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Physical Education and Fitness teacher with over 6 years of teaching in Calgary

My teaching methods are through games and drills. I use the TGFU model (teaching games for understanding) and the Sport Education model which can be really fun ways to learn in the gym.

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Personal trainer, jazzercizer and former female bodybuilder seeks to train all ages, individual or small groups in muscle toning, coordination building, and learn how to train your body.

I have trained all over the world, and have been trained by some of the finest athletes of the past 100 years, including Stu Hart, Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog), Judy Sheppard Misset (founder of Jazzercise), BJ Annis (former president of the Alberta Body Building Association). They all taught me the philosophy of learning to learn. It is something that continues, as we never can learn it all.

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Basketball & Strength/Conditioning Coach for Athletes & anyone looking to get fit.

- An assessment of where the client/group is at to start, from there we will devise a progress plan for the individual based on their needs or goals. - On-court sessions will include skill breakdowns in game situations (ball handling, shooting, making reads etc.

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What is life with no Goal for personal achievement and wellbeing. Train & become You

My teaching methods is so easy to understand .... Even a 10 year old can surpass his own expectations I have over 1000 different types of body training and Many just for you.

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NASM certified and experienced trainer (weight loss, nutrition and injury recovery) giving 1-1 or group coaching sessions in brampton.

My coaching sessions are based on the FACT that - every single individuals body needs are different from the others. There's no 'one fit all' solution. Customized workouts and diet pans are what I believe that is based on your age, gender, lifestyle, any injuries etc or other related issues.

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Personal Trainer for Seniors, Adults, and Adolescents who are Looking to IMPROVE their Health

First and foremost, my teaching starts off with YOU and YOUR goals. My delivery and services will mold accordingly to those goals. Once that has been establish, I will be using the most up-to-date methods in training, programming, and fitness theory to develop our sessions together - my knowledge base expands from personal experience, academia, textbooks, and current scientific literature.

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Experienced fitness trainer who can work magic on your body, whether it is to gain mass or to lose fat.

First is to analyze my client, then start a method and check about rhe reaults. If it is not satisfying, will try another one.

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Aircraft engineers know how to work, about to put u to work!!

I base my class on motivation. First thing u need is a reason after that you will want to do everything else.

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Fat Shredding coach-athlete with 6 years of experience in making people Fit and Healthy in Montreal.

-I am not doing theory classes! I focus on execution and that you learn key points along the way! -You are going to assign yourself with a goal of what you want to achieve. (ex: Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Improve Calisthetics Skills, etc ...) After that, we are going to plan your training and nutrition according to your goal in no time.

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Former professional athlete and certified teacher to help you get fit, toned, or jacked!

Hard work pays off. Each client I have trained is motivated differently, and responds differently to my programs. We are all different, our bodies are different, and each program needs to be specialized and individualized to meet the varying needs of my clients.

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Human Kinetics student with years of fitness background gives valuable fitness lessons

My teaching methods are to focus on what is needed by the student. I hope for the best for my students and want to ensure they are receiving the best information and teaching possible. I am a kind and energetic person and I think that would be ideal for any student.

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Ever wanted a personal trainer without having to pay much? Your dreams just came true

Firstly I analyze my clients goals and capabilities and after that using my biological knowledge in combination with my calisthenic and power lifting experience as well as research skills I provide my client with a couple options of workout routines and nutrition plans.

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Top athlete at INSEP state certified I propose to make you discover the sport like you've never seen soon adapted session and diversified according to the profile

I am senior boxer I Prepare currently qualifying for the Olympics. I also state certified with BPJEPS pugilistic activity and a CQP Gymnique maintenance activity and expression, I am also training BPJEPS AGFF. I set up a non-directive pedagogy to teach.

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Fitness and personal trainer from Berlin Steglitz. My training includes complex full body exercises with your own weight. My High Intensity Interval Training reduces fat burning to H

My focus is training with your own body weight! The training always runs in a circle, sometimes with time and sometimes with repetitions! I will choose the HIIT variant in training! HIIT High Intensity Interval Training means that we try to increase the heart rate, thus stimulating fat burning. I appreciate the training very much because you can achieve good results in a short time.

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Very enthusiastic and committed Fitness Coach teaching most genres of fitness to all ages and abilities

All teaching is created for your individual needs. I am warm and genuinely care for each of my students. I will work you hard but not make it hard work , exercise can be fun too. It is important for your health as well as your physique and is a great stress reliever.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

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Personal Trainer in fitness and weight loss in border cities in Belgium and France

I develop fitness programs, according to the profile and goals of the practitioner, and I lead group fitness sessions. I work as a personal Trainer for personalized sessions at home. A session lasts about 1:30, where we do fitness. I also teach group classes in fitness club and in business. I help my clients get in shape, lose weight, find good postures to eliminate back pain, etc.

Dr ali
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PhD Dr and body transformation coach offering personal training sessions online, at your home, at a park or my local gym.

I use science and fun to get results for my clients. I am of the mindset that anyone can get results no matter their size, age, sex or fitness backround. I work with clients that have depression and don't want to go to the gym. For them i offer skype sessions in which i work with you and show you the moves and methods to use.

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A fit Engineer who teaches body building and fitness by example in Melbourne

I usually start by asking about their goal and ambition, then formulate a schedule and a routine based on that. Now, it is easier said than done, so my mission is to ignite the spark of dedication and try to appear as perfect as a role model as I can.

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Level 2 Gym Instructor offering lessons in personal training and sports coaching and development

My name is Samuel Smith. My email is (concealed information) please contact me there for further questions. I have low prices but a great understanding of sports and training. I am good at helping people understand the subject and the material within it.

Greater London
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NVQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Teaching basic to advanced techniques to get you where you want to be based in London, 10 years experience in professional swimming and 2 years in Personal Training

I give lessons to anyone who wants to learn from beginner to advanced. I tailor my learning to each individual and find the answer to every question, but make sure that it is understood before moving on to the next teaching. As there would be no point if it wasn't understood. Each response is tailored to each individual also, as everyone is at different levels of understanding.

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National competitor in Rowing and I gym for aesthetics but I get you strength, size, or toned for both genders.

I can do this online or in person if you stay in Hatfield, I design programs for your specifications and I will push you to work through it as hard as you can to increase your results and performance.

Kalyan sateesh kumar
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I can give you best tips and knowledge to keep your body fit

I can teach you on daily bases how you make you fit . and give the medicine preparations done at home by yourself and how to use . there is no side effects from this medicine. So even you can give these medicines to your friends also.

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Personal trainer for bodybuilding and physical fitness in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden.

I am Ashraf Shatat from Jordan, I am looking for athletes who need a personal trainer to get a nice and healthy body, My work is in the gym and in the outside, by giving a schedule of exercises and a complete diet schedule.

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Bodybuilding, cross fitness, diet plan, nutrition, motivation, do's and don'ts in bodybuilding and everything else

I'll listen to your need and accordingly plan a diet for you.. I'll prepare all the chart your workout plan and help you in what is best for you.

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Teacher with 10 years of certified experience in the Pilates method and Feldenkrais offers individual and collective courses

My classes are structured by a series of basic traditional exercises of Pilates method aimed at regaining awareness and toning the abdominal corset necessary for the support of internal organs and the spine. To train the concentration and attention of my students I use the Feldenkrais method to relieve tensions, alleviate chronic pain and improve posture.

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Retired professional basketball player with 20 plus years of fitness training and basketball training for parents as well as youth.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, with over 26 million Americans playing. A lot of young people want to get in the game as they watch professional players excel and with that desire their parents provide support every step of the way.

Stela mihaela
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Graduate of Master in Marketing who offers aerobics, aeroboxing, muscle toning, gymnastics and fitness in Romania with a 3 years experience.

I offer lessons based on fun. I want to be a fun way to work our muscles and lose weight. I usually offer group lessons, but there are situations when I offer lessons individually. That depends on the needs of every person who turns to my services.

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A Personal Trainer with 10 years experience offering to get you in Shape.

My teaching method is very adaptable and effective. I have trained many athletes and who have enhanced their physical and mental performance by following my guidance. I also do boot camp for summer where people enjoy training outside atmosphere.

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A student in medical college and gym enthusiast love training as I love it

Natural transformation...through proper diet and exercise routine...taking proper feedback every week...Workout routine depends on experience in gym...love to transform peoples as I love doing it...Again it's not a mere profession for me but a passion...so quite dedicated for it...

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