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History student giving classes for High school and CEGEP students in Montreal

My classes are designed both to help students with specific problems and to give them general knowledge on the subjects at hand. A typical class would go over subjects being learned, have a questions and speaking period, and then have time for homework.

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Recent graduate of technical GIS program eager to share planning theory in Canada

My methods encourage 'human-centred design' as a style of considering the end user of any product, idea, or process required. This is valuable for geography when considering the context of how and why world events impact the global community politically, socially, creatively, and economically.

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War Historian gives War in the Modern and Ancient World classes for students in Fredericton

My teaching methods entirely depend on the student. I am incredibly adaptable and will find a means of teaching that best suits your own personal learning abilities. I have been a student and understand that one method of learning does not apply to everyone.

North Bay
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North bay student who passionately enjoys teaching religion, History (all) and, philosophy!

My teaching methods are dependant on the student, I prefer individual interaction because it lets me gage how the person learns.

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McGill PhD Candidate and native speaker of Russian language gives classes on the following subjects: Film and Russian Language and Literature. Classes are designed for all levels.

I have an extensive teaching experience of World Cinema, History of European Cinema, Russian Language and Russian Literature of XIX century from the time I was a student at McGill University. Close collaboration with the leading scholars and equally great teachers such as Michael Cowan, Ara Osterweil, Anna Berman and Laura Beraha laid solid foundation for my unique pedagogical approach.

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Masters of Visual Arts graduate available for tutoring in art history, philosophy, and critical theory.

I am here to assist you with time management, in the navigation of course materials, and in improving your writing skills.

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Professional world traveler and ART HISTORIAN wanting to share first-hand knowledge about ART HISTORY

A motivated, detailed and professional individual seeking a teaching position in the art world, which will utilize creative and multitasking skills developed through my involvement in the entertainment industry. Over the years, I have successfully combined studies in Art History while working in a touring environment, giving me the ability to demonstrate that I am highly adaptable.

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Tutoring to help you understand classes about people and society, and help you write great essays

Whether you're overwhelmed or just a little lost, my university experience helps me share relevant info to fill in gaps, and help you gather the right information for learning. We'll chat about your struggles, and I'll focus first on the most urgent barriers. I'll encourage you and point out what you're doing right.

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Ryerson History students gives English and History Tutoring for Toronto High School Students

I am very structured and organized myself. But I like to create a structure based on each students needs. So together we initially address their goals and learning styles and together create a style that we will follow through the remainder of our lessons. I understand that learning can be very difficult and that each student may need different needs met.

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University graduate teaching Continental Philosophy and Art History for Honours students in Toronto

A teaching method I use is that I put concepts into basic language and use relatable cultural references to explain complex ideas. My classes are meant for students in university who need a boost from an experienced former student. A typical class would potentially look like going over a larger text and breaking it down into main themes and ideas to extrapolate from.

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Art student with 5 years of experience in both music theory and art/art history offers lessons in said subjects

As a creative mind myself, I like to take a creative approach to my classes, and I am extremely flexible and happy to cater to my student's individual learning styles! I enjoy finding the humour in situations, and I am openly supportive of marginalized communities. I have the most experience working with high school-aged students but I am more than willing to take on students of all ages.

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History Student gives general history and social studies lessons, as well as help with essays located in Calgary.

I do most of my tutoring over the phone, with face cam or online . However, I am willing to meet in person if you wish. My lessons tend to be more for those who are in high school or junior high.

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Masters grad and author makes Canadian history fun & educational right here in Wpg

I teach with making history entertaining and interesting. I create historical tours for the public during the summer so I zone in on the facts and mix it with humour to get the points across. Kids learn information without realizing it and laugh all through their research! Resources are utilized such as online, books, going to the archives building, library, newspapers etc.

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I am completing my degree at The University of Toronto where I study Sociology, History, and Education, working towards a Masters of Teaching Degree. I specifically focus on imparting and teaching emp

According to the Ontario curriculum, teachers must work with students to complete curriculum requirements while developing accurate methods of assessment and evaluation of the students’ learning. It is imperative that educators provide an encouraging and engaging environment to their students through a variety of eclectic learning opportunities and teaching approaches.

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Fine Arts Professor with a bachelor degree gives tutoring in art history.

I approach a subject with structure and flexibility, basing my lessons in your need, your level, and your preferred learning method.

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Liberal Arts Tutor with Specialization in Humanities and Philosophy: Writing, Editing, and Research in Ottawa

I offer individual teaching plans based on the needs of the student. Learning outcomes include: How to interpret source material, proper academic writing techniques, how to conduct research, editing and proofreading skills, constructing a compelling thesis, and meeting assignment deadlines.

Quinte West
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Bachelor of Education student offering tutoring in History & Art History in Trenton Ontario

History is often the bane of many students existence, simply because they have been taught it in an outdated format. I teach history like a story, focusing on major themes and actors rather then dates.

St. Catharines
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Architect and Artist 20 years of experience gives drawing, media, design bases and history lessons

My teaching methods are the mixture off all my skills. I teach theory and experience and immediate application. The best way to learn is when you see your own capability.

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History and English student tutoring high school students in the Fraser Valley

My teaching methods are directed by the desire to teach from all angles in order to help my students learn the material as well as feel confident in their knowledge. A typical class would be structured around open dialogue as well as mastering the content.

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Child is a blank paper, teacher can mould it in a good way.....

I have a lots of patience,punctual and always understand the desire of the student because in this age, teacher create a future of the student. In modern era I prefer to use tech aids for teaching which create a interest and attraction about study.

Paris 17e
(12 reviews)

Independent teachers for successful competition for Architectural Education (guidance letter, cv, artistic folder, remote testing, written and oral)

We are an association of three independent professors: Professor graduate of Fine Arts in Paris, DPLG Architect, Associate Professor of Philosophy. We prepare students Terminale Students and the Grandes Ecoles architecture, helping them realize their folder (cover letter, CV, film analysis, Malaquais test, artistic book), to train in writing ( from the Annals) and oral.

Paris 19e
(6 reviews)

Discover the art of living artists or art history, Paris 20E, curator

Hello, I work with artist and am sometimes curator. The courses are for those who wish to learn about art for: - Their general culture, - The editing of a collection, - The preparation of a university or secondary exam - College - High School. The court is adapted to the objectives of the registrant, its method also: theoretical, practical and possibly accompanied by visits of exhibitions.

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Private lessons of all humanities (in particular, FILOSOFIA, LATINO and GRECO) and of ENGLISH to high school students; HELP TASKS for elementary school students and me

Through an initial meeting of the needs of the student and the state of his knowledge, I establish with him a program of meetings necessary to lead him to his learning objective in the shortest possible time. Also available at home meetings or via video call.

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History student at University of Oxford offering history lessons in Cambridge for GCSE or A Level.

My preferred method of teaching is one on one, this way giving undivided attention to a student. Approaching the course topic by topic, providing feedback on essays, either in person or through online comments, regarding both content and structure. Group classes are also a service offered, allowing students to not only learn from the tutor but also one-another.

(5 reviews)

EHP Epreuve Hors Programme Agrégation Externe d'Anglais Training to the oral Agrégation exam

My methodology: an update on the expectations of the exam and especially a lot of practice! I will give you a paper and invite you to work on it for 5 hours. This will clear the issues and provide you with valuable tips to stop making mistakes.

(21 reviews)
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Former student of the Ecole Boulle and ENSAD preparing to contest the great schools of art and design

I prepare the tray (artistic undermined), licensing and design as well as Masters competition of design and architecture arts schools (ENSAD: 4 admitted Beaux Arts in Paris: 1 admitted ENSArchitecture Paris-Belleville 2 allowed) and other formations requiring a strong cultural and artistic baggage.

(2 reviews)
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Student of the fifth year of high school, passionate about philosophy, offers repetitions of philosophy and related subjects

My methodology is simple: based on your difficulties in the approach with the subject or with the single topic, we will evaluate together the most suitable method so that your gaps are filled. Each lesson will be accompanied by diagrams and summaries that I will provide and which will fit together with your needs.

Ciudad de México
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Cultural manager teaches about concepts and context of cultural heritage in Mexico

I plan my classes with the objective that my students know different narratives and authors of the topics that we see so that they form their opinion and have the elements to sustain it. In addition I always show cases and / or facts to visualize the theory in practice and can have a greater understanding of the topics studied.

(3 reviews)
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Former art history student at the Henri IV high school, I give art history related lessons.

I think everything can be learned in a fun way. In my opinion, this technique is the most effective. Therefore, I like to tackle a theme by supporting my examples on popular culture references because they are accessible. Involving the student by having debates, for instance, seems very important to me as well. This allows them to learn while making their own opinion.

(6 reviews)
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Studied History at ANU, Studying Teaching, Philosophy and Creative Writing at UC. Offering help to anyone in the Canberra Area. Personable, Great Communicator, Reliable, Passionate and Energetic

My approach to teaching is derived from my ability to communicate well with my students. I do my best to differentiate how I deliver content based on how my students learn most effectively. I always ensure that whoever I am helping has a full understanding of the content before moving on to the next stage, and that the information being delivered is relevant and relatable for them personally.

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