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My name is Stephanie, Writing and Rhetoric professional tutor, at your service

My methodology depends on the needs of the student. For those looking for help with English as an additional language, I can be a conversation partner as well as a tutor in vocabulary and grammar. For those needing help in essay writing, I can provide exercises and tips on writing with style and clarity.

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Certified English and ELL teacher committed to helping students in Vancouver, BC

My teaching methods often depend upon how much guidance my students need to help them reach their learning goals. For most of my lessons, I employ the Exploratory Strategy, because it gives my students agency over their own learning.

Fort Saskatchewan
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Fort Saskatchewan English Tutor - Essays, Resumes, CV's, University Applications, and More!

I approach essay writing and reading comprehension with a patient and fun attitude. I believe developing an honest and trustworthy relationship with the client will assist their confidence and self-esteem which ultimately translates into their academics.

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PhD with 18 years of experience lecturing at Canadian and American universities teaches Literature, Essay writing, Rhetoric, and Thesis / Dissertation preparation.

I can help you if you are in high school or university, (though I will work with younger students if they are especially motivated). A typical class with me involves discussion, both oral and written. I will expect a lot of input from you. I will depend on your ideas to help me frame the material so that it addresses your interests.

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English and Theatre degree holder giving classes for each subject in London

As a person, I'm a kinesthetic learner so I learn by doing things. I understand people who also learn by doing things. I am able to adapt to your learning style and teach accordingly. I am looking for high school or university level students.

Maple Ridge
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English Literature major teaches how to analyze poems, stories, plays, novels, and more!

I believe that it is wonderful that everyone sees literature differently! So, I want to hone your skills of perception and articulation so you can share how you see literature, too! This will include questions about how you see the piece.

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University of Lethbridge student offers tutoring services to highschool students in the Lethbridge area

I tutor around the needs of the individual student. Each student has different needs, speeds and abilities that need to be individually addressed for them to prosper academically. I endeavour to help struggling high school students in classes such as English 20 or 30-1, Social Studies 20 or 30-1 or -2, biology 20 or 30, or chemistry and physics 20.

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An intellectual omnivore. I teach law and business. I also hold degrees in international relations, history and adult education.

I use a combination of lecturing, a modified Socratic approach and group based problem solving activities and case studies for students to analyze and present.

Lake Echo
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Experience tutor specializing in Academic English available in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

My teaching methods vary from student to student. It is important to me to develop a relationship with the student, so that the lessons can be customized to accommodate their needs and what they plan to accomplish. I have experience in one on one tutoring as well as tutoring in a group setting.

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PerfectGPA UofTEnglish BA&MA grad gives English and general humanities lessons for High-school and University Students

I am capable of teaching general university preparation skills, or even essay writing in general. I can also teach specific subjects like English (my major) philosophy, politics and history. If I am given enough time and if I am familiar enough with the material, I can also write entire assignments. It would probably be best to contact me to discuss these details further.

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English Masters student teaches academic English, test preparation, and the art of a persuasive essay. In Toronto for high school and university students.

My teaching style is structured but warm and personalized. I'll get to know you as part of developing a teaching plan, and you'll get to know yourself, your strengths and how to improve, through working together with me. A typical class is 1-2 hours and covers a review of last week's work and any homework assigned, then a check in on how your studies are currently going.

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English university student looking to give English tutoring lessons online or in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo in person

I will cater each lesson to the student's needs. I pay close attention to their strengths and weaknesses and will use that as the basis of my classes. Though it is important to establish a friendly environment with the students, I will assure them that I am here to help and will do everything in my ability to help them improve.

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Passionate Teacher of Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 , OCT Certified, Reading, Special Education, - Angus, Ontario

When it comes to finding a tutor for your child you have many choices, so what makes me different from other private tutors. During the first tutoring session I learn how your child learns (visual, auditory, kinesthetics), what they are interested in, their strengths and weakness. I also, chat with you,(their parent) to find I want your goals are with having your child tutored.

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Student at Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole of master 2 in geopolitics and international security teaches french course and support in any disciplines and any levels

I am teaching every levels, law from secondary school to licence, economics to second year of licence, english language and castilian (academic spanish) language to second year of licence, support in any disciplines to secondary school, french to second year of lycée. I focus on making work the most the student himself in order to get his maximum the most sustainably.

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Individual coaching Presentation and Rhetoric for students and adults - Competent and calm appearance!

In my coachings, everyone is welcome who would like to develop professionally, school-wise or privately. In the first step I determine together with you your goals and your current state of abilities. Then I put together an individual program of exercises for you, in which we then start immediately. All the while I make sure that we work in a way that makes you fun and gives you maximum success.

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Published freelancer in Austin, TX with 5+ years experience in academic and popular writing

My teaching methodology is student-centered. I focus on inquiry-based learning where the "I dunno how" is re-generated into a strong, enthusiastic "Whaaat?! That's fascinating!" This approach encourages teachers and students to investigate why well-covered topics are relevant to our personal present.

Mr. jayson
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Folk Stories and Bedtime Stories: The Lost Art of Telling a Fable.

My technique is pretty simple, I believe in full immersion. I will show you some really cool stories, how they should be built, from the bottom up, and then I will expect you to make me some stories. These stories will be read to the class for feedback and certificates will be given at the end of the course for those that pass.

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College honors graduate with English BA and writing minor tutoring in reading comprehension and essay writing in Beaumont area

*Experience in tutoring college students and high school/middle school students in editing and revising a variety of written assignments *Skilled at close-reading of texts, developing a thesis, and discovering relevant research *Capable of explaining difficult material through examples *Focused on helping students achieve lasting change in quality of work *Enthusiastic and encouraging...

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Atlanta based writer with years of research experience available for tutoring in English

I am very attentive to detail! I will help you pick apart an essay so that your tone is refined and your grammar is excellent. I prepare weekly writing activities and provide you with engaging practice prompts to perfect your writing.

Iowa City
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Former college composition instructor offering English and writing lessons in the Iowa City area

I believe that the best way to improve one's writing is to write as much as possible. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of frequent free writing. I evaluate writing in terms of higher versus lower order concerns (examples of higher order concerns include structure, content, and clarity, while lower order concerns have more to do with sentence-level issues like grammar and mechanics).

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Communication Specialist available for your academic needs from Algebra to English Grammar!

My teaching method is eclectic and focused on the material required for comprehension as well as the skilled delivery needed. I am a student-centered educator owing to the classic work of Carl Rogers--the client/student determines the specific needs to be met and methodology required by faithfully representing how much they know and how much they want to know.

High Wycombe
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Fully Qualified Canadian/U.K Teacher offering career building skills/primary subject tutoring in Buckinghamshire!

The methods I use for teaching focus on ensuring total success for everyone involved. I look to see the differences in my students as a positive. We all learn differently and it is something we should all embrace! I can give my lessons to any one from Primary level, up to an adult to assist with rhetoric, speech writing and resume/CV building.

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Latin lessons from the beggining with Master's Degree in Medieval History teacher

I am a PhD from PUC - SP, currently developing a thesis on Medieval History. The classes are intended for all those who want to learn the Latin language from the beginning. The content will always be presented in an expositive and dynamic way, using specific didactic materials, such as the renowned "Reading Latin".

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Teacher and curriculum developer gives English (all areas, all levels) and science (elementary and middle school) lessons in Wylie

I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I am certified in literacy, English, science, and gifted education for all grade levels. In addition to teaching, I also have two years experience as a curriculum developer focusing on AP Literature and AP Language. My lessons are hands-on, engaging, interactive, and purposeful.

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Excellent Test Prep Tutor in ACT, SAT,EOC available weekends and week nights

I work with students who are preparing for standardized test, such as the ACT and SAT, or who need a tutor for Algebra 1 and 2. I believe in using more than one method to get to the answer, as long as it can be mathematically proven.

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Rhetoric, creative writing, literature, communications, Ridgewood NJ, grammar, research papers, Degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies

I give lessons to students from primary school to college level. My techniques are to provide suggestions and areas of revision for student's papers, instead of simply editing their work. I also provide context and support for literature, but will not read the student's chapters for them.

Powells Point
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English major (degree from Campbell University) with post-grad experience- I can teach basic or advanced skills to lifelong learners or precocious children in OBX area - offering personal tutoring upo

Associate in Arts from College of the Albemarle - Bachelor of Arts from Campbell University - Some post-graduate experience at UNCW I was a tutor at both COA and CU while I was a student. I was also awarded the "President's List" distinction while at COA and was published in the CU school newspaper and the CU poetry magazine whenever I submitted articles or poems, respectively.

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Law Postgraduate offering English and History tutoring services for GCSE and A-Level in Hull

My approach to tutoring focuses on getting tutees to learn in the right way. With any humanities subject, particularly at A-Level, how the facts are assembled is as important as the facts themselves, and looking through the right end of the telescope is crucial to that. I therefore focus on giving students a strong conceptual overview before diving into the details.

Mission viejo
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UCSD Grad, AP English Teacher, and SAT/ACT Tutor with LD Experience for In-Home Lessons

An advocate of mastery-based learning, I am emphatic about teaching to the student — i.e. pacing lessons appropriately, implementing visual and kinesthetic curriculum, and galvanizing the unique talents each student possesses. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of a student’s confidence grow.

Los Angeles
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Professional English Teacher with 6 years of experience gives tutoring and lessons

As an educator, I believe that students function best within educational settings when they feel respected, able to express their own individuality, and supported. With these priorities in mind, many of my lessons employ a specific chronological flow. Firstly, I dedicate a prominent amount of instruction time to introducing concepts and/or skill sets.

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Perfect! My daughter is a motivated grade 10 pre-IB student who wanted me to find her a tutor to help her think more critically about literature, analyze texts and with her writing in general. We were impressed by Timothy's credentials and my daughter was...

Natasha, Student
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