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Science teacher in Oakville. MSc in Animal Science with five years of classroom experience, grades 6-12

I approach every subject with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am interested in making sense of a subject and applying it to life, breaking down concepts and analyzing them and using it to paint a broad picture of a subject. My expertise is working with students in grades 7 and 8.

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Étudiant Bachelier Biologie donne des cours pour les élèves de secondaire (Maitrise en sciences de l'éducation)

- Tutorat pour les élèves du secondaire en Science et Technologie (1er, 2e et 3e cycle). - Tutorat pour l'univers vivant (biologie, écologie), univers matériel (Chimie, Physique) et Terre et espace.

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Moving from STEM to STEAM education: Calgary-area science educator equipped with degrees in geology, geophysics, biology and journalism

Science is fun and forms part of our everyday lives! I employ hands-on, experiential learning methods, linking text book subjects to real-life scenarios for students. My communication and story-telling skills enable me to dissect and convey complex subjects to students.

Cold Lake
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Earth, Environmental, and Life Science Graduate assisting all students in the sciences.

I base my classes on the questions that students have from their in-class learning. I am here to help you with the areas that you are struggling in, and help you arrive at the answers so you can succeed in your classes. Be sure to come to class prepared with your questions. This class is best suited for high school and lower level university students.

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I have a BA major in biology. BEd secondary science CHATHAM,ON

I believe in determining a students need and learning styles. I have experience having had a child with learning disabilities. It taught me to not use only one method. But see if visual or tactile or auditory.

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Earth Science M.Sc. available for Geology/Earth Science/General Science tutoring in Vancouver, BC

I like to think of myself as a more casual tutor as I like to get to know my students as much as possible during our sessions so that I can better customize the course material to their individual strengths and relate it to subjects that they are already familiar with. I enjoy working through problems with my students and find that visual and creative methods can often help in understanding.

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Experienced teacher gives individual and group classes for ages 12 and up in science, language arts, social studies, psychology, crafts, and many other soft skills for the workplace.

I tailor my teaching to the individual needs of the class or student. I excel at breaking down complex ideas into easily understandable parts. I use a multi-pronged approach to appeal to different learning styles. I started tutoring students at the age of 10 and love helping others learn and improve.

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Hello! I am a biologist with 30 years experience as scientist and educator. I have a MSc (Honours) in Environmental Practice, and BC Education Certificate. I teach many subjects from Biology to Earth

My method is based on a case-by-case. Not everybody learns the same way, so the teaching must be student-centered. A class with me will depend upon the student, and I have been teaching people of all ages in a variety of topics for three decades.

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Biology graduate gives Biology and English private lessons for high school students

If you provide me with course material, I will be able to simply concepts and teach you methods that will resonate best with your individual learning style (kinesthetics/ visual/ auditory). I am also available for private English lessons as well.

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Learn Biology the FUN WAY! Enthusiastic biology student tutoring in Burnaby area.

If I can break down a subject or idea to the most simple level, then it's evident that I understand the material and the learner will have an easier time asking questions about said material in a structural learning style.

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Get familiar with Minerals, Rocks,Ores,Landforms,Mountains, Oceans & Geological phenomena which shape our mother nature Earth.

I adopt easy to understand methodology in the classroom and outdoors depending upon the students level of interest & curiosity in the subject

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ROCK ON! Geology tutor available 24/7 for you from grade school to post-graduate level.

Flexible programming and teaching method tailored to student's interests, level and needs. We can cover entire sub-disciplines of geology at the basic or advanced level, or focus on a particular topic or problem requiring additional work.

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Learning is fun when we learn together especially in a more free and relaxed state.

I work with discussion method which is a two - way communication just to make sure there is proper understanding of the subject.

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Hi My name is Vandana, and I will teach you and share my knowledge about hidden secrets and processes of our dynamic Earth which is happening inside our earth. I m glade to teach you my dear students.

I always teach based on real life based methods to understand the theories and syllabus of my subject to make the concepts clear in mind.

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Étudiante en science de la nature, offre son aide en biologie et en mathématique.

J’aime partager mon savoir et mes trucs aux autres, surtout lorsque le sujet est difficile à comprendre ou même détesté chez l’étudiant.

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Distinguished student with completed Geology minor seeking to tutor first and second year Geology students.

I work to ensure a very solid grasp on all fundamental concepts of Geology. From here, the student can naturally move onto more advanced topics with a firm foundation and zero gaps in knowledge.

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Nursing Student gives Biology classes to high school students in the GTA both in-person and on-line

I base my classes on experiential learning rather than memorization, focusing on mastering concepts and understanding the rationales behind a physiological process.Because there is always a reason.

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Montreal/South Shore tutor with many years experience who has patience and a passion for teaching! I graduated with Honours in Environmental Sciences & Biology but can teach a variety of subject. Mess

I understand the brain and how it absorbs information meanwhile using psychology and learning about how each individual learns in unique ways. I always engage students and keep things exciting! I excel at making a boring subject interesting and enjoyable.

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Offering a good teaching must be slow enough to not confuse and fast enough to not getting bored

Go through the subject in a easy way and connecting with day to day life and make it easier to remember and learn

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Engineering student graduated from UBC gives tuturials for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology for high school student and students during their 1st and 2nd year in university or college. Als

My teaching methods are good time management, solid fundamental, classic practice, and some comprehension of concepts and graphs. I love student who asked instersting questions.

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Students pursuing their career in BSC psychology can tutor any subject to any students as they have vast amount of veracious knowledge

Lecture, Brainstorming , contextual framework,Repetation,group assignments, note making,Discussion,concept building through class examples and power point presentation questions.

Grande Prairie
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Certified Geologist (B.Sc.) Living In Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Offering Geology Classes

My teaching methodology tends to include a combination of demonstration, and lecture, with analogies and specific examples. This style of teaching tends to suit the needs of both visual and abstract learners.

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Want to study or answer critical questions in any branches of Biology then here is your one stop tutor for Biology.

My teaching methods are: Power point and also lecture method. Description and explanatory methods. Whiteboard, Scientific Process, Collaborative Learning, Discussion with one on one or in groups, Co-operative learning, Group Investigation, Question and answer methods and also quizzes. I also teach with direct observational method.

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Architect by profession but passionate about teaching. Have a unique way of explaining the concept

I teach everything practically with everyday incidents and include lots of examples to help students understand the concept easier and better.

(2 reviews)
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4th year Biotechnology student gives Bio/Chemistry lessons to students in the GTA

Students of all levels are welcome (High school; 1st, 2nd, 3rd year) I am very thorough and move hquestion by question, to assess the student's skill and learning level. "Visuals" are useful.....

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OCT Certified Teacher looking to provide Science (Specialty in Biology) and Math classes for Grades 7 to 12!

My teaching philosophy focuses on student success through an innovative, safe and inclusive learning environment. Student success will be promoted through self-motivation, creativity and resiliency thus are preparing them for the fast-paced, ever-changing world.

(15 reviews)
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Is SVT complex for you? Need to understand or revise certain concepts in Biology or Chemistry? I can help you in the Aix / Marseille region.

Educator, teacher and experienced facilitator, I shall put my experience of over 20 years available to pupils for their success. Because it is based on the efficiency of the work done, I propose to accompany the student on the form and substance of learning (learning to learn).

Corpus Christi
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Marine Biology PhD Student Biology, ecology, life science, scientific writing, college prep

My basic philosophy in teaching is that we're all born scientists--that is, we're all naturally curious. That's what it's all about. Sometimes though, science classes can make you feel like it's just too complicated... or too boring.

Peasedown Saint John
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PhD Fellow in Bath offering biology lessons to students of all ages

I currently teach KS2 secondary school children, with whom I like to take a practical approach to teaching. I feel that getting children to do things - or even think about things they do - can help lessons stick. With undergraduate students, I feel that breaking down complex concepts into stories and smaller chunks really works well.

Ciudad López Mateos
(2 reviews)
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Biologist with a Master's degree in marine sciences for students of all levels in the State of Mexico or in the northern area of Mexico City

Classes directed to all public on Biology and natural sciences, always dynamic and with feedback with the student. Attractive material and clear explanations, because Biology can be very entertaining. Environment of exchange of concepts and doubts, with a more conversation concept than boring and systematic class.

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