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Recent graduate of technical GIS program eager to share planning theory in Canada

My methods encourage 'human-centred design' as a style of considering the end user of any product, idea, or process required. This is valuable for geography when considering the context of how and why world events impact the global community politically, socially, creatively, and economically.

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Criminal law student gives classes for high school and college students in Montreal

These classes are targeted to other Criminology students or students in Social sciences , but are not limited to them since everyone has the right to learn.

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Digital Communications Specialist with over 4 years of industry experience in advertising and an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology.

My teaching methods are engaging and I like to build a warm relationship with students in order to for them to feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in the content. I base my classes on the subject matter and how it applies to real world scenarios, instead of abstract examples.

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Bachelor of Science (with Honors) graduate gives History classes for students of all ages and capabilities

My teaching methods are to identify the individuals preferred learning style and cater to their needs. Once this has been identified I will create a specific class plan. I am a patient and detail orientated individual who seeks to inspire a love for history. My classes are open to all ages and abilities.

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Journalism student with industry experience giving journalism and current events lessons in their home in Toronto

I approach my classes with flexibility. We can explore different teaching methods but I prefer to use hands-on approaches. This would mean going out and actually participating as a journalist yourself. These classes are meant for potential journalism students in university/college or anyone beginning in the program.

Fall River
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A Bachelor of Public Relations student with experience in writing of all forms, philosophy, and gender studies.

I approach a subject with flexibility, and make sure that there is a mutual understanding between me and the student. I want to teach what people want to learn, and am very passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects I teach.

Halton Hills
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Journalism student gives lessons to students majoring or taking similar courses in school

As a Tutor, I can be very understanding and I am very thorough with my lessons and the homework that I assign to my individual students. I assess students based on how they perform and that is how I chose to accommodate their work load as well as their work difficulty during the sessions the content for the course.

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Tutoring classes for Electronics Engg, Communication engg & Advanced engg mathematics by HIGHLY qualified n experienced faculty

I give classes online using any of the student friendly app or software. I provide notes to student for future references. I focus on explaining the concepts by giving demonstrations or practical experiences.

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Completed Masters in Communication Systems with a background in Electronics and Communication Engineerig and a work experience in Telecommunication sector. Looking forward to help students in Telecomm

I work towards giving more practical examples rather than just teaching the same content at school. This provides more flexibility to think for the students too.

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Communications, Social Media and PR professional (MA degree) gives classes in Montréal

My teaching methods vary depending on the student. I mould my classes based on your needs. I approach your questions with flexibility and we will work together to solve problems. Technology is a big part of my world and it will be a big part of my classes.

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My industry and academic experience will surely help in life long learning

I believe in learning by doing so provide hands on experiences to learners. My extensive academic experience, supports student growth and learning. With creative pedagogy, technological skills and expertise on subject matter, my motive is to encourage rational thinking minds.

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UBC politics grad and entrepreneur gives 20th-century history classes for Vancouver-based students

I am a UBC grad in his late 20's who plans on attending law school in the future and is currently running an education-based start-up business. I am a seasoned academic writer who can inspire those to become passionate about history while at the same time showing how to write a compelling and well-reasoned essay.

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Bachelor of Commerce graduate with four years work experience teaching all things business in Saskatoon

I base my classes on what you need to know, and am very adaptable to your learning style. Need to know why everything works the way it does? Need to get hands-on? Whatever it is just let me know and I'm happy to help you master it.

Paris 4e
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A recent graduate gives social science courses, specialized in cinema, media and sexual politics

For the social sciences, it is necessary to realize the basic essence of all knowledge: we give meaning to the world from culture. We organize ourselves around culture and dominant ideologies. So, for my methodologies, I would like to be able to give my students the ability to actively be able to question and think about the world and how it works.

Santo Agostinho
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Native speaker and teacher from the United States. Lets reach your goals in English together.

Hi how are you! My name is Joey and I have lived and taught English here in Brazil for 2 years. I was also a teacher in the United States, but I decided to come and teach here in Brazil. I am a dedicated educator and strive to provide my students with the best resources and educational experience.

Marseille 6e
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Professional coaching, preparation for jobs interviews, resume writing and cover letters, english

I lecture to students of primary and secondary school since the beginning of my university studies. The course should be a time of learning in which the student has time to understand the topic that interests or on which he will work. Develop his fluency in written and oral expression (in French and English), to be autonomous and self-confidence.

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Gain social media understanding & platform growth with experience from start-up founder in Bristol

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of building your business. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress.

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Academic tutions will be given to all class students by pg pursued

I will teach for school going students and can teach for an individual or a group of students any subject in the school level.i can also guide engineering students from electronics and communication department as i graduated from that stream.

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Heyy there!! I am electronics and telecommunication engineer and I love teaching technical stuff in electronics background as well as non technical stuff.

My teaching method is based on personal experiences, stories and case studies. I focus on understanding rather than mugging up. My classes are for students persuing their bachelor education.

Ivanhoe East
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Highly-credentialled scholar and author in journalism, media, and communication studies to tutor at all levels. Face-o-face in Melbourne or online packages available.

I am a very Socratic teacher, I believe in students coming to the answer through their own inquiry and in debate with the teacher. I do not expect rote learning or memorising for exams. I will set you reading tasks and expect you to participate in discussions with me. I will help with study techniques and essay / dissertation writing, but I won't do your homework for you.

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Psychology and Criminology graduate with extensive marketing, design, communications and PR experience

I believe that anyone can learn anything if it's taught in a way that is right for them. My teaching style first aims to learn how YOU learn to discover the best way for your to remember things in a fun and friendly environment.

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History on canvas for all ages, let's learn how to read Beauty of Art!

Do the teachers explain you only columns and capitals at school? Are you looking for a more creative and less didactic method than usual? Are you already a professional in the art world and would you like to communicate your organization / cultural association on the web? I've got the solution made up for you! My name is Sofia, I graduated in Planning and Management of Cultural Tourism, with...

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Media Professional with teaching experience gives lessons in Media Studies for A-Level to Undergraduate students in Greater Manchester

As a current Masters student with previous experience in both teaching and media industries, I strive to provide extra help to those studying in media fields in a professional, yet approachable manner. This is through creative learning materials, workshops, and industry contacts.

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College communications instructor with over 15 years experience in news media gives journalism, civics, and government lessons in the greater Nashville area.

I am an experienced educator with a master's degree in Communication Arts. I believe in instructing students about current events and how government and media works by immersing themselves in the various types of traditional and new media, and by using classroom and online methods to explore, identify, and understand the world around us.

Greater Noida
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Student in Engineering school gives tuition in digital communication, physics, chemistry, history from school level to college in Greater Noida

My teaching methods are of comprehensive break down of topics for school level students and for higher classes I use Powerpoint presentations all based on their syllabus. I teach students from school level to college level including competitive exams. I prefer to complete the syllabus on time.

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Sociologist researcher supports you in key topics of Social Sciences from Granada and at a distance.

I focus particularly on Project Based Learning, if what you want is to develop a core of interest. I can also support you by reinforcing school tasks (primary, high school and university), if what you are looking for is to improve your knowledge and raise your grades.

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Final year student of Electronics and communication engineering in APJ Abdulkalam Kerala Technological University and have knowledge in Electronics as well as Communication

Most of people have misunderstanding that the electronics is a tough subject and not bothered about the communication field. My teaching way is to change this gap between my subject with people. Everything is related to our common life and i wish to relate them for better understanding.

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Monash University Master of Philosophy graduate gives lessons in Communication and Media Studies

My teaching method, is a combination of lecturing (though more suitable for larger groups) and the discussion method which allows for the learner to engage more with the course content and ask questions or contribute their questions to the discussion.

Chapel Hill
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Very easy-going tutor who can help you grow in your subject area, Raleigh to Chapel Hill is my area of assisting. Book with me today!

Whatever learning technique works for you, I can accommodate you for sure! I prefer using visual aids and real-life examples to help you understand what's being taught. I also believe that it is possible to learn together, I'm not brighter than you.

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A PhD student in media and cultural studies offering lessons in communication, media and journalism related couses for over ten years.

My teaching method empasises on student centred approach to learning and I believe strongly in students participating in the learning process. My method includes but not limited to exploring examples from real life situation in order to explain a concept to students so that they can have a good grasp of my teaching.

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