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North Bay
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North bay student who passionately enjoys teaching religion, History (all) and, philosophy!

My teaching methods are dependant on the student, I prefer individual interaction because it lets me gage how the person learns.

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A current doctoral student with a good understanding of research and ethics

My approach to teaching is basically discussion method. I am practical, and I like engaging my class to arouse their interest and enhance their analytical mind. I use everyday experience and more often, I like the student to take the lead.

North Bay
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Ontario Certified History, Geography and French Teacher providing in-depth lessons for all

I am very flexible and outgoing. I really enjoy the use of incorporating technology for students to augment their auditory, visual, and kinestetics skills when learning. You need to know what you're learning, why it is important, and how you can practically apply your knowledge and skills once you've learned something new.

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Improve your writing, researching and exam prep in political science -- Metro Vancouver based

To do well on exams and papers, you need both knowledge and skill. You have to get the relevant information into your head, and then back out in whatever format is being demanded. So first I help you get the knowledge, but then I help you develop the skills to really shine in whatever writing format is being demanded of you.

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I'm here to help you develop your Social Skills at Post Secondary!

My classes are offered online through webcam, or in person at selected locations (i.e. not your home).

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History graduate student gives history and social science classes at all levels in Montreal

I have a PhD in History from McGill University and extensive teaching experience. I always respond to the level of my students. I try to build their confidence while working to overcome their weaknesses, especially in terms of writing skills.

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Doctoral candidate in Political Science with a passion for politics gives lessons on academic writing.

I like to follow the Socratic method of educating whereby I pose questions to students, discuss their responses with them, and use the content of their responses to challenge them further on their understanding of a given subject and/or question.

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Have a wide range of teaching, tutoring, training and facilitation experience inBiology, Pharmacy, International Relations, Arabic and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew are mother tongue, I worked for few yea

I believe in customizing the lesson and a lot of out of the box tricks to make it both fun and effective for students to learn Arabic/Hebrew, International Relations, Pharmacy and Biology. Passionate about International Relations and Global Affairs that no mat-ter how hard the subject may seem for you, I'll infect you with my pas-sion and you would enjoy the lesson.

North Bergen
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Responsive and creative math and SAT Prep tutor with 10+ years experience in Greater NYC area

I instruct students in grades 5-12 in math content classes and SAT Prep in reading, writing an math. I individualize my teaching strategies based on students' existing knowledge, needs and learning style. An initial assessment of relevant topics provides me with the information necessary to target specific content, skills and strategies.

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College student from Delhi university gives history and civics tutitions in Delhi NCR

Understanding of history is an important tool to know about the society you live in , i make the subject interesting for students in a way in which they can easily understand the history without and problem and with a rational Point of view .

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Prime Ministers Fellow gives tutions in govt administration, General Knowledge, Development programs, government schemes

I base my classes on theoretical concepts with their application in daily life and surrounding issues.

Espera Feliz
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Pedagogist and Professor of History, works in Guaçuí - ES and Espera Feliz - MG, offers private tutoring classes at an affordable price.

Lectures and dialogues with classic books in hand, as well as some domestic activities and texts via blog. I also want to start using video tools for educational support if necessary. Prevalence of a neotomist background pedagogy based on Jacques Maritain.

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History expert providing online tutoring to improve understanding to students enhancing their knowledge base

I am an experienced online tutor eager to encourage students to understand History as a basis for connecting with today's society. I love sharing the joys of our historical past with students helping them to better their focus so that when giving answers they will experience the sensation of what history has taught them.

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Oxford PPE student offering Politics, Philosophy and History - from course content to last-minute brush ups!

My tutoring sessions aim to delve deeper into the content than a school lesson. Rather than simply giving a superficial understanding that only allows students to answer familiar questions, I teach thorough understanding. This gives students the ability to interpret a question and the confidence to write an outstanding answer, as this requires moving beyond what is obviously relevant.

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A teacher is one who bridges the gap for a student from where he is standing to where he can lead.

My teaching methodology is starting with the basic concepts and then taking the concept to a higher level using analogies and examples to showcase the practical application of the concept while simultaneously keeping the space for doubts clearance.

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Student of mechanical engineering with some great knowledge about polity of India.

I teach using some practical examples, though my way of communication is highly oral and very less visual but i make the communication very interesting with practical examples. I am not expert teacher but i use to make videos which help me in improving myself.

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Religious Studies student passionate about education and willing to help! I teach Undergraduate level religious studies and philosophy as well as core GCSE level subjects and I am an experienced mento

Best example I can give for RE/RS/Philosophy and ethics is to first go over the topic in detail for knowledge, then break the topic down to a few key points like, main idea, founder, quotes and examples. I would then go over how you would approach an exam question on the topic.

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My Name is SHAHIN. I will provide you training in moral and civic studies stemmed in islamic moral studies to cultivate systematic lessons to produce morally responsible better community in educatio

I follow the lecturing,demonstrative,deductive,experimental and discussive methodology to give attentive tutorial. As a practical subject in life I give a special method of articulation. As a backer of integrated approach i will be integrating both religious and wordly experiences at my best.

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Digital Skills support for Teachers and High School Students from TAFE instructor

Heavily scaffolded learning with a flexibility of depth- depending on need. I am here to support and facilitate your learning. Working with you to find your goals and the steps needed to reach them. flexible learning means it it self-paced with a high level of support available.

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A HR professional in education sector with a deep interest in teaching :-)

I can teach social science, history and humanities subjects from Grade 1 to college. explaining the concepts as a story. I am very friendly in my approach and dont believe in pressure for anything in life. I am sure you all will enjoy my teaching.

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Homeschool Philosophy - Diogenes - the original cynic - who pooed on the streets of Athens

Diogenes believed in living by his own rules. He didn’t believe in toilets, partially because toilets weren’t invented yet, but mostly because he lived in a barrel.

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Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

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Second year Philosophy student offering Religious Studies and Philosophy lessons in Leeds.

I give laid back but effective tutoring; minimum stress with maximum results. I focus on all examined aspects from quality of written communication, to specific content points. I have sufficient knowledge and background to teach anyone up to a first year degree level of philosophy, religious studies, ethics or theology.

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Over 10 years of rich experience into teaching and consulting people to make success

We are consulting an Individual for Health and an Enterprenuer for Wealth. We teach for reality life and try to make a life better and easy. If you have a question to ask, talk to me...! We are here to serve for your Health and Wealth.

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Bachelor of Philosophy and Master's Degree in ESO Teaching and Bachiller offers revision classes for subjects related to Philosophy and / or preparation for Selectivity tests.

I treat the subjects by explaining in a language that the student can understand, helping me with schemes to clearly visualize the structure of the different authors, and repeating things as many times as necessary. We complement working texts and doing exercises to prepare the material in an optimal way.

New Delhi
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B.ed students giving tution classes for students from school and bachlors and B.ed

I use Inductive approach where I first make a student aware about the topic through their past experiences or maybe through some problem solving situation which I will give them and then introduce the topic t them so that they could relate their previous knowledge and buit a new knowledge on it for proper understanding.

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B.tech in Information Technology and have completed post graduate diploma in personnel management and industrial relations. I provide tuition of mathematics to 10th, 12th and B.tech students and tuiti

I have a problem solving approach after explaining the topic to students. I expect the students to solve the sums themselves and seek guidance once they are stuck. For polity related topics, I explain all the articles lucidly. I also provide questionnaire.

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Oxford Lecturer seeking private students of all levels. Adaptable and student focused.

I am a friendly and adaptable tutor. My aim is understand the needs of my students, as individuals, and therefore I take reflexive approach to teaching. I have had success with students who have been left behind because of personal problems, and also due to poor teaching (which unfortunately is rife across the schooling and university systems).

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I am Teaching Managment at Hasan Educational Society last 9 year of working.

i am teaching management at hasan educational society. i am working last 9 year of this society. this educational society this area largest educational hub in muzaffarnagar in utttar pradesh. My work is very imaging. i am also happy in my work.

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History? Not as boring and as far away as you think! Learn from a HBO student in training!

What I always focus on are the differences and similarities between today's events, and those in History.

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