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PhD in Naturopathy Graduate offering weight loss support to individuals in Waterloo, Ontario

My approach to health is all-encompassing and therefore my classes are all-encompassing. You can expect to learn about human anatomy and physiology, exercise, nutrition, and everything else related to achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and long-term weight loss strategies.

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A Master student who spreads her nutritional thoughts and comments in Montreal

Nowadays, people are caring more about what they are eating and healthy lifestyles. My classes are more like discussing different opinions towards nutrition. Of course, fundamental knowledge is always taught at the beginning of the class, brief and sometimes with graphs.

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Naturopathic Doctor teaches Naturopathy classes for HS and university students in Toronto

My classes are meant for anyone who is interested in pursuing holistic health careers or who wants to expand their knowledge on the natural medicine world. I teach the foundations of health first, meaning I always refer back to basic care: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, normal physiology. Then I dive in to the principles of treatment.

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The Art and Science of Massage Therapy: Hobart (personal) and Online Training

I have worked with a range of students from many different backgrounds and abilities. My teaching methodology revolves around ascertaining your goals to tailor the learning experience to what you want to achieve! No matter your difficulties, we can work together to help you learn.

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Art Mediator gives Healing & Growth Workshop/Playshop through dance, music & creative arts

A system that promotes human development through integrating experiences induced by music, creative arts and dance. It consists of a set of exercises, organized music with the aim of raising the level of health, develop a better communication, and stimulate creativity. Each participant is invited to discover and display their own vital answers and their particular form of expression and action.

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I will get you A in your classes in both chemistry and biology

I graduated from the University of Toledo with a pharmacology degree, and I just graduated from the university of Connecticut with a nutritional science degree. I have a very strong background in science especially in chemistry and biology. I had 3.8 in both my undergrad and my graduate school study.

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Qualified Naturopath offers lessons in Nutrition, Holistic and Natural Medicine in London

My methodology is to teach in a funny and practical way, also I would like to adapt myself to the person I am teaching as much as possible. As every person is different my methodology will depend on the person I am teaching.

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8 years Reiki Master/Teacher and Profound Spiritualist Educating students on Personal-Development and Self- healing techniques. Your infinite potential await you.

I base every single lesson from an holistic stand point. Everyone is naturally an healer of all sorts, music, energy-work, massage, etc. My intentions are to help you reawaken the divine part of you that permeates within all living things.

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Alternative medicine student and herbalist passionate in teaching about alternative medicine and health

I start with hearing out my students struggles and goals. Next, I have them take a quick assessment to figure out the best way they learn (writing, hearing, hands-on, etc.) this helps me formulate a teaching method specific to each student.

Mermaid Waters
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Bachelor of Health Science, wishing to give personal lessons in English to overseas based practitioners.

My teaching methods are simple find the areas that need improving and give examples for improvement, my teaching style is simple and easy to adjust to whist achieving outcomes. I enjoy teaching Medical and Healthcare based systems.

Oak Lawn
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Chiropractic Physician looking to help pre-med and chiro students in health related subjects

I have a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences, a Bachelors in Medical Science and a Bachelors in Health Information Management from UIC, a Masters in Health Law (Jurisprudence) from Loyola University Chicago, an Associates degree in Respiratory Therapy and an Associates degree in Arts from Morraine Valley Community College.

Campinas (São Paulo)
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Lessons in traditional Chinese medicine. 10 years experience. Presencial, or virtual plataform.

10 years of experience in the field. Scholar of ancient Chinese culture. Intended for those interested in topics such as Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology and IChing. Apostilled method, which follows the 5 Chinese metaphysical arts: Medicine: 医 (Yi), Mountain 山 (Sha), Divination 卜 (Bu), Destiny 命 (Ming), and Fisiognomonia 相 (Xiang).

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Massage, energetic practices & empathic listening - belly self-massage course, couple's massage course, NVC listening.

I rely on my knowledge of relaxation, Chinese medicine, and my life experience. I listen and take knowledge of the needs of each person in order to better adapt my offer. When we learn in areas such as well-being and personal development, we are our best guinea pig! In my opinion, the best way to learn is to experiment while enjoying what you do.

Naresh kumar
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Begin your awesome Drugless Life with an ultimate knowledge about Acupuncture and easy living Lifestlye.

My teaching is method is practical and lively so that a 2 day (ie 5~6 hours a day) training program would lead a life changing episode in your life.

Tahir hussain
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I am wellness coach and business consultant .health and wellness is my motive

I have teaching experience and know how to handle the students and train them for future planning.

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Natural therapy medicines for weight loss and for healthy life just only in 15days

My teaching methods are on base step wise to be clear for the students and they should learn and teach to other people

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Personal training for breathing exercises, yoga and Qi Gong in Munich by qualified teacher

I combine the various elements of breathing exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong in a unique training that is individually tailored to each student. Depending on needs and any complaints I use appropriate exercises. They all have in common that they harness the energy system of the human body. Working with energy is much more than just a spiritual idea.

Carolina inés
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Tai Chi, Cosmodinamia, Relaxation, Meditation and Breathing Techniques in Madrid. I teach classes at home, group or individual. Improve your days!

I like to share the tools that my Masters have transmitted to me, for the welfare of our bodies / minds. I invite you to share a class with me and learn to understand us as the whole that we are, working on breathing, concentration, well-being, balance, both corporally, as well as mentally and emotionally. Work to be strong and flexible, like a bamboo.

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Deep Qi Gong for the improvement of health and mind in Rome

Article: meditation, Qi gong, warming, position, many styles, weapon Chinese medicine Style: Qigong, Taichi, Shaolin North, and Shaolin South (like the animal) (I am patient, kind, willing to share.) The lesson depends on how the student uses the body and mind, for example, when he has bad life, we do more for this. We can also work as Chinese medicine / twelve meridians.

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Professor of Chi-Kung, he teaches private or group lessons for people who want to improve their physical, mental-emotional and spiritual level. Combining various techniques of Qigong, Meditation, Taic

My approach is to help the person in an integral way. Working the physical part with exercises to condition your body, mind and emotions for control and emotional management, and the spiritual part so that the person can connect with their essence and all its potential. You can work from the physical or mental level, depending on the person and what you want to achieve.

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Professional Qigong Instruction online & in person from a tutor with 20 years experience

Generally, I teach students what they need to know - based upon discussions around their aims for learning. For example, some people require flexibility while others want relaxation and stress relief. Qigong is so versatile that it can encompass all things.

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Qigong classes in Madrid (metro Puerta del angel), style Ba Han Sheng

Classes aimed at anyone wanting to improve their physical and emotional health. Including disabled of any kind (exercise needs adapting) and / or chronically ill, qi gong is a therapy in itself of great importance in Chinese medicine. Chi kung is a tool that helps a lot to improve health, to restore calm and reduce stress. It is a moving meditation.

St. Louis
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Professional Chef and Wellness Coach with over 20 years of experience in inspiring vitality, healing and vibrance! Are you ready to experience a vibrant you?

We will start with an initial consultation to determine exactly what you need and what results you are looking for.

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Well-being and personal development with the help of body and energy techniques

Well-being and personal development through specialized, different and complementary techniques, based on the same theme: the development, through a global approach, of the potential of the person. Qi gong, Meditation, Tuina massage, thanks to this complementarity, I adapt my answers to your needs. According to the practices, you will benefit from an individual or collective support.

Buenos Aires
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Aknanda Qigong / Chikung classes oriented towards health, physical conditioning, regulating emotions and personal empowerment.

Classes are based on postures and movement sequences that require balance and balance training of the entire structure, as well as flexibility and strength of the base and spine. The "dantian center" and core s develop remarkably both internally and externally.

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CHINESE TRADITIONAL MEDICINE: Qi Gong, Reflexology, Feng Shui, Thalassotherapy, Meditation, other materials ...

Group classes Individual classes. Virtual classes Classes address. Classes in institutions. Scheduled meetings. Therapeutic trips Conferences. Workshops Practical theory for everyday use. The participants will be able to choose according to their needs: the subjects to be programmed, the places to learn. therapeutic trips, scheduled meetings, among other ways of learning.

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Acupuncturist for the past 12 years, specialized in Indian Acupuncture and Tamil Herbs

My teaching method will be approaching the topic with day-to-day life activities and comparing with the mother nature. Then how to deal with illness without any harmful drugs that are highly prescribed in our modern life. Will teach about the "Way of life.

Paris 4e
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Therapist in Chinese medicine and coach adviser in essential oils and nutrition I teach in Paris

I observe, listen to the personality, expectations and needs of my student to guide him at best. I bring all the theoretical and practical bases necessary for my student to achieve the desired goal. Then we practice, practice, and practice. I practiced martial arts 14 years. I transmit as I learned: in respect and perseverance.

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Body Therapist graduated in Psychology offers Shiatsu and other Body Therapies classes based on their studies and practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I do not believe in magic formulas or effect phrases. I believe that anyone who pretends to be a Teacher must be aware that he/she can only teach what he/she is. My goal is to offer classes that lead you to be a true therapist, someone who knows how to "read" your client before he or she even starts talking.

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Licensed Board Certified NCCAOM Acupuncture Physician for tutoring in Health and Wellness.

My teaching method is straightforward and supportive. I " chunk" information to make it more digestible for each learner. I offer lesson and tutoring to students from AA to Master's level learners. I offer positive feedback and help to set clear goals.

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