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Veterinary student offering middle school through university level Biology lessons in Kelowna, BC

As biology is the study of life, I like to use examples from real life to help students understand the material they are studying. I am committed to helping students really absorb and love what they are studying rather than simply memorizing material.

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Science teacher in Oakville. MSc in Animal Science with five years of classroom experience, grades 6-12

I approach every subject with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am interested in making sense of a subject and applying it to life, breaking down concepts and analyzing them and using it to paint a broad picture of a subject. My expertise is working with students in grades 7 and 8.

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Veterinary pathologist/toxicologist will tutor in fields as broad as biology and narrow as veterinary pathology.... online or in Parklands, Manitoba region.

For all students, I first will want to find out what their goals are and what prior training they have. This can be via an online conference or possibly via phone. I will want to assess current abilities by seeing a sample of written work (ESL) or having a conversation. I will work with students online to start improving vocabulary and comprehension.

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Education student gives science tutoring to middle and high school students in Toronto

I approach science with a focus on hands-on experiences, as those are frequently the most memorable. It is important to me that my students understand the topics, rather than memorizing them to soon be forgotten. I enjoy taking the time with one-on-one work to ensure each student understands the content.

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No-nonsense Online GCSE and A-Level Biology Tutoring by a Student of Veterinary Medicine

I'm a Second-Year Vet student at the University of Surrey. The level of biology I'm learning at the moment means that I'm more than equipped to help GCSE and A-level students pass their exams. Having done my GCSEs and A-levels, I feel like I am able to provide a students perspective to the curriculum in order to help current students understand tricky concepts.

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Veterinary Surgeon offering Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Veterinary Sciences tuition in Bristol

My aim is to make learning fun, I like to tailor learning to the needs of students and have assisted many younger veterinary students throughout my time at university and as a veterinary surgeon. I am very patient and like to come up with interesting ideas for learning to help make studies easier.

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Qualified Veterinary surgeon offering biology, anatomy veterinary nursing or veterinary medicine tutoring

I assist with assignments without answering questions for the student. I have also set assignments to students myself and gone through answers with them. My lessons will generally take the form of discussion between us and answering questions, but can also be me quizzing the student or helping to make revision material if this is more helpful.

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Learn the subject with Full Basic understanding of topic and subject ok

The Teacher is the director for the student growth. I think i have that ability to make the student liable to achieve his/her goals in the life. Have understood the way of teaching and use of different techniques for same.

Cuautitlán Izcalli
José ángel
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Veterinary graduated, sharing you the love of life and the biology science

I seek to identify the prior knowledge of my students, their type and level of learning in the subject; in a way that allows me to evaluate their strengths and strengthen them, and reduce their weaknesses, developing the necessary skills for their better school performance and real learning.

New Delhi
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A Wildlife Biologist with Unique set of Experience in Evolutionary Biology & Landscape Ecology

My teaching method is based on experiential learning with examples from real world with focus on developing independent thinking of students. I combine historical aspect of the subject in hand with future paths it may develop into to show students and young adults the future possibilities along with risk.

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Experienced and qualified science teacher (Zoology graduate) looking to help students achieve.

As a tutor, I like to have a first session with the student themselves and at least one parent, so I can understand what the aims and objectives of tuition are. I would need to ascertain the board being studied, and the strengths and weaknesses of the student so that we can then approach our sessions in an individualised manner.

Wagga Wagga
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Veterinary Science student Studying at Charles Sturt university. Graduated from Newington college.

Generally I approach topics by explaining and showing then getting the student to do the problems by themselves and emphasise repetition as this is how I achieved my personal academic goals. However I also believe that each student is different and needs individual requirements catered to in learning.

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First class graduate in London offering friendly and flexible biology tutoring and study help up to university level

I believe you'll never learn much on a subject that doesn't interest you. As I'm fascinated by biological processes, my main aim is to make the topic as interesting for you as it is to me, and tailor lessons to your individual needs depending on the specific topics you'd like to work on.

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Experienced equine & canine animal therapist currently studying at MSc level, based in Colchester

I wish to teach those who are under confident in science or would like to know more about animal welfare and management. I have an understanding, patient and fun approach. I am an open minded tutor who likes to focus on recent research.

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Friendly Imperial College Master's student gives lessons in GCSE/GCE/Undergrad Natural/Biological Sciences Coventryarea

I am easygoing, friendly and reliable; characteristics I deem important when seeking a tutor. From my own personal experience, as a student, you go through difficult situations where you may feel overwhelmed by your workload or just confused with what is being taught, and it is vital to have someone who is adequately supporting you and helping you reach your potential.

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Biology at all levels up to degree by a long-term nerd (Liverpool)

Anybody having trouble with understanding? My speciality is simplifying complex concepts and patiently explaining them. Funny metaphors based on the familiar are how I love to memorise facts, and therefore sharing knowledge with others. The brain works best when it's happy and screwed onto a healthy body, so I am also open to relating personal tips regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.

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Qualified Veterinarian offering tutoring in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biology and vet med!

I base my classes on the core curriculum that you are learning in class - and I make important learning objectives tailored to the subject being studied. We can go over your lesson plans and go from there. Also, I write very useful practice tests and questions - which help solidify what you've been learning and have a tendency to come up on actual exams.

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Sydney University PhD Medicine student, delivers lectures to university and high school students

. Hold PhD in Biomedical Sciences . Had taught science subjects to 9-12 grade students and biology, biochemistry, genetics and physiology to university students . Posses extensive training in teaching and love this job . Students love they way I explain things . Always Take ownership of students success .

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Veterinary student offering online lessons in Biology, as well as personal statement and essay/project proof-reading advice

Each session, we can discuss what it is you want to gain and what topics you need some help with - each one will be tailored to what you want. I'll do my very best to explain things in ways you can understand, using similies, diagrams and pictures as well as videos to help you.

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Veterinary student in Medway offering biology, support for ADHD, GCSE math and animal related studies

My teaching method changes for each student as every person is unique.

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Pre-Vet student at Virginia Tech offering math and science help in Blacksburg

I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech, studying animal science (pre-vet). I am offering tutoring lessons to any grade level in areas of math or science. I will help go over homework, sample problems, or provide small lessons on these subjects again. I am very flexible and change my teaching technique based on each student and what they need help with.

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Animal Biotechnology Graduate instructs biology subjects to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I believe that learning is easiest and most effective when the student becomes passionate and interested in what they are learning. I do this by providing familiar examples from either my research experience or common experiences. I have been trained on the different types of learning and I am experienced in tailoring my lessons for my students in order to achieve efficient learning.

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Chemistry and biology are nature sciences to learn from experts like me

Analogy is key to study any subject. and that is my key approach. also understanding every topic that just learning this approach of mine will help you grow.I also use the online videos and animations to help you learn and earn knowledge.

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Medical student at Baylor College of Medicine teaching biology and MCAT prep.

I can give lessons to college and high school students. I am a very visual person and will use diagrams. I also love coming up with mnemonics to help students remember things. I love using practice problems because practice makes perfect.

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Life Science graduate with 15 years teaching experience available in Norfolk area or for online tutoring in biological sciences.

I have taught students of different levels and abilities and as such I change my methods and language to suit the individual. When teaching GCSE , BTEC and A level students I break the lessons up into fifteen might tasks with a short break or reward in between, this helps to motivate and break up a longer session.

Greater London
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I'm a 4th year Veterinary Student with 10 years of experience, a B.S. degree in Biology and a passion for learning and teaching !

My name is Tara and I'm an American veterinary student finishing up my last year of school here in London. I have a Bachelor's degree in biology from Hawaii Pacific University and an associates degree in Liberal Studies. Additionally, I'm currently finishing my master's by research by studying the social dimensions of invasive species management in St. Kitts.

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University student studying Equine Sports Therapy gives biology lessons to primary, secondary and BTEC students in Chelmsford

I am a university student currently studying Equine Sports Therapy, I give lessons up to and including BTEC level 3. During lessons I prefer to have discussions with students as opposed to me lecturing at them for a solid hour. I am patient, attentive and talkative and believe in engaging with my students as much as possible.

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Hi all! Veterinary student offering Biology and Veterinary tutoring in Bristol. Polish speaker.

My methodology when it comes to teaching is to go through all the relevant subject material and highlight the areas the student is struggling with. We will then decide which revision method works best for the individual student and tailor lessons to a way which they will understand and gain the most benefit from.

Lake Stevens
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I am a student offering lessons in biology, animal sciences, world history, English, French, and visual art/music up through highschool/college level! :) I am an enthusiastic young adult very excited

I try to approach teaching in a fun, inventive way, and always adapt my teaching methods to accommodate each individual's learning style.

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Tutoring: investment of knowledge for future by an experienced UK trained PhD Professor

I am working as Assistant Professor in the Agriculture University. I have done PhD in Veterinary Pharmacology from London,United Kingdom. Lesson structure: background of the topic, topic detail with aims and objectives, conclusions and summary/take home message.

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