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Learn about the Ayurvedic way and why your body reacts to certain foods in different seasons

I base my teachings on the individuals needs and desires to learn and grow. I will never push a student to go too far out of their comfort zone. I will provide students with the necessary resources to ensure that they feel supported throughout the process of growing.

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Unique, Radical & Personalized; Holistic & Sustainable partnerships towards well-being. (Wpg. MB) Specializing in allergen-free foods, plant-based healing, empowerment & revitalization

Awareness surrounding the powers of biology in creating our own medicine internally. Our bodies know what to do but most people neglect the fact that we need to support this wisdom. Instead, we sabotage our own natural ability to heal ourselves. “Let food be thy medicine.

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Yoga teacher gives private yoga and meditation classes in your home or hers. Both yoga and meditation help with relaxation of the body and mind to ease stress and pursue wellness.

My yoga style is gentle Hatha with focus on the breath and mindfulness in movement. A short meditation practice is at the end. I will guide you through a practice to open your body and help relax and release tension in the areas you feel are most in need.

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Education student teaches eating well skills to live a well balanced life

My teaching methods involve providing context to the importance of each of these lessons. Going in depth of different ways one can accomplish these activities. There will be a portion of these sessions where students will get to put into practice the methods that were previously discussed.

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Passionate, strong, focused, fun and dedicated to your health and weight less goals!

Set goals, make a plan and make it happen while having fun along the way! This is your journey, I will teach you, guide and push you when needed to achieve your best self, your goals and ultimately live your best life!

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Knows the world of plants for healthy life style without any side effects

For me i teach first with words , then videos further interact with my student to know their understanding

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Biology related to our actual of practical of life UAE my qualification is MSC.BED FROM MUMBAI UNIVERSITY & total 6 years experienced

My teaching methods are correlations with real life education and its practical value and i give them skills for education and enhancement of the subject.

Niagara Falls
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Learn Ayurveda,Its basic principles,daily regimens,seasonal diet plans etc from an registered Ayurvedic practitioner,India(Kerala)

I can make presentations or provide online classes or study materials or notes or even audio clips on important topics

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Certified Tantric yoga teacher. With a passion for physical, mental, and spiritual health based in Vancouver.

I approach each student individually and focus on there needs, creating a personal and focused session for each individual. I believe everybody is different and needs there own Sadhana to suit there needs. From my class you will feel a great sense of inner peace while increasing flexibility physically and mentally.

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All Styles Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Classes based on Meditation, Ayurveda and Mindfulness of Alignment, Promoting weight loss, more vitality and a peaceful state of mind.

Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Crystals, Mantras, Mindfulness, Ayurveda. Knowing how to use all these phenomenal tools into a guide for your healthy and balanced life. The classes are tailored according to your needs after a detailed interview.

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Unleash the hidden powers of your mind and body. Be equanimous and productive.

I teach traditional meditation techniques based on the student ability, than gradually increase their level to go in deep meditation. I start with basic Yoga to retain energy flow in body, than teach breathing techniques to calm down the mind, eventually lead students into deep guided meditation.

Dr komal
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Healing your body and soul through Ayurveda 'the science of life' .

Teaching includes herbal remedies, ayurvedic science, yoga meditation and Naturopathy. Life style changes through Ayurveda , how to incorporate Ayurveda in our daily life.

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Holistic nutritionist and herbalist student offering online advice, lessons and consultations to interested indivduals

I provide advice, lessons, and consultations to anyone wishing to learn more about how food is medicine, using herbs to supplement or as an alternative to conventional medicone and to debunk many myths of what the best diet is. I focus on nutrition for the individual and how herbal preparations can compliment a nutritional protocol and encourage healing.

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Yoga classes and courses at all levels. With more than 16 years of experience and training of 1200 hours in different levels and techniques. I also do Ayurveda and Reiki sessions.

a place of return, of resolution, of focusing and learning to walk again. in our time, with the rhythm of speed, diseases and mental dysfunctions develop, which never existed in that dimension. After burnout syndrome and heart rhythm disorder, diabetes, nervous diseases and even more serious diseases follow. all this is a consequence of the lack of harmony of the body and poor nutrition.

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Now Its Time to Change in Lifestyle with Ayurveda and Panchagavya !!

Topic base teaching, a topic must be clear in mind till can not move on next topic, its important to learn properly about health related topics. we taught without medicine therapy like acupressure therapy, eating habits and naturopath too.

New Delhi
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Best and Easy Weightloss Methods without any Fat Loss Supplement,It's all Natural.Nutrition guidance,Ayurvedic guidance and Eating habits

My teaching method is very simple and comfortable and for14-45 age group.I teach the basic principle for Weightloss and gain both.You will be very comfortable because my teaching is for diet management not about what to eat or not.

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Learn Healthy eating, cooking, Weight loss and Mindfullness from Nutritionist Divya Online!

Health is the most precious thing we have! We need to learn to preserve it! I love helping people live healthy life, age strongly and be away from lifestyle diseases. By qualification i am a Nutritionist and since a decade have been helping people. In todays time more than knowledge we need motivation to do it! And thats what I will be helping you to do...

Saint Kilda West
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If you don't take your food has your medicine , you will end up taking medicine as your food

My teaching lesson is as per clients health issues and their concern. I will try to provide food plan after studying deeply about their lifestyle, work nature and health issues. Moreover it is cost effective and easy to adapt plan.

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Meditation with Yoga Alliance International Teacher and Life Coach in SW London

I am teaching different kinds of meditation: Chakras, Gong, Sound healing, Gratitude, Love kindness, Nidra for deep relaxation and more. I believe each case is very individual and firstly i would love to get to know you better and your life journey to be able to tailor meditation for you.

Coolum Beach
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A Healthy Eating Tutor with Certified Health Coach on Sunshine Coast, Qld

As I am very passionate about health and fitness, I like to show my students the basics and first to help them build their own understanding of what health means to them. Usually these sessions are tailored around what is needed from the group or individual. These can be anything from cooking lessons, Shopping trips and pantry makeovers, family food mentoring and holistic alternatives for health.

Vila Olimpia
Ana carolina
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Tired of Dieting and Failing? Make peace with food, find balance and learn how to eat healthy without radicalism.

Change your life once and for all, tired of diet failures and a life with no purpose and self control? Quit dieting and achieve life lasting results. My methodology envolves body, mind and energy, helping you to have better health, vitality, prevent diseases and reach your ideal weight in a sustainable way.

Dr. mrs. ayesha
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Spandana healing astro vastu reiki training and counseling online center wagholi pune

We take Personal classes week day week end batches both. The batches are every week. we conduct aura scanning at the time of registration. two days 4 hours training for each level, after the technique has to be practised for 21 days without any gap. this practise of 21 days can be done at our center or at their own place.

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Teaching Healthy lifestyle for women's regarding various gynaecological diseases of today's generation

My teaching method.... topic wise like on different diseases...on their causes,Symptoms ,treatment ,diet,lifestyle ....

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Ayurvedic Practitioner offering Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle and Herbalism Courses in Los Angeles

Through my work, I aspire to stand in integrity with the ancient lineage of my teachers while making the practices applicable and accessible in a modern context. Ultimately, I hope to offer insight into transformation through awareness & holistic living, to open doors to self-study, and to serve as a mirror, allowing others to see their greatest teacher within.

Dr sudhir
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Senior Ayurvedic physician and Health Insurance Advisor with 28 years of Experience gives classes at Home

My teaching method is to impart my Ayurvedic Knowledge in simple and lucid manner in local language or the language which the student understand. I base my class on practical and theory step - by - step. I approach the topic by understanding the students basic awareness to the subject.

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Get the inner beauty through ayurveda( the science of life) by ayurveda specialist

my classes will be for non ayurveda persons as well as for who want to take advance knowlegde in ayurveda. class will start from ayurveda basic and understand its utility for maintaing health and implemention of ayurveda knowledge in daily routein.

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M. S in Ayurveda, teaching Ayurveda, Surgery, Medical Physiology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics.

I am teaching in a way that student doesn't require much effort after the class. I lay emphasis to make concepts clear to atudents so that they don't need to cram the topics.

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Expert in teaching Meditation,weight loss, Motivation etc. home classes also available Nabha(PatialaPunjab)

My method is very simple after simple exercise and warm up meditation is followed by Pranayam. Meditation will be in sleeping posture. Eating habits decrease weight. Also motivation through lectures and telephonic conversation available for meditation and motivation guidelines.

Hem bahadur
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Friends Prevention is better than cure n it's only possible by Ayurveda

As it's the first time I m approaching to public so just Wana give suggestions about how to prevent life style diseases as 80% diseases r life style diseases. Also I m member of Keva Ayurveda whose products can cure cancer kidney problems n diabetes too.

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Yoga Therapy Classes For Disease Management! - Healthy Life Clinic, Baleswar, Odisha, India

I will speak about the importance of Yoga and explain how it can benefit our lives. I would need to know if the person I am teaching has any kind of disease or pain which he or she is suffering from and teach various Yogic techniques or therapy to put an end to such pain. These steps will benefit him or her for a life time.

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