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NASM certified and experienced trainer (weight loss, nutrition and injury recovery) giving 1-1 or group coaching sessions in brampton.

My coaching sessions are based on the FACT that - every single individuals body needs are different from the others. There's no 'one fit all' solution. Customized workouts and diet pans are what I believe that is based on your age, gender, lifestyle, any injuries etc or other related issues.

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Former professional athlete and certified teacher to help you get fit, toned, or jacked!

Hard work pays off. Each client I have trained is motivated differently, and responds differently to my programs. We are all different, our bodies are different, and each program needs to be specialized and individualized to meet the varying needs of my clients.

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Experienced Certified Personal Trainer in Niagara, Ontario, determined to help you reach your goals!

-Minimal equipment required (i.e. bodyweight, resistance bands, etc.) -3-4 workouts per week -Challenging you to achieve your desired results, while also helping you enjoy the process of becoming more fit, knowledgeable and confident in your abilities -Helping you remain accountable to yourself and your goals.

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Sports/fitness delivered to you no more excuses about having no time get fit stay fit

my way is simple, I like to keep things very simple and easy to learn so going step by step through every move or action , start from the very basic and going up so it's like building a wall you have to start with good foundation and build on it so you don't leave my class until the lesson is totally understood .

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Physical Education and Fitness teacher with over 6 years of teaching in Calgary

My teaching methods are through games and drills. I use the TGFU model (teaching games for understanding) and the Sport Education model which can be really fun ways to learn in the gym.

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Professional athlete certified in personal training and strength and conditioning provides fitness programming and education online

My teaching methods will depend on how the student is able to learn best in order to achieve successful results. My methods will continuously adapt until the student and teaching technique accomplish a match. My client-centred approach will integrate my personality with information appropriate to the student's desires.

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Sport Management Professional providing lessons in London Ontario for sport, fitness, business

I base my teaching on the passions and interests in the students. I am knowledgeable of multiple sports, and the mechanics and fundamentals of various movements as well as fitness work outs. I have a degree in sport management, with business acumen.

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Recently retired competitive swimmer currently doing triathlons and weight/powerlifting giving fitness programs

I understand that everyone is individual in their goals, abilities, and what works best for them. My method is to get to know what you want out of training (specific body aesthetic, strength, toning, agility, sport specific, etc.), how often you are willing to work out in a week, your preference and dislikes in exercises, and more. Once I have all the relevant information, I will construct a plan.

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Sport lover students develop to become a well-rounded individual and team lead in chosen field

My teaching methods are in routinary fitness started from simple steps /basics I base my classes on motivation/preparation, presentation, comparison and abstraction, generalization and application i approached with sttucture and flexibility for proper mobilization

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Personal Trainer and Yoga and Massage Therapist for clients in Toronto area

I create programs to meet the needs of students, combining weight lifting, TRX, theraputic yoga, pilates, and calesthetics. Also incorporate martial arts trainings from MMA, muay thai, Ninjitsu and goshin jitsu, and Qi Qong. Also certifications in Lebert Training system, and Kickboxing.

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Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who provides training for anyone looking to improve their health!

My coaching methods are based on you eventually becoming autonomous on your fitness journey. I will teach you all the necessary information and skills to be able to create and implement your own training programs based on your current goals.

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Fitness instructor with 4+ years experience will make you sweat. Be your best ever!

My teaching methods are based on fundamental fitness movement.

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Certified personal trainer gives fitness classes for new trainers & continuing education in Calgary

I believe in a "tell, show, do" method of teaching to appeal to all types of learning; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. These classes are ideal for a wide range of people. If you are becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach or would like to learn more for your own health, these classes are for you.

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A group fitness teacher at the Ymca in Montreal with certification in individual conditioning.

I have been a part time group fitness teacher for 5 years and absolutely believe that fitness is key to health, and living happier. Although I enjoy energetic movement, dance and aerobic workouts, I always focus on good posture and a safe gym practice.

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Personal Trainer offers affordable training to lose weight and reach your dreams!

Hard work, clean eating, no restriction diets. Loving your body and self. I strive to make sessions fun and deliver motivation and accountability! I can train any level from beginner to elite level, beginner level, HIIT, moderate intensity, "lazy girl," strength, and barre.

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Zumba Instructor motivated to teach evening classes in Montreal, specialized in latin dances and belly dance

Zumba is a way to get fit while having fun. It is a party, It allows you to take your mind off work and just have fun. While getting a very good cardio workout, enhanced flexibility and work on your muscles. It never gets boring because there are so many different dances that you get to enjoy and different musics from all over the world.

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Let's get fit together!, If I can do it, why you don't do it?

All the classes is for 40 minutes. Starting with conditioning routine. You have to lost weight in 1 week if you follow all the correct form. Please give me the opportunity to help you and get a better and health life for the future.

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Hi, My name is Hemant Kumar, I am part time Coach , I have deep knowledge about Fitness and body. I am am from London, Ontario

My teaching methodology is to do everything in practical as it is more easy understanding, i like to involve my students in the full learning programme, i also include certain field trips in my teaching , as learning can not only be done by books ,

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Entertaining woman with a diploma in Theatre, Certified Personal Trainer in Nanaimo

My classes are creative and entertaining which I find helps you retain the information better. Aside from speaking clearly and writing assignments I like to use visual aids and body language to help the learning process. I like to teach whatever you're interested in.

Paris 16e
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Stretching class, sculpt the body, or dance! individual or in groups, ages and levels are flexible( Paris et Suburbs)

Active Movement. Release energy and gain vitality through training. Harmonious and conscious exercises to relax, tone and make the body more flexible. Work on balance, postures, strength, muscle stretching and flexibility in the joints. A space to share and motivate us.

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Dynamic Fitness Professional seeks motivated clients interested in Real Results and lifestyle changes.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist who has worked with all ages and fitness levels. I love making fitness fun and use a lot of variety in my programs. I use direct and concise instructions and demonstrations. My degree is in Communications, so I am a big fan of questions and feedback.

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Qualified Personal Trainer for all levels in Ile de France, english speaking.

Loss of weight, gain muscle mass and regain self-confidence with framed sessions tailored to your goals; -Target the objective -Evaluation of your physical condition -Assignment of the training program -Nutrition advice -A follow-up + update after 4 weeks -A coaching session of 1h (1 to 4 times per week)

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Combining Science and Fitness with Biggiesmalls Fitness- Fitness for all Big and Small

My Methodology is based around getting to know your anatomy, and physiology to provide the highest level of service possible. I hold a high standard for myself, my clients and my peers. I like to combine the health of the mind with physical health, being an advocate for mental health myself I find it paramount to be in touch with your clients needs.

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Athlete Bodybuilding instructor, fitness, functional and weight room, with many years experience, offers personal sessions.

I have a complete, systematic and logical approach, but flexible to the needs of the client and the difficulties encountered. My lessons include: weight training (suitable for the person) or free body exercises (if the weights are not available or training is suitable for the client's goals) and cardio. My lessons are applicable to everyone aged 18 and over. For any starting level.

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Body Sculpt - Aerobics - Fitness - Gentle - We're having fun

Everyone is different according to their metabolism and their rhythm of life. So each training is modulated according to the individual, his desires and his abilities. Technique based on breathing, good positioning. You learn your own limits without being overwhelmed. Having fun is the most important thing for quick and efficient results.

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Fitness - M.S. Exercise Science & Health Promotion; NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer; Yoga Alliance CYT-200; Taught Collegiate and High School level health and fitnes

I believe in the 3 D's: "Discuss, Demonstrate, Do"; Through this methodology, students are able to grasp concepts, visually see how to correctly perform the prescribed activities, and finally, do and practice the activity. This method allows for a variety of learners to excel.

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

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Fitness, Healthy Living and Nutrition Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai

As a Biomechanics Specialist, I base the training programs on subjects like Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Exercise Science as I take a more in-depth approach to training.

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Hi, I can help you all in fitness, gym weight-loss and weight gain

I will tell the exercises that you have to do daily and also the diet plan according to what you wants like for all weight gain and weight loss , six pack abs muscle gain.

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