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Social Justice PhD, policy analyst, and public educator provides uniquely tailored lessons

My philosophy of education centers around health and wellness. By approaching learning in this way, I find that both teachers and students have positive experiences that grow knowledge bases and skills. My educational values include compassion and care, open communication, clear learning objectives and expectations, 21st century pedagogical approaches, and social and environmental equity.

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Community worker outreach Development students loves to do tutoring and had past 4 year experience in community

My method would be easy to teach direct by web cam, which is easy and reliable and no need to visit and come out of your comfort zone in this weather of Canada. Easy, creative and comfortable are three words which will describe my method of teaching.

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Ryerson History students gives English and History Tutoring for Toronto High School Students

I am very structured and organized myself. But I like to create a structure based on each students needs. So together we initially address their goals and learning styles and together create a style that we will follow through the remainder of our lessons. I understand that learning can be very difficult and that each student may need different needs met.

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Adult education, over 10 years experience, 5 university teachables in Simcoe County

I design each program as to the needs of the students teaching style, such as visual, textile or through listening techniques. I let the student dictate the pace of the program. I love teaching youth and adults, 14 to 80.

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University graduate teaching Continental Philosophy and Art History for Honours students in Toronto

A teaching method I use is that I put concepts into basic language and use relatable cultural references to explain complex ideas. My classes are meant for students in university who need a boost from an experienced former student. A typical class would potentially look like going over a larger text and breaking it down into main themes and ideas to extrapolate from.

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Psychology/ Cognitive Science tutoring in Toronto by a Cognitive Scientist in mental health :)

I get to know each student individually and assess what their unique learning style is, then I tailor the material to suit their needs. My goal is not just to teach, but to leave each student with a sense of confidence and a desire to keep learning.

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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Kinesiology offering help with all things Social Studies

My teaching methods are based off of my students. Everyone learns in a different way, and it is integral for students to feel that they are being taught in a way that is understandable to them personally. I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, and as an educator it is my job to help you gain knowledge in whatever way works best for you.

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OCT Teacher in Durham Region offering tutoring in humanities, study skills and much more!

I approach each lesson with a positive and encouraging attitude. My goal as an educator is to not only increase my student's skill sets and knowledge, but to increase their confidence too. I use a variety of teaching methods which I tailor to each individual student and their specific needs.

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Master's student in Montreal with passion for sociology and general social sciences

My teaching methods are based on dialogue and the Socratic method. My teaching style and way of thinking and encouraging my students to think is critical. The content I teach is often through the lens of social inequality and social justice issues.

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Learn about international relations with an international development and refugee protection professional

I find that the best way to understand the actual international relations is to develop a knowledge of different fields to ensure the best comprehension of the local contexts. I would therefore teach elements such as History, Politics, Geography, Culture, Anthropology, Sociology, Gender Studies.

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For the History of Anything call upon me, I have a whole Bachelor's degree of History to share!

An important component of any historical topic is the researcher's ability to think critically about the event. In that light, my classes focus less on the 'when' of history but the 'why'. By understanding the social, political, and economical factors, my students will be better able to understand how and why major historical events took place.

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Philophie student at the Sorbonne, gives particular course of philosophy Paris 20th

I want to chaperone students on a case-by-case basis in order to develop their understanding of classical philosophical texts, by helping with homework for example, but also by giving practical exercises (this will depend on the demand or the problematic of the student) by making it fun and interesting. It is in this perspective that I offer my help, I am at your disposal for any other request.

Dr janet
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Dr Janet. Oxford University Graduate with PhD Tutoring History & English. 12 years experience & 100% student pass rate.

70% of my A-level students achieve A* or A grade. I'm an Oxford University graduate and a full-time professional tutor with many years experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? History, English Language, English Literature, Academic Writing, Entrance exams. I also offer academic proof reading for essays, dissertations, theses and articles.

New Delhi
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Post Grad from BHU, teaching psychology to class 11- up till graduate school. :)

My teaching methods keep improvising with the needs of the individual student. But I believe in a teaching methods that are very student friendly and explanation of what it really is. I like to use projective techniques combined with realistic practical explanations and examples. I don't believe in mugging nor pressuring the child into mugging. Hope to see you soon.

Dr jan
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I am Dr of Political Science with specialisation in the Middle Easter Politics and Religion

My teaching methodology is [most of the time] up to students level of learning. I always ask students suggestions and consider their demands. I usually prefer power point and going through reading sometimes but this may change if student have a better offer..

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King's Graduate History Teacher offering One on One tutoring for all. Based in Broadhempston and happy to travel.

I learning approach is based on assessing your strengths and putting a plan together to address any weaknesses in your writing or understanding. I provide a scheme of additional tasks that can be completed as your own time to keep you progressing in between sessions.

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Millytant30 - Eighteen years of teaching experience. Politics and Sociology. BA Hons. MA. PGCE.

I believe teaching and learning can only take place against a backdrop of mutual respect and support. I also believe that learning should be a life long process. My teaching methods engage all three types of learners, audio, visual and kinaesthetic. Both achievable and aspirational targets are set and constant feedback provided.

Centro Histórico
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Graduated in History teaches classes in english in Porto Alegre or online.

My teaching method would be customized based on the objective of the student, such as school reinforcement, apprenticeship for the entrance exam and ENEM, consulting in projects in the field of humanities. My classes are for primary and secondary school students, mainly.

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I'm super easy going and really enjoy my field of study so always have a positive approach! I've worked with first and second-year students at university.

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GENDER THEORY (FEMINISM) Classes related to feminism, gender, politics, LGBTI, sexuality, and in relation to the visual arts

Classes of gender theory are taught for all ages, feminist studies -related to women, feminism, gender and politics-, women's studies, human studies and LGBT studies. Gender studies focused on sexuality, and in relation to the visual arts. We adapt the classes to the student according to their concerns or abilities. With a Ph.D.

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Second year Psychology student offering Sociology and History lessons in Stirling and online

The most important thing for me is that my students understand the information they are learning. Therefore I find a great deal of importance in tailoring my lessons structures and teaching methods to one that suits each specific student. I do like to set my students questions to do to ensure that they understand the material and to highlight areas I need to go over again.

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Teacher with a BA in Sociology; 3 years experience in social work and 2 years experience in education.

I approach teaching based on the learner. First I like to do pre-assessments to figure out how much the student knows. Based on this, I tailor my lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. After the lesson, I like to do a post-assessment to see the students' progress and tailor following lessons as necessary.

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Patient and funny law student who can assist in teaching History and English :)

Since I have not taught much before, I am flexible with my methods and would really love to teach in a manner that the student is most comfortable with. Learning is useful when it is a fun process. We can start with basics, with a bit of homework that would revise what we study together.

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I have been teaching in schools for twenty seven years. I have three degrees from Sydney University. I am a widely published writer. I love to teach. I live in Kuranda.

I use the explicit teaching model that is employed in Queensland schools. I am fully trained in this method and find it easy to use. I have been using this method for over four years now. This method has allowed my students to understand clearly the learning intention of each lesson.

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A current student studying Social policy at university that can teach sociology :)

I will make sure you know the key sociologists that are relevant to your topic.

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History teacher can help you with whatever historical subject you want! (Nearby Groningen)

My lesson is all about you. That may sound a bit weird, but it is all about better understanding history. Together we decide what you specifically have difficulty with and thus adapt the material. I can, of course, talk the whole lesson, but it is especially important that you are actively working with history. With various assignments I can ensure that history becomes more understandable for you.

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Music Journalism uni student in Manchester offering online lessons in Media Studies

I am new to tutoring so I have not yet found the most suitable teaching method. My approach is to tailor each lesson to my students and understand what their needs are so that I can help them to the best of my ability.

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15 years of Community Development and Learning experience and qualifications, particularly with BME communities

Adult learners are students that have multiple responsibilities in relation to their professional, personal, social life and to their individual identity, which I understand, on a professional and personal level.

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A-level graduate Sociology student (A* predicted) offering help and lessons in Hampshire

I will be able to teach GCSE and A-Level Sociology as this is where my expertise lies. My teaching is based around various revision techniques that I myself have tried and tested, that I believe will be beneficial in achieving top grades in Sociology. Additionally, I believe that techniques that answers should be completed in an exam are extremely crucial in order to achieve high marks.

Farnham Common
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Philosophy and Politics graduate offering economics, latin and theology lessons in Slough.

I will be comfortable teaching my specialist subjects up to A level. I will base my teaching sessions on how I was taught at school. I'd like an open dialogue, where both myself and you have a free-flowing conversation. As a reluctant student myself at times, I don't believe lessons should be boring and mundane.

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