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Communications student and published poet looking to tutor high school and below.

Language is an art and the world is our canvas and our passion is our ink. I believe in engaging the student through various platforms and start with the foundation and build our way up together. A strong foundation will allow the student to excel in both high school and post secondary education.

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Health sciences student gives English classes to Montreal and Longueuil students.

My teaching methods are simple I take something that the students likes, For example his passion, and I use it to make my student understand my class

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Étudiante en Études littéraires à la maîtrise donne des cours de français, d'écriture, de compréhension de texte et de scénario à domicile en Montérégie

Je crois que chaque individu est unique et apprend de façon différente. J'adapte donc mes cours selon les préférences de l'étudiant et ce qui fonctionne le mieux pour lui, par exemple s'il est plus visuel qu'auditif ou encore s'il est plus du genre logique ou instinctif. J'aime beaucoup mettre en pratique ce que l'on apprend et insère donc beaucoup de rédaction de texte.

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Hi Everyone! Lover and teacher of english and literature. Online classes for elementary, and junior high students.

My teaching style is to point out ways of improvement for students to learn for next time. I believe strongly in conductive criticism and encouragement of what was done well, rather than dwell on the negatives.

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How to build on your creative idea and the invention for profit

My teaching methods are I give examples from my work and bring work of other creative individuals and create a dialogue on creativity with the students and offer strategies to help my students with career and school success in ideas development.

Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro)
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PhD assists in the writing of monographs, dissertations and theses in any areas.

My method is based on my knowledge of the academic field, its idiosyncrasies and its requirements. The academic demands are often simpler than they seem. You really need organization and focus most of the time to be sucessful. My proposal is to support you on this path in order to achieve an excellent final result.

Paris 13e
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Ex-journalist-writer-writer gives course of creative writing: to write is like to walk it is learned!

Having experienced several forms of writing professionally, I learn to tell stories. Narration - story telling - is essential. The way a story is delivered is as important as the content. I can help you work out the structure, style and develop your imagination for those who are eager to go towards creative writing. I can also teach students to write and express themselves better.

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Public Writer gives writing lessons solo or in small groups, holidays are made to do something special!

I approach the sessions according to your desire. It can be the discovery of an author or a technique training. You have a specific draft project, I give you the means by different methods to find the one that suits you best.

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High school student available to give French lessons in Burgundy at the primary / college / high school level (2nd level)

Hello, I am a high school student in second class and I am 15 years old. I would like to make my knowledge available to student (s) in need and showing motivation. I can give French courses at primary and secondary school level but also high school level courses only for a second level student.

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Fully qualified and experienced UK registered teacher to teach school english, ESL, reading, phonics and learning support for literacy

Fully qualified and experienced UK teacher with specialist background in supporting students with literacy difficulties and those with EAL. I can support all students of school age to improve and develop the skills required to become effective readers and writers. I can also work with students who struggle with comprehension and receptive and expressive language issues.

Paris 4e
(1 review)

Eligible for the ENS de Lyon competition gives French lessons all levels

I adapt to the needs of each student and the level requested, combining rigorous methodology and pleasure of literature! I propose a training in exercises requested at the Baccalaureate and the competition of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure, in order to increase the speed of comprehension and analysis of text, writing and style.

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Former teacher in class of CM1 helps you to progress in French!

After being a classroom teacher at CM1, I chose another orientation. But I continue to teach during my free time. My teaching methods are based on two things thing: understanding and pleasure. Explanation: If you learn a rule by heart and you confuse it, you are mistaken. Conclusion: The "can we say had?" Or "Selling or selling?" Do not always work.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna
Francisco manuel
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Teacher of Sciences, with teaching experience of over twenty years, offers himself as a home teacher of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for students of ESO and Bachiller / EvAU, or for applicants t

For students of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry ESO, Bachelor and EvAU, I advocate a methodology based on the realization of practical exercises and the choice of a youth vocabulary and affordable for the student. For applicants to the Army and Navy, registration is required prior to any of the online academies: Methods and / or MGH.

Mr. jayson
(3 reviews)
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Folk Stories and Bedtime Stories: The Lost Art of Telling a Fable.

My technique is pretty simple, I believe in full immersion. I will show you some really cool stories, how they should be built, from the bottom up, and then I will expect you to make me some stories. These stories will be read to the class for feedback and certificates will be given at the end of the course for those that pass.

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What story do you want to tell? I can guide you to discover the best structure you can give to your story.

I work in the world of cinema, and storytelling is my highlight. Following some field research that combined psychology, anthropology, pedagogy and, above all, storytelling, I've been able to discover how stories reflect our experience and the way we give meaning to the world around us.

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Reading Uni Student with Creative Writing skill reinventing imagination and expression through writing

Hello! The way that I will teach will be specified from lesson to lesson, with teaching the specifics of how to write well and creatively - not literature or such whilst these skills can help intensely with things such as CV writing and becoming a better, more interesting person (not that you're already not, of course.

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Author, dialogist and screenwriter gives creative and intuitive writing classes in Bordeaux

I lead writing workshops for children, teenagers and adults. I wish to educate the (apprentice) writers that you are in the power of words. Because words are powerful vectors of creativity and effective messengers of our personal and universal stories. My method is to free the imagination of everyone. To do this: 1. I introduce students to automatic and intuitive writing 2.

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Private teacher (15 years of experience) has free lessons - 20 € for 45 minutes - start immediately

Individual / group and online lessons - both homework support or specific preperation of a topic. I have a friendly relationship with my students - we both want to feel comfortable working together.

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Diploma 100/100 at Galvani high school in Bologna, now second year student at Ancient Literatures, Bachelor Degree. I give Greek, Latin, Italian repetitions in Bologna or by webcam.

I adopt a traditional method or the new Örberg method in translating from classical languages, both greek and latin. Which method to adopt is at the discretion of the student. I prefer going to a practical method, making the student memorize some vocabulary through roots of words, and logically reconstruct sentences.

(2 reviews)
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Published novelist gives courses of invention writing for beginners or literary graduates.

For novelists: I base my teaching on short, relatively simple exercises in creative writing. This may involve writing a short story, or a novel pitch for example. I also apply to read the texts already written by the students, and to correct them by detailing both the errors and the positive points of the work, and by explaining how to solve the most common problems.

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Student of Image and Sound Design, offers support in English, language and literature

I can teach for students of primary and secondary level. My study techniques are based on reading, understanding and summarizing information clearly, I always try to find my points of interest in what I study to make it more bearable.

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Student DUT teaches French for several levels of primary to tertiary included

I am a student of DUT biology particularly fond of literature and French. I thus gives French lessons at various levels ranging from primary to higher education as well as science courses (physics, chemistry, Biology, Math, ...) and languages ​​(English and Spanish) to the terminal level (all chains).

(7 reviews)
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Student of language and communication classes for language and literature students in Santiago

My teaching method is basically to adapt my pedagogy to the type of learning of the student depending on the case, therefore my classes are specifically planned for each of the learners based on their needs and especially to what they like, as they learn more, etc.

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English Literature undergraduate offering English lessons to primary, secondary and A-Level students

I give lessons to a variety of students such as those studying for their 11+ exams as well as those studying for their GCSE's and A-Levels. The structure of my lessons are based on the individual student and what they are currently struggling with and what needs improvement.

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English and Maths Tutor - Newly Qualified Teacher in Stockton on Tees

I offer a wide range of lessons including sessions for pupils that are struggling and need support. I am currently working with pupils on their reading, writing and maths. I love seeing children make progress and develop their confidence. My main hope is to create a love of learning so pupils can succeed and thrive at school.

Iowa City
(1 review)
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Former college composition instructor offering English and writing lessons in the Iowa City area

I believe that the best way to improve one's writing is to write as much as possible. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of frequent free writing. I evaluate writing in terms of higher versus lower order concerns (examples of higher order concerns include structure, content, and clarity, while lower order concerns have more to do with sentence-level issues like grammar and mechanics).

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Graduated in History he gives lessons in Latin and offers a proofreader and help drafting theses / papers.

My approach varies according to the needs of the student in front of me. Normally I try to understand what the problem is in the matter and to fill the gaps that make it bigger. The lessons are divided into a part of explanation (theory) and an exercise part (practice).

Lyon 3e
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Student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​gives French lessons in Lyon for foreigners or natives

Second year student of Applied Foreign Languages, I give French lessons (reading, writing, etc.) to children and teenagers. I am very patient and can hear your requests, and help you progress in a pleasant atmosphere conducive to success. I will urge you to go ahead without forcing you, which could block you, so that you will be able to reach your goals.

Abbots Langley
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Primary school teacher - teaching phonics/phonics test, reading and writing 5-7 year olds

I will be teaching children aged 5-7 phonics, reading and writing, depending on the what the needs of the child are. I teach to the National Curriculum starting from where the child's learning is. I would assess the child to see where their starting point is and teach from there, assessing their progress from time to time.

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From brainstorming to publishing your writing homework can be fun and adventuresome

My lessons in writing for elementary and middle grade students make sense and connect the learner with life long writing skills and techniques that can be used for a lifetime. Make writing enjoyable and entertaining by connecting real life and personal experiences make learning writing fun.

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