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BA Music graduate and BEd candidate giving piano and theory lessons in London.

I teach music and theory concurrently to help ensure students understand key concepts and ideas using a gradual progression of difficulty. Interspersed with regular lessons is the opportunity for students to pick what they'd like to do next such as for auditions, contests and concerts, or simply just for fun.

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Engineering Professional gives math, physics, and piano tutoring lessons in Windsor Ontario

My main approach to teaching is based on positive reinforcement. Different people have different learning curves (i.e. some people learn fast while other learn at a more steady pace).

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Concert pianist with 15 years of experience gives piano and musical theory lessons

I use the authority, demonstrator and facilitator method. The demonstrator retains the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know. The facilitator promotes self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization.

Eric wenqi
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Classically trained pianist with 20+ years of experience and an edge of contemporary music.

I use a "question leading" method as my main teaching methodology. Students are encouraged to ask questions relating to piano/keyboard/music. And the class will be tailored towards what they want to learn for individual students. For beginners, my teaching will be focusing on establishing a strong foundation both technically and musically. It is essential to start on the right path.

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Piano, Theory and Composition Teacher with PhD adding Students to his studio, Lessons available in Home!

I adjust my teaching method to my students needs. I try to balance all lessons with both music the students want to learn and conservatory material helping to create an atmosphere that encourages practice and enjoyment. Once the students advances we can add and adjust additional material such as theory and composition.

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Bachelor of Music Piano Teacher gives Piano, Theory, and Composition Lessons in Kitchener-Waterloo

I teach a comprehensive approach with rigorous detail starting from the ground up. I teach effective practice methods to achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student I can lead you on the path to musical success.

Seven Persons
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Music Teacher offers lessons on piano/keyboard, theory, guitar both electric and acoustic.

I have had great success in working with all kinds of student groups. I have worked with adult as well as youth groups and have had a great deal of success with both age groups. I especially enjoy working with interested adults who often realize that they have missed a great opportunity by not studying music earlier in life.

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Learning piano? Let's do it with the music YOU enjoy! Winnipeg, MB

Teaching is fun. Yes, there are exercises but if we work on WHAT YOU WANT it should be fun. I create a detailed plan for your development and we check it regularly to modify it according to your progress.

New Westminster
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I'm a Piano teacher with 15 years of experience teach piano and music theory lessons from Taiwan.

Piano/Theory Teacher living in vancouver, BC with 15 years experience. Bachelor of Music in piano from the Chinese Culture University, Taipei Taiwan. Classic piano and pop music, music reading and theory. On on one class. English/Mandarin speaking.

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Experienced Piano and Voice Professor with Doctorate of Music and over 20 years of teaching experience

My focus is to create a truly unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. Students are encouraged to set personal goals, and with my support to achieve those goals through a progressive personal plan I develop for them, in a safe learning environment that promotes personal growth.

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Hello Montréal, let’s get ready to make music together! (Dan the piano man)

Let’s start with what you like, and get to know your music style so that I can customize my teaching to you.

Spruce Grove
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I could teach piano in Spruce Grove. I currently play at an ARTC level, and would welcome beginners

structure. Leila Fletcher books. The Music for young Mozart books are fun. Michael Aaron books Music has to be fun. Lessons should always have a piece of the students choosing and a couple of the teacher's choice.

Port Coquitlam
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Port Coquitlam piano and music lessons, in your home or in professional home studio /w grand piano

If the student has music they wish to work on I prefer to work on that. Otherwise, I will teach them classical, jazz, and pop songs. I will teach them theory and scale and chord patterns alongside the songs to give context for their use.

New Westminster
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10 years of teaching piano/theory experience. LTCL diploma and Bachelor of Music, live in New Westminster area.

It is important to let the student to enjoy while playing music. I usually would asked for student opinion for what they wanted to play. And from that as a starting point, I'd also suggest other music to broad out the student's view on music. I also provide some historical background on the piece, so the student would understand the piece more.

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Passionate piano performance provides piano, guitar, and mathematics lessons - groups or individual classes, on-site or in-person!

Music: holistic approach - working with student to develop a voice and rhythm, implementing handwork techniques to increase playing efficiency Mathematics: interactive approach - exposing student to real life problems, using case studies to immerse student in questions and identifying patterns

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Professional touring musician offers piano, theory, songwriting and vocal lessons from Toronto

-I can work with you at your own pace and according to your needs. -We can work on classic RCM approach to music or just dive into modern styles -Learn accompaniment, smooth technique, breathing exercises, general music and marketing advice from a professional working in the industry.

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Watch your fingers dance across the keyboard and see what harmony and music various colours can create! I believe there is music in each of us. And it is one of The Best ways to find peace within and

Watch me, listen to me, learn from me, practise, practise, practise! Simple? Have a passion for music. And if you dont, you will catch one after we meet :) Rhythm features in absolutely every aspect of our lives, if we will only listen and feel.

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I play keys and I will teach you how to play keys. I do song based learning. You pick a song you want to learn on the keys and we break it down together.

I specialize in song based learning. I will help you learn your favourite songs. You pick a song and we break it down together. I will help you figure out the keys parts and show you how to play them.

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Award-Winning, Versatile, Pro Musician & Music Artist with over 15 years teaching experience and 18 years pro playing experience. Giving Piano and Music Theory Lessons In Mississauga.

For younger students I use the Lelia Fletcher teaching method books. For young adult / adult clients I use a combination of various materials I've acquired and put together over the years For music theory instruction I use The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments (Preliminary-Grade 2) Frederick Harris Music. Plus other various materials I've acquired.

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Piano teacher with 19 years experience offering fun piano, music theory lessons and FL Studio music production lessons in Vaughan, Ontario

I strongly believe in a balance of full concentration and having a positive mind. I ensure a proactive, motivating and patient learning environment.

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Experienced folk/pop pianist with 17 years playing experience offering tutoring and lessons in Montreal area (English)

My teaching methods are ideal for beginner to intermediate students looking to learn basic theories and techniques in an informal workshop style in order to learn and play basic pop repertoire as well as any other styles they are interested in.

Paris 1er
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Piano, music theory and composition, for all ages and levels in Paris

Hello, formed in a Russian school at Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (piano, composition) and actually pursuing studies at the Paris Conservatory in the class of composition, I offer piano lessons, music theory, music composition for people of all ages and levels . I can help you in many areas: listening, intonation, theory, writing, composition, orchestration and improvisation.

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Computer music, studio equipment management, cabling, adjustments, composition, improvisation and creation :)

Hello ! My skills are wide and varied, being a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, semi-pro musician among others; I do music full time, usually with analog synthesizer or VST and software (Ableton especially) I encourage you to contact me to let me know your projects and your expectations ; I'll answer as quickly as I can ! I can travel over Paris East (My studio is in Pantin on...

Paris 11e
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During Piano and / or Music Education / awareness Musicale ALL LEVELS ADULT CHILDREN AND SEALS OR PARIS.

Student in music, I studied piano for over 15 years. I teach for 10 years to students of all levels. I am looking for piano lessons to give in nearby southern suburb and Paris.

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MAO course on Ableton and Pro Tools + Training Mixing Studio

Audio engineer - Composer Producer Mao Stage's experience Beginners and Advanced Training includes: -Master of Ableton Live software and / or Pro Tools -How to start your project -Proficiency / basics of sound synthesis -Composing an electronic music according your own style -Basics of synchronisation -You will learn how to mix your track -Which set up choose for the live and how to...

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Piano and music classes in Mallorca by a degree in music composition and music teacher

Individual or group piano and music classes tailored to each pupil or group. Using the musical and instrumental experiences of each person. Always in balance between theory and practice. Taking the music as a whole, but always respecting the musical aesthetic taste and concerns of each student.

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Professional musician gives CAM lessons in Paris or WebCam, Piano, Ableton Live.

Hello, I've been professional musician for 15 years and passionated by electronic music. I play today with many bands of all styles, using mostly analog synthesizers, and Ableton Live for the use of VST, sequences, loops, and samples. Ableton Live is a very complete software, which allows to do just about anything.

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Private Piano Lessons by Royal Northern College of Music graduate, concert pianist - Vladimir Vojevodin

With a contemporary and motivational approach to teaching music, Vladimir is able to make his students` musical journey even more exciting by using modern technology, including audio and video recordings and online resources. Having a second degree in sound engineering Vladimir also loves teaching music production and composition using the most popular software - Logic, Garage Band, Cubase etc.

Antonis vasilis
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Classicaly trained pianist and composer gives piano and thoery lessons to students of all levels.

I teach my students based on their own level, strenghts and weaknesses, I aim to help students with technical skills through exercise books and routines I devised myself for aquiring finger dexterity and individuality but also with theoretical skills, such as note reading, writing sheet music, theory lessons according to the style of music they want to learn (classical vs modern)

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Master of Composition student offering piano and composition lessons at home in London

First of all, I would like to give piano lessons to people at any age - nobody is to young or to old to learn how to play piano. Based on your former experience I will either start with the really basics or continue at your current level. I've had piano lessons myself for more then 13 years, so I would love to share all of my knowledge and skills.

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