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Academic Tutoring Ottawa

Going to the university is the first step toward achieving your career goals. The anticipation is usually an exciting experience for many until they get admitted and find themselves struggling to cope with the system in the university.

For many students, it's the first time they have to live away from home in an unfamiliar environment, make new friends, meet strangers daily and cope with a curriculum that seems too complex to understand. This brings us to the questions on the lips of many students in Ottawa.

Is First-Year Uni Hard?

First-year uni could be overwhelming for many students. The learning environment and everything else you are compelled to cope with makes it a struggling phase for many students. But that's not a problem if you decide not to allow it to overwhelm you and know the right things to do to overcome the struggle.

Research has shown that the first year in the university may be stressful. If you were getting high grades in high school, you may be shocked that you underperformed in your first year at the university.

Every year, thousands of students migrate to Ottawa to study at the prestigious University of Ottawa, Carleton University and other schools in the province of Ontario. They will struggle with residence, insane weather, the dynamism of the system and the vast majority of people from different countries and regions that find themselves in the country's capital.

Amidst these struggles, you are also mandated to meet up with your coursework, attend lectures, turn-in assignments, and the stress of striking a balance between school and personal life. Unfortunately, many lose it all and end up struggling throughout their days in the university.

How Do I Survive the First Year Of Uni?

First-year uni may be hard for many students in Ottawa, but that doesn't mean you must allow it to overwhelm you. Although you may not see immediate results from the your efforts, if you are persistent and continue pushing till the end despite the odds, victory awaits you.

Easier said than done, it is! So, you might wonder, "how do I survive the first year of uni?" Below are tips for surviving your first year at the university.

  • Make the most of your free time

This is a crucial tip for any soon-to-be first-year student. Depending on your course of study, you might spend up to 15 hours on campus each week. This automatically gives you time to work part-time, visit friends and family and of course some time for your study too.

Ensure you are taking some time to relax, eat and rest well. You need all the energy you can get to cope with school stress in your first-year of uni, don't you?

  • Make friends with your roommates

Unless you live alone outside campus, you may have to share a dorm or room with others on campus as much as you can and bond with them. You may have to share the same kitchen and other things. Quarrelling with your roommates could put you in a bad mood quickly. And this isn't good for your studies. Besides that, you will lose the support you could have gained as a first-year student assuming you were on good terms with them.

  • Don't allow social activities to consume all your money

If there is one thing you can't do without in school, it's money! It would help if you had lots of it to survive in your first year. Most of the challenges you may face could be easily solved with money. But assuming you aren't buoyant at that time, you are in a mess!

Outings, clubs and other social activities could easily waste your funds in school. Therefore, learning proper money management skills is crucial before going to university.

  • Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for your exam

This is a major pitfall for most first-year students. Understandably, assignments, projects, group work and other school activities may consume a large chunk of your time each day. Still, it would help if you learned time management skills and began preparing for the exam from the first day of the semester. Studying for as little as 30 minutes every day could go a long way to help you overcome the stress of late-minute preparations.

What to Do If You Are Struggling at University?

All hope isn't lost if you are struggling at the university. Finally, you could learn to make the right decisions about your time, studies and friends. Superprof is the best place to seek professional advice from competent professionals.

There are plenty of tutors in Ottawa that can help you improve your grades in school. Whether you need private coaching via online or in-person classes, professional advice or help with assignments, Superprof has all the answers. You can end your struggles in your first year of uni if you hire a tutor immediately.

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