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Recovery and Wellness Coach with 5 years experience gives meditation, nutrition and recovery classes.

As a Recovery and Wellness Consultant, I create an environment with my clients that aids in raising their vibration. Using techniques such as Meditation to silence the mind, Reiki for healing and detoxing methods for clearing negativity such as switching to a plant-based diet has helped my clients gain a sense of awareness and open the connection to the higher self.

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Globally recognized recovery coach ready to help you step into new freedom!

While there are many harm reduction strategies to choose from, I have seen most success in the adherence and application of the 12 step model. The combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and spirituality a lasting power that many other methodologies can't compete with.

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Elementary teacher and Reiki Practitioner offering academic/emotional well-being support in Regina SK

I am very passionate about finding the potential within each of my students or clients and allowing them to express more of that. While I have a solid understanding of curriculum and academics I believe it is very important to infuse an understanding of emotional well-being into school work to help break down limiting beliefs towards a specific subject or concept.

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Health,Well being & Fitness Kitchner/ Waterloo Medical Doctor and Experienced Health & Safety Practitioner

Adult Learning methodology with Behavior Change Communication (BCC) and learner centered approach. Very relaxing, accomodative class room environment with three way communication from Teacher to Student, Student to Teacher and Student to Student. Excellent mix of verbal and non verbal communication.

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OTA/PTA Diploma and 3rd year Bachelor of Health Science - Kinesiology student offering Health and Well Being group/individual lessons to high school and elementary students in the Durham, ON Region.

My teaching methods are very structured and organized. I go into teaching with a plan of how I want to introduce the topic/subject I am teaching and ease my way into things so that my client's get the most out of it. I make sure the individuals I am teaching understand and gain knowledge that they didn't have before by grading the material in a way they learn best (ie.

St. Catharines
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Lessons on maintaining mental health and the art of relaxation. Using personal experiences to help others grow.

I am a very flexible teacher, as I know everyone learns differently based on who they are. My favourite methodology to work with is hands on.. I personally belief that you get the most out of something when you experience it first hand.

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Therapy and advice for health/well being and relationships for ages 16-35 in Winnipeg

I am flexible with meeting times and just love to get to know new people. I love to help others, and believe each person I meet helps both of us grow in different ways. I am an active listener and guide people in the direction they would like to be by working on a step by step method depending on their topic focus.

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Counselling individuals on anger management personally and circulatory in the city of Moncton.

My teaching methodology depends on the topic,but I best like practical and demonstrative method of teaching.

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Vegan Yoga meditaiton, relaxed and health freak. here to help with beauty health and wellness. Loose weight? Why not

I have been eating well and taking care of myself for a long time. I have watched and read many informative things. Enough to be able to help others.

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Do you get angry over minor issues? Email me fast. Talk with you

My teaching methods are friendly heart warming, I use flexibility and convincing methods to teach. Also am not harsh with kids.

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Are you struggling with an addiction where you feel it’s taking over your entire life? Well I have ways that can change all of that if you are interested in changing your patterns of living.

I base my classes on personal experience because I have had a very rough childhood life, and I teach about how incredibly easy it is to train our minds and habits.

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Post-secondary student with experience in yoga and psychology teaches people of all ages the benefits of meditation.

My teaching methods involve starting with basic breathing techniques, hand mudras and mantras as well as a lot of open conversation with the student(s). Meditation is very useful for mental health which is why it's important that the teaching environment is always safe and appropriate for a calming experience.

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Certified Tantric yoga teacher. With a passion for physical, mental, and spiritual health based in Vancouver.

I approach each student individually and focus on there needs, creating a personal and focused session for each individual. I believe everybody is different and needs there own Sadhana to suit there needs. From my class you will feel a great sense of inner peace while increasing flexibility physically and mentally.

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Pn1 Certified with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I want to help YOU be a better you!!

You are unique, I will not be throwing the book at you and wanting to make changes from one day to another. We will work together to make small steps towards goals. Changing the methods and approaches, depending on how you best learn and grow.

Huron East
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Addiction and recovery group discussions and individual therapy. [life skill lessons]

This is a post-secondary level of discussion. Preferably anybody over the age of 18+. There will be terminology used that is not suitable for younger ages in this discussion.

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Unleash the hidden powers of your mind and body. Be equanimous and productive.

I teach traditional meditation techniques based on the student ability, than gradually increase their level to go in deep meditation. I start with basic Yoga to retain energy flow in body, than teach breathing techniques to calm down the mind, eventually lead students into deep guided meditation.

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Nurse and counsellor, provinding maths, science and health and wellness class for any grade students in peterborugh city.

My teaching methods are friendly and creating and environment where students are treated equally and allowed to express. For me no answers are wrong. I can teach any age children in school.

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Academic Mentor skilled in Algebra, English, Writing,Public Speaking PowerPoint Presentations & Nutrition

My method is a simple systematic approach of first delivering the material, after which having the student review and absorb the information then allow them to replay the information using their unique perspective. This approach cements the information and gives them confidence.

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Medical doctor, psychotherapist, and hypnotist offers hypnosis and Psychotherapy lessons on Skype

I help my students to develop practical skills needed to perform the art of hypnosis as well as understanding the theory behind. I give away all my secrets because I believe that hypnosis should be much more widespread and used to help people.

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A civil engineer by profession willing to guide the youth regarding fitness and proper nutrition

I love to teach by giving examples of my personal experiences. As I believe the things I have faced are the best knowledge that can be shared and help youths to learn from them. My classes will be entertaining, funfilled with knowlege sharing.

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General practitioner who gives medical-topics lessons to university students in Sydney or Online

I am a highly motivated and clinically competent general practitioner with an extensive training, learning and development knowledge and experience specifically in the education sector. I also have clinical experience in dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the past three years, I have been tutoring in both large classroom settings and 1:1.

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Gentle Breath Meditation - Only in the presence of our true gentle breath can you re-connect to your true way of being.

My treatments, services and products encompass a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing from an understanding that we are our own best medicine. Understanding what this means and knowing how to develop and establish this foundation is key to having true health and well-being.

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Meditation That Makes Sense - with 30 years experience, Roger brings meditation to life.

Moving into meditation in easy stages, I combine spoken guided sessions with background information about how meditation works in the mind and body, and why it is effective. I acknowledge that beginning meditation can be difficult in different ways for each of us - so I consult closely, and provide strategies to make meditation easy and accessible for all.

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UTS Medical Biotechnology Student giving meditation lesson to people who can't find balance in life.

I am Rajiv Bhusal currently living in Westmead,2145, NSW. I have been practicing meditation on my own since 3 years and i am a good at meditation and relaxation. The lesson will be sent via email to the students who are interested.

Greater London
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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Addiction Recovery and Anger Management lessons in London or via Skype

The student will learn about Hypnotherapy and how to induce therapeutic trance in their clients to help with presenting symptoms such as smoking, slimming, stress, phobias, fears and anxieties, addictions, depression and anger.

Mohan kumar
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Yoga Master with 20 years experience teaches meditation at Prestige Bella Vista

Body should be controlled to control mind. I teach yoga with regular practices to enable individuals to gain control over mind. Once body is flexible different types of meditation practices are introduced.

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Early retiree electronics hardware Engineer counsels self paced 12+ year old students

Prefer to maintain eye contact even while facing a team. Engage in a way interaction evolves as a well balanced process and the learning progresses within every consecutive time slot. Illustration of a point by the use of fingers, hands.

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Help Overcome OCD and addiction, quickly and efficiently with a proven process.

My teaching methodology is by using scales and assessment to help you overcome everything that you need to. I will used confrontational thinking and support to help over you inner and personal demons. I understand that sometimes it feels as though you won't overcome you obsession. But you WILL.

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Wellness coach with Herbalife, Helping people to achieve their health goals thru lifestyle correction

The approach towards teaching is a Personalized & individualistic. Understanding the personality of the student & structuring the class to suit the learning capabilities of the student.

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Understand the Science of Spirituality by Experiencing & Understanding your Consciousness, An Expert Lesson on How to be True from a Spiritual Scientist in Bangalore

The Lessons I offer here, are the Mindfulness Practices I have understood in my journey through The holy scriptures and wisdom of the learned people from their experiences. I have been researching The Spiritual Scriptures, with the intention of understanding my Existence, for last 12 years.

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