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Played with the best and will provide the best. Everyone will benefit, that’s a guarantee.

For me, Everything is how well you connect with the student. A step by step guidance is important in order to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Start with the basics and then exposing someone to a mixture of things will benefit one a lot.

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University of Toronto student as tutor provide Badminton tutorials for training in Mississauga

i will teach you one by one and step by step for practicing basic skills of playing badminton in beginner and advanced level in following topics: Defensive High Clear/lob Lobbing is mainly used as a defensive shot. When you’re out of position, hit the high clear/lob to ‘buy’ yourself time to recover. Learn the techniques to execute a badminton clear/lob.

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Are you a recreational athlete? Or a competitive athlete? Bad habits, improper advises/training, and lack of practice are just some of the factors that hinders your performance. Whatever your status a

The first step is an evaluation: to see what you can do, your experience, past training, and more importantly your personal goal. The next step is to sit down and work out a program that works. Throughout the program you will be demanded to work hard, to push yourself to a new level, to improve, to win.

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Enthusiasts teacher gives physical education classes for all levels in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My teaching methods are in the level of the learner lessons in physical education based on their needs and level.

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Lets play Tennis and Enjoy our life out of stress and tensions :)

⦁ Have trained players of U-12 & U-14 of the nation ranking in the top 10.

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Train yourself/your kids for outdoor sports to be enthusiastic and active whole day. If you don’t want to go gym then Badminton is the best sport to keep your muscles strong and active. I have played

To teach anything I believe patience is very important. No one on earth can grasp the very moment. I am very patient and my only goal is to bring the best out of you. I try drag out the laziness out of you and bring out your extra ordinary skills by which you haven’t crossed yet.

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I am a University student interested in teaching badminton for sharing my experience to others

I am totally familiar with how to play badminton in a professional way, and playing badminton game to win it.

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Business Masters student willing to use his vast experience in Table Tennis, Soccer and Badminton to give group or individual coaching lessons in and around Hamilton, ON

I opt an adaptive way, which is tailored to the individual. Every individual grasps the sport in a different manner and I take into account that factor very seriously. I prefer to have a small group of people in my class but open to having multiple sessions if the number is big.

Richmond Hill
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High school student with 4 years of badminton experience gives Beginner to Intermediate Badminton Lessons

My teaching method is teaching through analogy and example, showing my students the motion and then breaking it down into simpler, understandable terms.

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SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, I offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap, ...) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that I bring as needed.

Samarendra kumar
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My way of teaching in a practical way and my student have done in the field in which I have taught them

I use Google and its video sister to to prepare for any field. I first use the simple concept and build on simpler topic and then to complex built upon.

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I am a genuine 10 year experienced coach and I understand the game very properly.I can take a child to national and even international level by developing the calibre inside him and this is my special

I like to develop stamina and agility to a player and the basic concepts of the game..... For advance level I teach them by making them master and practice one type of shot a several times for consistency and accuracy....

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State level Champion Table Tennis player with 12 years of experience gives tuition about this amazing sports

Students should chose a tutor based on : 1. He/She has a good communication flow that can match his/her teaching style. 2. He/She must have a good understanding of that subject both in theoretically and practically. 3. Must be patient with students growth and compassionate his/her style of grabbing knowledge from a tutoring session. 4.

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Students in engineering collegeous can be a university player or a state player represent

My teaching process is to make fit to play multiple games and techniques for game score balance. Even in loosing time. giving ideas racket using in different styles.my teaching for degree students for university selections.

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Loughborough Mechanical Engineering Graduate who won BUCs twice for badminton and can offer math tutoring

I am obtained a Master degree level in Mechanical Engineering, I am really approachable and friendly with a positive attitude toward people who are willing to learn, no matter their personality. I takes thing slowly at the beginning and goes thoroughly through the fundamental but once the students understand the concept I will sped up to their pace, in order to keep them interested.

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FP of Medium Degree of Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment

I always try to form a group from the beginning and that we get a good tune from the beginning. In sports is very important all these points, so that the activity is more dynamic and fun in all senses.

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Upcoming and fresh badminton coach in the Nottingham area. 1 hour sessions from as little as £16 per hour.

Anyone can learn a coaching manual and robotically repeat that in a coaching session. I have all the technical knowledge to improve your technique but also a deep understanding how to construct winning points. My main point of difference is improving a players mental approach to to playing badminton and controlling emotions during game play.

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Basics that can lead you to become a great sportsperson in you.

I was a great learner as I never took classes for practicing. whatever I have achieved today is with my passion towards the game and I will surely advise my fellow people to follow the footsteps to accomplishing great things in life.

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Do fitness and keep yourself active and fit so you can win in match.

My teaching method is unique and of a boy or a girl complete my 45 day of challenge so he or she will definitely play very good badminton.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Physical education Teacher and Sports Teacher and professional Badminton player Playing over last 6 years and Having good knowledge of it. Represented university national championship 3 times in Badmi

Teach students according to their ability by knowing them, also knowledge of there strong point ,in which east they are good and can adapt quickly

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South Pampady
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Hi I'm a engineering lad who is ready to give badminton classes via online or offline if possible.

I teach by a simple method and I teach by standing in your shoes understanding what you could do and not.

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1st lesson is free!

Student of commerce school and deal with Business Studies as my main interest and branch!

I try to communicate with my students in a friendly behavior and make them fall in love with the subject.

New Delhi
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Can also teach Physical Education subject and badminton is my specialisation game

My teaching method is simple and very much understandable to students who want to gain so knowledge in sports science

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I can give the general & specific training for all sports. 100% results within 6 months.

Multi sensory teaching methods(Demonstration with explanation) from any sports and games and recreational activity.not only training rehabilitation of injuries also.

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Hello want to improve at winning badminton singles.. Welcome let's do it together

Game is all about grabbing repeating mistakes, i will help you in understanding ur strengtha and weakness and then how to work on them.

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Amruta Agashe Badminton academy for beginners intermediates ND advance players including fitness training

Training includes footwork drills skill training ND also fitness sessions

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