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24 years of experience including exclusive consultant to founder of Cirque du Soleil

The ultimate movement cleanse for recovery and high performance. See fitness with a 360 degree microscope. The algorithm of movement is applicable to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training programs and are based on principles of Fitness Intelligence to develop the 7 functional human movement patterns and the 6 athletic qualities of everyday life and sport.

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Want to be able to defend your self or your colse one's come to train with me.

If you are willing to listen i will teach you. The faster you learn the happier i will get.

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Youth Counsellor in The GTA teaches female beginners/ students about the benefits of Personal Protection, Fitness & Nutrition.

Become street wise in personal or self protection + learn about what exercises to perform in order to become more proficient within YOUR personal protection system! - Move you from beginner to ??? (it is up to you as to how far you advance).

Iftahker rahman
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Let's hit it in your own style n get ready It's free style!!

My teaching method is free style.i will take out moves from you.My classes will be base on different styles too.

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Student offers calisthenics. Train with me in the Calisthenics Park in Zuffenhausen

I believe that you can only get a super body with your own body weight. I'll show you how to build a functional and aesthetic body with your own body weight. I train 3 times a week. You can come with me and you will learn from me.

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Sports coach on the canton of Neuchâtel and surroundings giving classes of muscu / boxing / cardiotraining / crossfit / abs / glutes / preparation all levels, solo or in group, children to

1. I adapt to the needs (all levels and ages) and customer requirements by bringing my expertise. 2. In a group, solo, with friends, with colleagues, I go to your home or outside for an outdoor session. 3. I promote pleasure in sport, essential fuel of sport performance that allows us to surpass ourselves and never be disgusted. 4.

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Very enthusiastic and committed Fitness Coach teaching most genres of fitness to all ages and abilities

All teaching is created for your individual needs. I am warm and genuinely care for each of my students. I will work you hard but not make it hard work , exercise can be fun too. It is important for your health as well as your physique and is a great stress reliever.

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Personal Trainer - Brussels I am here to help you improve your current level and exceed it. Improve your fitness. You motivate and give advice.

Specialties: Muscular referencing Cardio Boxing Fitness Best endurance Nutrition advice Weight loss Autonomy Food advice Diploma: Personal Trainer - Professional Qualification Center Prices: Prices for 1 class: 20 € Price for 10 class sessions: 150 € Rates for a group session: 55 € Rates for 10 group sessions: 450 A diet that suits you.

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Personal trainer with 7 years experience. Qualified Sports Weightloss and Nutritionist provide lessons Online and in London

I teach either face to face or via online video call (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) I get my clients to get results as soon as possible by using intermitting fasting, carbs cycling and learning about basic nutrition. I use a 16/8 method, which means I am available to help you and assist you for 16 hours.

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Fitness, Healthy Living and Nutrition Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai

As a Biomechanics Specialist, I base the training programs on subjects like Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Exercise Science as I take a more in-depth approach to training.

Kalyan sateesh kumar
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I can give you best tips and knowledge to keep your body fit

I can teach you on daily bases how you make you fit . and give the medicine preparations done at home by yourself and how to use . there is no side effects from this medicine. So even you can give these medicines to your friends also.

Villa Nicolás Romero
Cesar gutierrez
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Law, History, English, Sports. Studying Law in CU UAEM VALLE DE MÉXICO.

I teach in a way in which the student can apply their knowledge in their daily life, in such a way that they learn it, assimilate it and practice it daily. I am a Tae kwon do practitioner. Law student. I worked 3 years in a legal office. I taught at an elementary school.

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Qualified and insured Personal Trainer based around Leicester City Centre - general fitness, weight loss and muscle toning

I am an empathetic trainer and I try and tailor my teaching style to the requirements of the individual. My approach to training is through progressions - showing people how to take one exercise and develop it into something more challenging and fun.

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Fitness instructor with a Bachalors Degree in Exercise and Movement Science. Professional MMA instructor 5 years. Everything fitness with a bit of Science.

My teaching of classes is unique. I like to be interactive with my clients to help provide feedback to insure they getting the best education from my teaching. I cater to your needs if it is visuals, text or demonstration videos. I provide it all. I will provide you with everything you need to succeed. If your goals are to lose weight or build muscle to medical reasons to work physicals.

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Professional bodybuilder with an Exercise Science degree, that manages a staff of 10, and loves helping people succeed!

Strength in science. Every subject that is taught properly, basis the information passed down on previous studies. The same goes with the human body, we are all just biology and chemistry. Therefore what I pass down is based off of actual studies that pertain to the subject matter.

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Boxing training and fitness training and muscle strengthen workout which lives healthy life

I'm a national boxer and fitness trainer... Teaching and training quality is my profession ..making others be healthy is my passion..class timing is based up to yourself..flexible timing.. training through live videos..or in your place whatever and wherever which is comfortable for yourself...

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Experienced Tennis Player and Certified Fitness Coach helps people achieve their fitness and sport-specific goals.

My teaching method is multi-faceted and scientific and not based on facts. I believe that to be a better version of ourselves, it is imperative that we train in different forms of exercise.

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My goal is to inspire people to become the strongest version of themselves through training, you MATTER!

I can teach you simple weight lifting and cardio training to either build muscle or lose weight. If you want to train at home with no equipment, then I can teach you through video chat or go to your home if it's nearby. Or training can be done in the gym. I can always teach you Thai boxing, kickboxing, or taekwon-do combat techniques.

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Muscle Building and Weight Loss Course (includes complete Body Recomposition and Crossfit)

I like to teach in a very friendly manner so as to interact properly with my learners. I lay stress on those which are a bit hard to understand at first sight. As this is based on fitness, I like to practically show exercises and other parameters as and when required. Along with physical exercises, you'll be given a complete diet plan to suit your body goals.

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German Sports Student give Classes in Sunshine Coast Studied Sports Science at Christian Albrechts University of Kiel

Im open in what area we could do the training. Im addicted to outdoor workout and outdoor Classes. But if u got a Space we could do it at yours at well.

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A mixed martial artist can help strengthen your body at home or outside

I have always believed that a person need not necessarily have to join a gym to get, and hence use the same methodology. Also, getting fit is not just a matter of the body, but the mind is also equally important to train. The whole training is based on these two beliefs.

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Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

"I don’t believe in bodybuilders using steroids. If a man doesn’t have enough male hormones in his system to create, a nice hard, muscular body, he should take up ping pong.” - Steve Reeves acking up is 90%.

Rock Springs
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The Subjects I teach are football, I played for three years in High School I am also a Semi-Pro Football Player

My education in Sports are the following, I played Football in High School for Three years and I also am a semi-pro football player. I am also a Personal Trainer, and I teach all types of Sports. Including Baseball, Basketball.

Greater London
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Iam a fitness trainer and bodyfitness athlète have expérience in gym for long years ago .aerobic classes crossfit fit bodybuilding ABS classes...also nutrition

I teach online to help people arround thé world to change expérience and do différent way tout have participate classes and get thé better health .second be fun classes Every time and every where .

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JB One-One fitness trainer/coach and conditioning nutrition adviser also ex professional athlete

I'm an ex professional athlete. Fully qualified sports fitness instructor and sports coach level 3 2:1 sport fitness Bsc (hons) degree university of Gloucestershire Owner at JB One-One personal fitness training.

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Hi, I´m Cordoba expert in martial arts and in physical activity and sports, I can prepare you physically and psychologically for both routine training and competition. THERE IS NO BENEFIT WITHOUT SACR

My method is based on the union of body and mind, with an iron base of discipline and sacrifice, inculcating the values of traditional martial arts and ancient oriental philosophy. I like to correct every failure I see in my students at the moment, so that they learn without mistakes, which later is more difficult to correct.

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Yajnik's S2V a complete health fitness and sports solution, with technical guidance

Giving the right knowledge of martial arts through proper technical knowledge of body movements, giving real knowledge of martial arts. why is is important, martial is not about fighting, IT IS BETTER TO BE A WARRIOR INT GARDEN THAN TO BE A GARDNER IN THE WAR.

Jean michel
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An enthusiastic and dynamic teacher of French as a foreign language.Call

Enter the class of good mood and apprehend each student individually. Worry about how much time a student needs. Show joy and congratulate on good results,if not conversing face to face with the student. Polite and impose a polite tone. Appreciate regularly feedback on the course. Listen to critics and don't refuse a blank goal. Willing to talk with parents,even on light topics.

Ariz ahmad
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Personal Training and Self-defense system arise from more than 10 years of training in the Krav Maga, Aikido and Kickboxen disciplines.

Activate and stimulate people to healthy resilience, strong health, personal strength and a proactive mentality. With personal training a barrier breaking system to create social involvement. From physical activation to mental activation and social involvement and from there to independence.

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