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Let's learn PSYCHOLOGY! PhD candidate eager to tutor psychology at any level

I enjoy helping people learn material and connect with it in meaningful ways. I base my teaching on an understanding that the more deeply a person engages with the materials the more likely they are to remember and retain the information.

Paris 5e
(28 reviews)

Dr. Biology and professor of psychology gives special science courses

I mainly teach science (math, statistics, biology, physics and chemistry, psychology, cognitive ethology, neuroscience). Doctor of Psychology, holds a master degree in biology and in science communication, I also offer help to write dissertations and doctoral theses. My classes are for college level students, and high school and the students at the beginning, middle or end of study (up to 8 tray).

Nuevo León
(1 review)
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International Business Student teaches Portuguese, Italian, English, economics and geography to the general public

I usually teach in a free but organized way. In all my formal courses I use visual aids such as presentations in PPT or physical objects. In quick advice we do practices together. Depending on the course, I give enough printed material to help people continue practicing their subjects even in their homes.

Toluca de Lerdo
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Psychology student teaches Statistics, topics related to Psychology,and others topics, Toluca area

Classes directed to preparatory level and first semesters of the Degree in Psychology. The teaching method is theoretical-practical.

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If you want classes or support in the subject of Psychology I am at your orders from high school, high school and professional!

I like to teach and reinforce if you already have notes of your school, if not with pleasure I can design the topics you see necessary to learn, many people learn in different ways so we can focus on visual, auditory or interactive reinforcers.

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Psychologist in training offers consultancy in professional vocation that will help you find your ideal career / occupation. We can also advise on public speaking techniques, effective communication a

My methodology is constructivist education, practical and dynamic education. I like to generate curiosity for knowledge, in such a way my students will be motivated and they will not be left alone with what I can give them, but they will be able to continue learning even on their own. Curiosity is where knowledge begins.

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Psicologa gives classes of Psychology and Humanities preparatory level in Guanajuato and surroundings

My way of teaching is through the reflection itself, and understanding of the subject. I like that the student uses his own processes of thought to fulfill his objective.

Ciudad de México
Aldo daniel
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Psychology student with experience in tutoring at bachelor degree's level teaches Philosophy, Social Sciences and other humanities related subjects in Mexico City

I am a student of 8th semester of the Bachelor Degree in Psychology taught by the National Polytechnic Institute, I participate in the Institutional program of student adviser, working together with teachers to support students who require assitance in different academic areas, the method is formulated according to the needs of the student, working from the institutional pedagogy, with the...

San Pedro Garza García
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Graduate Of General Psychology teaches Social Psychology Course at home in Monterrey

I am a graduate of the University of Monterrey with a degree in General Psychology and my classes would be aimed at high school or university students who are interested in learning more about social psychology. My techniques and teaching methods are based more on workshops, audiovisual resources or simulated real-life scenarios.

Piedras Negras
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Senior student of Psychology offers counseling for students on general psychology, psychological currents, psychopathology, psychometric tests, among others :)

My classes are aimed at lower grade or high school psychology students. I like to teach in a practical way, applying the theoretical in real cases in order to facilitate the transition to the workplace.

Cuautitlán Izcalli
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Psychologist teaches vocational guidance, psychology, ethics and values, emotional support, in Cuautitlán izcalli

I am a registered psychologist. My classes are based on day to day, with daily examples, the study techniques are more by association than memorization for the best capture of the subject. As a teacher I understand that each individual is different and therefore the learning mode too, so I adjust to their rhythm.

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Classes of neuropsychology, statistics, positive psychology, English, international volunteering and research methodology

My classes are very dynamic, you will always know why and for things, it is much easier to learn something if we relate it to our activities of daily life, besides that I consider the needs of all my students.

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Bachelor degree in science and psychological techniques; student of criminological and forensic psychology

The first lesson is first and foremost to ascertain the level of the student and what are the goals to which he aspires, and then set up an ad hoc path suitable for each individual need. My lessons are aimed at all those who want to deepen matters related to psychology and human behavior, university and non-university students.

San Rafael
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Advanced student of PSICOLOGIA offers classes related to the subject. Consult by topics

Classes can be done personally (place to be agreed) or via Skype. The modality is personalized and didactic.

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Lic. In Psychology teaches at a higher level or above average in Tehuacan, Puebla.

Degree in psychology from the University Leonardo da Vinci. Classes for students of higher or superior interested in the subject or require counseling midlevel. The method can be in person or online with audiovisual material support, analogies and putting learning in the current sociopolitical context.

(3 reviews)

PhD in cognitive psychology and coach teacher offers courses in psychology, neuroscience and applied statistics

Doctor in psychology and cognitive neuroscience graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I offer private lessons in psychology (cognitive, social, psycho development , neuropsychology etc.

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Student at the end of the Master gives course of integrative clinical psychology, counseling and screening of psychological deficiency

Teaching on a case-by-case basis, targeting the individual learning facilities. In support, learning methods supported by scientific research, for a long-term anchoring in memory. The purpose of my teaching is to face the various difficulties encountered, and to know how to anticipate the next ones by becoming autonomous, by a better understanding of the problems.

Cholula de Rivadabia
(9 reviews)
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Psychologist, with training in cognitive and clinical approach, offers orientation and regularization for students and psychologists in Puebla

I offer orientation and classes with a personalized and goal-oriented approach, either for high school or undergraduate students. I like to work dynamically and with practical cases. I have more experience in clinical psychology, cognitive approach, psychopathology and psychometric evaluation (MMPI-2, 16PF, ENI, Weschler Scales, proyective tests, among others).

Santa Maria la Carità
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She is a graduate in 1st level psychology and a postgraduate student in applied psychology. She teaches psychology and human science classes

My method is to simplify the concepts useful for passing the tests to which students are subjected to school or university, to ensure that they acquire a terminology more and more appropriate to the discipline to which they must approach. The lessons will be absolutely interactive because it is necessary to have feedback from the student so that I can adapt to his needs and objectives.

Santiago de Querétaro
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Bachelor of Psychology (clinic) gives psychology classes for students from high school to university (psychoanalysis) in Queretaro.

According to each person, I rely on the way each one has to not only learn, but understand the situations and problems that are faced daily in their tasks and projects, in addition, I seek to link the subjects with situations of daily life, for My debate and communication are very important.

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Psychology student, 7 semester at Pilot University of Colombia, with an area of ​​deepening in cognitive and neuropsychology. I teach classes to students from 1 to 9 semester of Psychology.

The methodology is adjusted according to the profile of the person and the demands of their environment, it is not the same to dictate a class to someone in the first semester than to a person in the sixth semester, in addition each person has their study rhythm.

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Master student in business school giving foreign language courses and all subjects related to communication & marketing

I listen to the student and prepare a suitable revision program, speak his language and pay attention to the details he reveals during class, write vocabulary lists about what we have worked on and always give a little exercise for the next class

(1 review)
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I offer repetitions of HUMANITIES and SCIENTIFIC materials in Vercelli and Casale including neighboring countries

I am a former student of Vercelli High School, and a graduate student in educational sciences at the University of Milan Bicocca with an average of 28.5. For years, I offer lessons to children, teens and adults to primary, middle, high school and university.

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Student / Majoring in Psychology gives lessons for high school students and also for student in the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

I am a student / graduate student in Master's in "Psychology of Cognitive Processes", especially to all those who need support in Psychometrics and Cognitive Neuroscience. I have a good level of English also helpful to those who have trouble reading of scientific articles for the writing of experimental theses.

Ciudad de México
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PSICOLOGY and English class of any level and subject cdmx titled psychologist and human resources master +

If you need a class of any subject in psychology and / or English do not worry, we can give you class in your home, work or preferred place that you indicate, I count with title, cedula, and other certifications to practice as much as in Psychology as in English, We focus on what you need, flexible schedules and prices, patience and a lot of professionalism.

Ciudad de México
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Psychologist with extensive experience in psychometric tests, gives classes of projective tests to undergraduate psychology students, online

Psychologist with more than 10 years of experience in the application of psychometric and projective tests, offers regularization classes in the application, qualification and interpretation) to undergraduate students of psychology or administration who are attending related classes or already graduated.

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Engineer in mechatronics teaches History, Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics for high school level

my approach is based on continuous learning based on practice with dynamics and summary theory so that the student can self-evaluate and overcome without the need for repetitive class hours or complex exams with help to solve their doubts and together solve the problem

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PhD in cognitive psychology-neurosciences and coach teacher gives course of psychology and scientific communication

Doctor in psychology and cognitive neuroscience graduated from the University of Strasbourg (Mention very well with congratulations from the jury, 1st prize of the PhD of the society of Biology of Strasbourg, 2008), holder of a master degree of research in Biology (Major of promotion, with honors, University of Strasbourg, 2004) and a professional master degree in science communication (honors,...

Ciudad de México
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Support and Assistance in Psychometric Testing for Psychology Students UNAM MEXICO DF

Detailed explanation of the techniques through the use of slides and examples Handling, use and loan of the manuals WISC, WAIS MMPI, BENDER.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced teacher gives lessons tailored to individual needs with levels of progression.

Qualified and experienced teacher in middle and high school, I accumulate a second experiment in adult vocational training. I also developed skills in the transmission of knowledge to people in difficulty. I rise in the map by methods learner-centered and promote personal development and self-confidence.

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