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Excited Physiotherapist reaching out to make Toronto a healthier and fitter city!

My methodology is to be direct but in a way that allows the individual to draw from parallels in their own lives in order to map metaphors that help the individual understand. I am very much a hands on teacher but I am also careful in expressing ideas taking time to choose words and concepts in order to convey what I am teaching as effectively as possible.

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Learn how to strengthen the body and relax the mind through fitness infused yoga

My classes provide students with exercises that will strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Compound exercises combined with stretches and basic massage work provide the ultimate workout and self-care session.

Niagara Falls
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A tutorial where you will feel relaxed and enjoyable....learn how to relax your body, mind, soul over here

My teaching methodology is i teach students theories and practical as pratical knowledge is what make us learn faster than theories.

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Biology related to our actual of practical of life UAE my qualification is MSC.BED FROM MUMBAI UNIVERSITY & total 6 years experienced

My teaching methods are correlations with real life education and its practical value and i give them skills for education and enhancement of the subject.

Dr navdeep
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We should live not for eating but we should eat to live

I always try to find the problem of individual because everybody has its own body chemistry and their changes. Keeping in mind the biological changes with respect to our food,life style,and environment I try guide the individual for best life style that he can adopt.

Halton Hills
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Spiritual Coach gives meditation and relaxation classes for students in their home via webcam in Toronto and surrounding areas

My teaching methods are easy to follow. I like to make lessons fun and exciting. There will be different approaches to meditation and relaxation. My classes are taught for anyone willing to come in with an open-mind and simply relax.

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Classes and Treatment of Reflexology and Masotherapy by a professional specialized in Health and Alternative Therapies

For the classes and treatments of Reflexoterapia I use the maps elaborated and verified by the physiotherapist Eunice Igham, in which the correspondence between the reflex zones of the feet and the hands with the different parts of the organism is established.

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RELAXATION YOGA course in Île de France - beginner level all ages

Initiated the sources of Yoga in India, I invite you to join me in this journey to wellness and relaxation. I travel home. Possibility of courses in small groups. Provide carpet YOGA per person and a blanket.

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Learn how to practice "Mindfulness Meditation" and the principles of Alexander Technique!

As a classical singer, I focus a lot on healthy breathing, body support and the connection between body and mind. Mindfulness Meditation and Alexander Technique are two great ways to work on these aspects. Alexander Technique: I can teach you the main principles and perform some of the processes on you.

Les Alluets-le-Roi
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Pedagogue and therapist, long experience on the langage of the body, offer my skills in individual or group. A graduate of Fasciatherapy and somatic-psychoeducation

Massage deep tissue to feel a real release of the tensions and learn how to feel better by following the mouvements inside the body, perceptual pedagogy of the body is done through a motion codifies the full presence meditation, body care or art therapy workshops. For people under stress, with chronic pain, disharmony in recovery, or simply those who want to renew their relationship itself.

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Counselor Psychosomatist, Meditation Teacher for personal and group sessions. Biodynamic Craniosacral and psychosomatic massage

What I do: I support you in a path of inner growth, helping you to contact your positive resources, developing Self-Consciousness; work on psychosomatic blocks, accompanying the person in the transformation of psychophysical tensions, allowing them to return to enjoy the pleasure of living in the body, here-and-now.

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I have expertise of giving facial and back massages. I also have enough knowledge to relax body and mind

With both beauty and fitness therapy, I first understand individual body type and make recommendations according to it. I would recommend to involve students in practice. These skills require alot of practice and knowledge which they can gain from videos and books.

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The Art and Science of Massage Therapy: Hobart (personal) and Online Training

I have worked with a range of students from many different backgrounds and abilities. My teaching methodology revolves around ascertaining your goals to tailor the learning experience to what you want to achieve! No matter your difficulties, we can work together to help you learn.

Colorado Springs
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Energy Healing: Helping you find balance in all areas can transform your life forever.

I use a combination of insight coaching, expanding the belief system, keying into where your senses are blocked and also identifying where pain is held in the body, then we work together with bodywork on a massage table to shift out these blockages and align the chakras in balance.

Tamborine Mountain
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With years of hands on experience & Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage, I offer you many techniques for pain reduction & increased Mobility

I am flexible and like to work with you in any way that will assist your learning. Happy to help with questions you have or information to help you pass your exams! I also offer full training where you have no prior experience and a desire to start out in your own business.

The Gap
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International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

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Yoga classes and courses at all levels. With more than 16 years of experience and training of 1200 hours in different levels and techniques. I also do Ayurveda and Reiki sessions.

a place of return, of resolution, of focusing and learning to walk again. in our time, with the rhythm of speed, diseases and mental dysfunctions develop, which never existed in that dimension. After burnout syndrome and heart rhythm disorder, diabetes, nervous diseases and even more serious diseases follow. all this is a consequence of the lack of harmony of the body and poor nutrition.

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Artist Designer Grad offering a spectrum of empowering lessons on Nutrition and English

“Nature’s Health isn’t like most things because it avoids most things” Methodology could be interpreted as discovering a bountiful relationship with your body mind and nature.

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I offer first and second level Usui Reiki courses and Reiki treatments both in person and at a distance, for physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. Give yourself energy!

Courses & treatments for everyone! A Reiki course (first or second level) has a duration of 2 days and allows you to receive the activation to the universal Reiki energy, with which it will be possible to offer reiki treatments on yourself and on others throughout your life.

Margaret River
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Quantum Energy Coach with 40 years experience in wellness and mentoring for addictive behaviours

I base my classes on facilitating learning around problems in the area of study, so that students research the theory and come together once a week to share their findings,Which can be done on Zoom if necessary. a fabulous way to integrate theory and practice.

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Experienced Masseur Therapist is offering massage classes - Swedish, Thai, Reflexology, Acupressure Massage

Acupressure and relaxation massage Through Relaxation massage I relieved: • headache • muscle spasms • numbness in hands, legs and feet Through Acupressure massage I treated: • chronic pain • anxiety • insomnia • headaches • eye strain • arthritis.

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Yoga, fitness and mind relax through massage, meditation to gets good fitness & happines in life

I am software engineer & yoga and fitness trainer can help to gets good fitness & good mind peace through meditation and massage or Yoga, i m doing yoga from last 10 years have good experience to help others to make them happy in respect of health

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Holistic/complimentary/sports therapy/ tutor helps you gain your qualification efficiently Liverpool Merseyside area

I can help break down in a way you can relate and understand help with study mind maps spider study or just the best way for you to remember.

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Natural Health Practitioner, tutor Healthcare in Pretoria. Specialize in Aromatherapy and oils.

Before you start, never give up in the beginning, middle or end. Take one day at a time. Only you can make a difference. If there is an obstacle, either climb over or go around, but keep going. I do one on one or group training. We take one subject and handle it or what ever you request where there is a problem.

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Reiki Master practitioner and joyful teacher offering Reiki, meditation, and massage tutoring with touchings of NLP practices and over a decade of experience

I'm a Certified Reiki master and teacher, meditator with background in Buddhist meditation, Christian meditation, massage practitioner with 2 decades of experience. I teach using a balance of teacher guided instruction and student guided instruction.

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Professional Thai Massage Therapist who teaches Acroyoga and Massage in Columbia Missouri

Professional Thai massage therapist and acrobatic yogi who teaches all levels of Thai massage and acroyoga in a classroom or private setting using demonstration, clear instruction, and patience in order to facilitate relaxation, stress release, and successful teamwork through trust.

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Health and wellbeing for the client who would like to have a relaxation, Remedial massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage.

I had an experienced an online delivery to my International students, Hands on practical in the class in Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage. The company I worked before , we had an International students from all around the world.

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Psychologist (MsC) and Bodyworker. Tantra, emotional healing through the body. +10 years of experience. English and Spanish!

Each session is a unique experience in which I put at your service all my tools, from psychological therapy to multiple techniques of massage, tantra and meditation, depending on your particular intention at that time.

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Experienced Complementary Therapist having worked in many areas including substance misuse, mental health and mainstream services.

I approach my topic or subjects with great enthusiasm and practicality. I use a mixture of visuals and practical with lots of time of questions. My learning methods are based on this format with time for individuals to ask questions in their time. I make sure my students are able to contact me if they need to.

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