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Globally recognized recovery coach ready to help you step into new freedom!

While there are many harm reduction strategies to choose from, I have seen most success in the adherence and application of the 12 step model. The combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and spirituality a lasting power that many other methodologies can't compete with.

Moose Jaw
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Recovered bulimic, Addict and psychology student offering online guidance, support and an open heart to those who need a life shift from surviving to thriving.

I am a person that others open up to easily as I treat my life experience as an open book. I approach each individual with transparency, using applicable situations from my own life coupled with holistic and psychological methodologies to support others in healing and moving forward.

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Experienced in recovery, after having endured it myself. Personalized and individualized advice and instruction rather than regurgitated advice from self-help books.

My classes are based off the client, their needs, history and changing with feedback and progress they have. My courses are not in a fixed schedule, but rather a flexible one that fluidly follows the needs of my student on their recovery.

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Yoga and meditation blended with motivational speaking group/corporate/private classes available 4 all.

I base my classes on life. Being able to create a space for Love, Self love, Healing, Connection, Joy and truth.

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Ontario SocialWork Major / ex-addict for those simply seeking real support.

My teaching methods won't have structure at start- I want to listen to you. I have the unique ability to connect to people , listen without-judgements, and give them REASON/VALUE in their life to quit CognitiveBehaviouralTherapy, spirituality(Not-God-in-specific-I-help-u-find-your-divine-spirit-guide-or-angels-who-are-always-by-your-side) and positivePsyc ..

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Teacher trainer, Health educator, Teacher of English as a Foreign Language available

I have been on a Crisis Line for 11 years and worked very hard to stay current in many fields. I have broad cross-training in most social issues. I approach the potential I see in people and teach and delight in the lights coming on when they achieve their own understanding.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Are you struggling with an addiction where you feel it’s taking over your entire life? Well I have ways that can change all of that if you are interested in changing your patterns of living.

I base my classes on personal experience because I have had a very rough childhood life, and I teach about how incredibly easy it is to train our minds and habits.

North Bay
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Mental Health and Addictions worker student offering lessons about substance abuse and recovery

I base my classes on Harm Reduction and new studies that are coming out.

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Certified reliable yoga teacher with physiotherapy and occupational therapy assisstance education and experience.

My approach is to unify a connection between teacher and student by honoring what each individual brings forward and my ability to reciprocate in return. Namaste.

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I’m a psychology student looking to help others with the subject, and other subjects around the manner.

I base my classes on what I have learned, and helping you with what you are learning, I approach tutoring somebody with flexibility and patience.

Huron East
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Addiction and recovery group discussions and individual therapy. [life skill lessons]

This is a post-secondary level of discussion. Preferably anybody over the age of 18+. There will be terminology used that is not suitable for younger ages in this discussion.

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Nurse and counsellor, provinding maths, science and health and wellness class for any grade students in peterborugh city.

My teaching methods are friendly and creating and environment where students are treated equally and allowed to express. For me no answers are wrong. I can teach any age children in school.

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I’m depth education, advice, emotional support, and encouragement from a health care professional with extensive knowledge and experience in addiction support

I base my approach on an assessment of the goal of the individual, the severity of the issue, or the specific reason for reaching out for support.

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Health science student helps you lose weight, fast and healthy in Ottawa

My teaching methods are simple and real. I base my saying on my own experience and what I have been through and think that is better. I also like to teach people in ways they can not only know about something but learn and memorize what they learn because they have learned to understand it relating it to their own life.

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Medical doctor, psychotherapist, and hypnotist offers hypnosis and Psychotherapy lessons on Skype

I help my students to develop practical skills needed to perform the art of hypnosis as well as understanding the theory behind. I give away all my secrets because I believe that hypnosis should be much more widespread and used to help people.

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General practitioner who gives medical-topics lessons to university students in Sydney or Online

I am a highly motivated and clinically competent general practitioner with an extensive training, learning and development knowledge and experience specifically in the education sector. I also have clinical experience in dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the past three years, I have been tutoring in both large classroom settings and 1:1.

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Meditation That Makes Sense - with 30 years experience, Roger brings meditation to life.

Moving into meditation in easy stages, I combine spoken guided sessions with background information about how meditation works in the mind and body, and why it is effective. I acknowledge that beginning meditation can be difficult in different ways for each of us - so I consult closely, and provide strategies to make meditation easy and accessible for all.

The Gap
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International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

Greater London
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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Addiction Recovery and Anger Management lessons in London or via Skype

The student will learn about Hypnotherapy and how to induce therapeutic trance in their clients to help with presenting symptoms such as smoking, slimming, stress, phobias, fears and anxieties, addictions, depression and anger.

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Motivation and Practices through Science and Meditation for abilities and skills development

1. The philosophies in Yoga and Meditation are very much related with the Science. 2. The Lack of energy in the physical body and mind regains adequately from the divine power surrounding us through proper practices with science and meditation concepts. 3. Example: Electric current is referred with the Engineering field. But the concept of "Current" is associated with our body and mind too.

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Help Overcome OCD and addiction, quickly and efficiently with a proven process.

My teaching methodology is by using scales and assessment to help you overcome everything that you need to. I will used confrontational thinking and support to help over you inner and personal demons. I understand that sometimes it feels as though you won't overcome you obsession. But you WILL.

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Understand the Science of Spirituality by Experiencing & Understanding your Consciousness, An Expert Lesson on How to be True from a Spiritual Scientist in Bangalore

The Lessons I offer here, are the Mindfulness Practices I have understood in my journey through The holy scriptures and wisdom of the learned people from their experiences. I have been researching The Spiritual Scriptures, with the intention of understanding my Existence, for last 12 years.

Margaret River
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Quantum Energy Coach with 40 years experience in wellness and mentoring for addictive behaviours

I base my classes on facilitating learning around problems in the area of study, so that students research the theory and come together once a week to share their findings,Which can be done on Zoom if necessary. a fabulous way to integrate theory and practice.

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Advanced Therapeutic Therapist with Neuromuscular knowledge, Injury Rehabilitation skills, and Trauma-Informed Care Provider.

I teach to each individual student. I must gain an understanding of how the student learns in order to deliver education appropriately. ~ I utilize an Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic (AVK) model of instructing. It is vital for me to incorporate all levels of engagement so students get the most from the lesson. ~ I can modify my lesson plans to involve a group dynamic if needed.

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Being fit and healthy is a passionate journey for me, and I love to take others with me in this journey.

My teaching method is: a) Listen to the student, and analyze his/her current situation and future ambitions. b) Work with the student and devise a roadmap. c) Divide the entire roadmap into feasible milestones based on a time-period. d) Work with the student to achieve the targeted milestones through motivation, monitoring, and so on.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Relaxation, Mental peace, Training Subconscious Mind for Massive Success and Uniting Twin Flames

My methodology is that I neither advice nor suggest. Instead I provide tools to empower. As a life coach, I can provide support for any situation in one's life. And I have expertise in Twin Flames coaching and thus I can help in uniting Twin Flames.

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Herbalist student offering exciting classes on living a healthy lifestyle including PCOS

I base my classes on studies I have done myself and they have proven to work for example, I suffered with PCOS and struggled to get pregnant for 4 years. I am now in a situation where my body is much healthier and I am due to have a baby in 5 months and we managed to conceive naturally without any help and it's all down to what you are putting in your body.

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Certified Recreation Therapist with 29 years of experience working with addictions/mental health.

My teaching method is encouraging the students to take an active role in the classroom dynamics. I use visual/audio aids, as well as other aids to make the classroom an exciting place to learn. Also, I use things such as hand gestures and repetition, if needed.

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