that everyone learns at their own pace an offer a judgment-free, supportive learning environment.

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Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science with more than 5 years experience in tutoring

We will start by explaining the topics and solving simple questions then we will face difficult problems and try to solve them together. I will give you a lot of simple and difficult problems to solve at home. You would like the class...

William (alec)
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Experienced Burlington/Oakville teacher in high school English, SSAT, SAT and ACT preparation

My tutoring sessions include a well-planned approach where students will enjoy improving their confidence, knowledge and attitude to learning. I measure a successful session together if the student has felt respect, freedom, the importance of goal-setting and an appreciation for the knowledge gained.

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Experienced English teacher for all students' ages and language knowledge. Specialist in TEFL teaching all language skills

Methodology If I am to describe my teaching techniques and strategies that I have been using all my life in just a few words, let me say that the core of my approach to students in my work is interactive individualized approach which means that the main focus is on students' activities in developing all language skills, especially the preferable ones, depending on the priorities.

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UofT Mechanical Engineering student giving lessons on Physics, Calculus and Chemistry subjects.

I am an approachable and easy-going person. I believe patience is the main key to a success tutor. My approach has always been to break down complex stuff into something simpler. I'd always encouraged my mentee in the past to have a positive mindset when it comes to learning new subjects.

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Peer published film studies masters student (with completed thesis) provides supervision with academic writing and research in the humanities, media, and film studies areas (high school, undergrad, MA

As an undergraduate student I was able to publish in a peer reviewed journal because I had confidence in my writing, research methods, and bibliographical research.

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MSc. in Neuroscience and BSc in Psychology gives classes for any related

I believe that learning is enhanced when we are inclusive and sensitive to the many needs and differences. I will provide an structure and planned class with a clear objective. The classes are meant for a high school and university level.

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Etudiante française en psychologie donne cours de français jusqu'au bac/DEC et aide aux devoirs jusqu'au secondaire

Etudiante française en psychologie depuis plus de deux ans (en reconversion), je détiens également un master en web-marketing. Grâce à mes nombreuses années d'étude et à la rigueur de certains de mes cours, je sais aujourd'hui qu'une bonne méthode de travail est essentielle pour avancer et progresser.

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Professional with doctorate offers academic support and studying techniques to struggling students

My classes begin with asking the student about his/ her struggles with the subject. I often, when available, go over a failed exam or any other example of classwork with the person, reviewing point by point and highlighting potential issues. This last exercise gives me an idea of the issues faced by the student.

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Uzbek and English for foreign children. It includes Uzbek and English Literature

My teaching methodology is working individually and in groups teaching languages. Types of learners are different. They include adult and young learners in different fields. I teach practically and my students think that my lessons are very interesting for them.

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Electrical Engineer, MSc, gives classes to students in Calgary: Calculus, Programming & Electronics

My methodologies vary significant, as I believe there is a very specific way to work with each individual. More generally, I meet with the student for the first time (usually over coffee) and we plan together a study schedule. First, I ask the student about his/her background, what are his/her goals and the time frame we have to work on.

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Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering graduate specializes in Mathematics, Physics & Computer Programming lessons for high-school and college students in Toronto.

1. I assess your knowledge level by watching your knowledge level by watching you solve a few problems 2. Then I identify the key areas where you need Improvement 3. Then I help you understand how to make those improvements by teaching you effectively and efficiently. 4.

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Jeune étudiante, offrant ses services pour aider au mieux vos enfants ! !

Ma mère étant enseignante, j'ai depuis longtemps été baignée dans le parcours de l'enseignement. J'aspire moi-aussi à être professeur. Je souhaite donc mettre en place une méthodologie basée sur mes anciennes expériences en faisant du tutorat. Je m'adapte avant tout aux besoins de chaque enfant et à ses demandes.

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Coaching for research essays; Qualitative/Quantitative research help for the Social Sciences.

I will have to ask for the students' expectations first if it is a small group. I am flexible. I firstly design a timeline plan of milestones according to the students goals. The first lesson is dedicated for that plan, setting goals and feasible deadlines that will enable the students to gauge progress timely and effectively.

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York University Education student available to tutor students from K-6 in Toronto. Looking to be a beneficial tool in your child's educational career!

I primarily base my classes around your child's educational needs and use the current ontario curriculum to support and guide this learning. I also have many resources available to me being in York Universities concurrent education program. I am currently looking to work with students from kindergarten to grade 6 as my degree is specialized in the primary/junior division.

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ESL, English and social studies tutor (B.A.) available in Vernon for elementary and high school students and beyond

I work one-on-one. I am flexible depending on what the student is interested in obtaining help with and what their interests are. Can help with homework and work towards increasing grades and comprehension of subjects.

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Homeschooling mother gives english lessons to children from kindergarten to grade 3.

My teaching methods are based on the child's unique learning style. I'm able to teach in all different styles. I like to incorporate both written styles and videos into my classes. I naturally work with children who are either kinesthetic, visual or auditory learners.

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Sociology student in Kingston providing help with essay writing for high school students.

Essay writing can be one of the most challenging (and most important!) things to learn when transitioning from high school to university/college, and I'm here to help! It may seem scary, but there are ways to approach this subject so that it isn't quite so overwhelming. My goal when tutoring is to create a truly comfortable environment for you to learn and grow.

New Westminster
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An International Baccalaureate (IB) Student offers to tutor for elementary and high school students

My teaching methods would be to closely follow textbooks, understand their explanation, and then help students to better understand these explanations. I also believe that videos are very helpful, and practice tests and worksheets are essential. These methods could be used by high school and elementary school students.

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Passionate and devoted certified teacher with Kawartha Pine Ridge District School looking to help students from grades K-8 across all subjects with an emphasis on language, reading and writing in the

Everyone is an individual learner and it is my goal to use your strengths to build upon your areas of need so that you can develop a better understanding of your personal learning style. I plan to find the things that motivate you to succeed and use them throughout our time together to build your confidence in your own abilities and encourage you to push the limits of your own potential.

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Biochemistry and Pharmacy School graduate tutoring high school sciences and university health sciences

My teaching methods involve the following in the specific order: 1. clients are to have read the appropriate material prior to the session. 2.Theory will be reviewed with tutor and client. 3. Key points will be summarized 4. Theory will then be discussed to develop understanding. 5. Practice questions will be completed and discussed between tutor and client. 6.

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