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The way I teach is by learning. As a group we have to think as one, so no one is left behind in my groups. Im a avid experimentalist so we will train our bodies and minds in the same way we study durinf class.

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An Indian dentist giving detailed lessons on basic first aid and treatment

My teaching methods are based on giving appropriate knowledge.

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Are you struggling with an addiction where you feel it’s taking over your entire life? Well I have ways that can change all of that if you are interested in changing your patterns of living.

I base my classes on personal experience because I have had a very rough childhood life, and I teach about how incredibly easy it is to train our minds and habits.

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Security Guard from Windsor giving training on basic first aid and CPR

I teach the basics of first aid in a simple language that is best for all levels of students and general people.

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Laurenda in Pharmacy with hospital internship and scientific diploma (100/100), available for lessons related to Pharmacy / Medicine and for all schools, from elementary to high school, to university

Customized methodologies on request, Problem solving, Italian and English lessons and for all scientific and humanistic subjects including philosophy. Schematic, pragmatic but also thematic. I can send online material of handouts, layouts, images, slides as needed.

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Critical Care Nurse - Offering Nursing and Health Related Tutoring in Brighton and Online

My teaching method is very much student driven. What area of Nursing/Health is giving you trouble, what level of knowledge do you currently require and how best do you learn and understand new information. I take all of these factors and more into account when developing a session for you.

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Graduate in Leadership & Management in Scottish Borders tutoring in First Aid

I have 14 years experience in local government leisure and this has included not just training staff, but also teaching and coaching adults and children various sports, and qualifications. I have also trained staff in First Aid as I was a National Pool Lifeguard Trainer / Assessor but also organised and delivered training on public courses.

West Hobart
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Registered Nurse with 10 years experience in acute and community care wants to help you get your career off the ground.

I'm Jess - experienced Registered Nurse working in Tasmania. My teaching methods include reflective practice, assignment critique, critical analysis of references and sources and discussion of best practice in your specific subject. I can provide demonstrations of clinical practice online and source the best, most relevant quality references and resources to provide examples.

South Brisbane
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UQ Medical Student offering tutoring in medicine and health related subjects in Brisbane

I have a very flexible teaching method, that evolves to meet the student's need. In the beginning, I like to discuss what goals the student wants to acheive, and explore their general learning style. In general, I like to be interactive, and bring in daily life imagery to help consolidate their understanding of more complex issues.

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Experienced Education/Health & Social Care Practitioner and Teacher (BA, FdSc, Dip.Ed, Cert.TEFL)

The theory and content to my lessons are drawn upon my own knowledge and experience as well as formed in accordance with guidelines/standards set out by awarding bodies and exam boards. Delivery is varied through different approaches/techniques including; quizzes, case-studies, information handouts, PowerPoints, online videos and general lectures/discussions.

Lerma de Villada
Gabriela alejandra
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Group and private classes in health science field imparted by a doctor

My classes are appropriate to the level of teaching required. I usually use understandable and dynamic presentations. Support material will be given: readings, articles or videos that improve comprehension of the subject. My method is to encourage understanding and reasoning and when memorizing is needed, to use mnemonics.

San Antonio
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Need help for nursing? Let me be the answer for your questions

I'm a registered nurse with 15 years experience between nursing and Emergency Medical Services. I am knowledgeable in multiple nursing subjects. I teach by trying to make the subject enternaing but informative. If you enjoy the topic the easier it is to learn.

Dr s chand
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Community Medicine Professional with Passionate Teaching welcomes you all Health care Professionals

I used to prefer Online Teaching platform so that it reaches Millions in need of quality education in Health care field. My classes will benefit the students of Medicine particularly Community Medicine / Preventive and Social Medicine / Public Health, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Paramedical courses.

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Experienced First Aid Instructor, Manual Handling, AED, and many more medical subjects.

I can give lessons to any one of any age in any environment, with my experience and knowledge I have I can easily adapt. I am very into showing you how to do things rather than talking at you. I feel its best to show and talk rather than read from a screen as it easy to get lost. I am very engaging.

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Nurse is not only for serving the society but also to disseminate knowledge to growing buds

My aim is to assist, encourage and support students to achieve their learning goals. In my classroom I believe that all students have the fundamental right to have access to a successful and fulfilling education in order to be productive and valuable members of society. I strongly believe that there is no one size fits all approach to pedagogy and learning.

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Care worker student offering basic first aid skills lessons online with 3 years experience.

My teaching method is very simple. I base my classes on what you many know and what you need to learn. I approach each topic in a fashionable manner which will be very easy to understand. I tend to ask simple questions to know where you may need to start If you just wanting to learn the basic skills or if needing help to pass a class.

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Lecturer in nursing...Specialized in paediatric nursing...Taken first aid classes for ug students

My teaching method is lecture cum discussion.I make use of pnemonics and real life examples to make the idea clear.I can explain complex matters in simple terms.Explanation is done quoting examples and active participation from the part of students.

New Delhi
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For medical students and health professionals as well as for anyone who wants to learn some facts about medical practice with clinical experience and illustration

My method of teaching will always be illustrative and image oriented. I don’t have much of teaching experience professionally,but I have helped lot of my fellow medical students during college days and anytime they ask me for any doubt. I would be more than happy to solve any doubts you have and will work on something that I don’t know.

All ages first aid training
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All Ages First aid Training - Delivering Nationally Recognised First Aid Training Courses for home and the work place so you to can save a life.

Application and Relevance: This course applies to a wide range of settings where first aid emergencies may occur. It is relevant for people working in education, aged and community care, sport, outdoor recreation, travel & tourism, hospitality, industry enterprises as well as in home or other environments. Duration Approx.

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Nursing Professor with 20 years experience offering NCLEX and Nursing tutoring and coaching

My methodology is based on the individual or group. I use different resources and teaching strategies that include but are not limited to: concept based learning active/creative connection techniques , technology programs test bank questions, handouts, videos and more. I give continuous support in person, on the phone and via text......... which creates a comfort between the student and myself.

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Student Paramedic looking to teach First Aid and answer any related questions

I am willing to adapt my teaching style to whatever method suits you best. I am primarily a visual learner and find that helps me to remember lessons tuaght to me, and would like to apply this style. Acronyms can also be very useful within a first aid scenario as it helps you remember steps in order.

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Postgraduate medicial student with a Physiotherapy degree and I teach Biology, Physiotherapy, First Aid and am happy to offer medicine personal statement and application guidance, from Cambridg

I like to give individual lessons with lots of visual aids and analogies to make things easier to remember. I can tutor up to A level biology, basic first aid and degree level physiotherapy. I like to explain how things happen to give them context and make it easier for you to apply this knowledge and achieve top marks in your exams.

New Delhi
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A surgeon with 15 years experience interested in teaching the basics to interested students for strong foundation.

I am a Surgeon with 15 years experience having done masters in Orthopedics, involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in Mediacal/Paramedical science as their profession. I believe in having strong basics as a foundation and stepping stone to this noble profession.

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Educate Yourself And Be Blessed As Nursing Person That Chrerish and Love

Assess previous Knowledge Give An Intro Develop Interest Among Group Go Through The Topic ,Sideways Feedback Clear doubts, Summarise, Recaptualise and evaluate Power Point Presentations, Images, Animations, Notes my personal notes to help u clear your doubts and updated plus valid information

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Online and in person tutoring from a Masters graduate offering support for students in nursing, public health and health/social care.

Extensive experience in acute and community based health care. MSc Public Health, BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing, Bsc (Hons) Biotechnology. My teaching method is tailored to each students needs. I will support with your academic work, exams and practical placements.

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Emergency care assistant with 7 years experience, helping with first aid skills and knowledge.

Emergency care assistant. 7 years working and volunteering on a Ambulance. Covering major events, PTS, critical care PTS and running treatment centres. I was a unit trainer in ST John Ambulance and now a marine cadet trainer in Hastings, East Sussex.

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Student Paramedic offering All types of First Aid knowledge and training to pass a basic or advanced first aid Exam.

My Teaching method is treating every individual as a individual and adapting to how you learn the best and most efficient way. I develop each class or session on what you as a individual require to gain more knowledge about and also adapt the course to suit the persons needs to pass the course.

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Post graduate tutor looking to share my passion for working in the health and social care field.

My teaching method is to work with the individual and to help them learn in a way they understand. I adapt my teaching to try and help each individual student achieve the best of their potential and support them wherever their learning and development takes them.

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