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OCT Spec Ed. Certified High School Teacher Offering Tutoring in English and History in Toronto's East End

My philosophy is to meet students where they are at. It isn't about how smart they are, but how they are smart. I start with diagnostics to determine a students abilities, strengths and areas for improvement, then build on skills, thinking strategies, and questioning. From there I scaffold knowledge and understanding, building with each lesson.

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Master's student teaching the colonial history of the French people in North America.

I base my courses on the level of my students ranging from high schoolers to undergraduates, or just interested individuals. I am flexible to construct courses based on your wants and needs.

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This retired Civics and History teacher will give your Citizenship test preparation an expert, personal touch!

I am eager to share my love of Canada with those who want to become citizens. I am an enthusiastic, caring and dynamic teacher. I employ excellent resources, some of which I developed myself and I love story-telling. I use a foundational, vocabulary-rich process which is perfect for ESL candidates.

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Geography and Civics high school teacher giving lessons to students in Toronto.

My methodology has been and always will be to provide an inclusive and differentiated environment for students. I understand that each and every student learns in to a different capacity and I aim to accommodate students needs by tailoring my approach to teaching to suit.

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Journalism student with industry experience giving journalism and current events lessons in their home in Toronto

I approach my classes with flexibility. We can explore different teaching methods but I prefer to use hands-on approaches. This would mean going out and actually participating as a journalist yourself. These classes are meant for potential journalism students in university/college or anyone beginning in the program.

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UofW history major with extensive provincial and civic political and international education experience

I am very much an experience and modify teacher. It is one thing for me to expound on what I know. However it is quite another to ensure that the person or persons I am teaching/tutoring know what I am expounding. One must keep in mind the ability of the person(s) being tutored and modify your lessons/discussions accordingly.

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Teacher with 12+Years Experience Gives Humanities/Media/Social Studies Lessons -subjects include History, Geography, Civics, Media, Business Studies

In my teaching, I use a variety of approaches and styles. I use verbal, visual, and written instructions and tasks. If a student identifies a learning approach or style that best suits them, I can vary my approach to accommodate.

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Sociology Major with History background ready to help teach Toronto history students!

The goal is to get you to understand the details, as well as what led to the particular historical topic we are discussing that day. Understanding both of these aspects will help you learn the entire event as a whole.

North Bay
Sunusi sani
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Psychology and sociologucal education is The best to Maind of socializations p

I use different types of methods, strategies and techniques of Teaching in different ways for the development of ststudents w

Niagara Falls
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Civic education inculcates national consciousness and leadership qualities in students at all levels of school for better tomorrow

I use different types of teaching methods, like Lecture method, Discussion method, Role model, Demonstration method etc.

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Liberal Arts Tutor with Specialization in Humanities and Philosophy: Writing, Editing, and Research in Ottawa

I offer individual teaching plans based on the needs of the student. Learning outcomes include: How to interpret source material, proper academic writing techniques, how to conduct research, editing and proofreading skills, constructing a compelling thesis, and meeting assignment deadlines.

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OCT Teacher in Durham Region offering tutoring in humanities, study skills and much more!

I approach each lesson with a positive and encouraging attitude. My goal as an educator is to not only increase my student's skill sets and knowledge, but to increase their confidence too. I use a variety of teaching methods which I tailor to each individual student and their specific needs.

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Quick question: How does your-story fit in his-tory? Let's find out! :-)

Saint Theresa Bilingual School, graduating with a Bilingual High School Diploma Liberty University - Bachelor's of Science in Law and Public Policy Member of the Critical Thinking Foundation at California. Certificate of Teaching Higher Bilingual Level Honduran Pedagogical University at Honduras.

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Internationally experienced history teacher, offers one on one and group lessons, flexible and creative teaching style

I like to take a creative and fun approach to education, focusing on both the personal interests and learning needs of each student. This may involve the use of multimedia learning materials, and I will often attempt to engage with history from a critical lens.

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History graduate student gives history and social science classes at all levels in Montreal

I have a PhD in History from McGill University and extensive teaching experience. I always respond to the level of my students. I try to build their confidence while working to overcome their weaknesses, especially in terms of writing skills.

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History and American Studies MA giving Lessons and Tutoring in Toronto or Online

I prefer to teach in a setting of strong feedback with my students. I understand the requirements of curricula and will make sure to cover the material, but I believe that finding a student's unique interests to coax them into the field makes them eager learners.

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Need to learn history, geography, or politics? An Ottawa-based grad student is here to help.

Did you know that they speak over 700 languages in Papua New Guinea? Or, that Napoleon wasn't actually short? I do! My lessons are intended for anyone from middle school to undergraduates to anyone who wants to learn, and are designed for your needs on a case-by-case basis.

St. Catharines
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Canadian and World History tutoring for elementary and high school students in the Niagara area

I believe in instruction that fosters a comfortable environment and productive learning. My emphasis is not on simply memorization of facts, but on deeper understandings of facts and their connection to course concepts. This will in turn create stronger learning and better test results.

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Child is a blank paper, teacher can mould it in a good way.....

I have a lots of patience,punctual and always understand the desire of the student because in this age, teacher create a future of the student. In modern era I prefer to use tech aids for teaching which create a interest and attraction about study.

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COURSE OF HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY: THE WORLD IN 80 LESSONS or playful encyclopedic education

, In the game and fun teaching all levels of culture G, history, geography, cognitive science + prep Sciences Po and business schools PEDAGOGIE WINNING problems with concentration, motivation, understanding, brief learning in all its forms are legion. Fortunately, they are far from irreversible.

Buenos Aires
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Private classes for secondary and university students (also amateurs) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

My classes adapt to the student. Therefore, I develop several methodologies that can range from an interactive talk to the realization of different types of resources such as maps, timelines and conceptual schemes, among others, that help to understand the different topics. At the same time, I look for an active student participation that awakens an interest in learning.

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PhD student in social sciences giving lessons for secondary school/college/undergrad/masters level in London. (sociology,history,human geography and criminology)

Highly attentive and engaging tutor with substantive experience in the social sciences. My methods of instruction seek to apply a wide range of thinking to a topic to ensure the best levels can be achieved.

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Civil services aspirant with political science optional, want to teach polity, history, ethics for academics to competitive exams from hyderabad

I am civil services aspirant with political science optional, well versed in political theory-western and Indian philosophies, Indian politics, comparative politics, international relations Want to teach to academic(secondary school to under graduates) and competitive exams in Hyderabad interactive, creative and story telling type joyful learning process

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First-year university student gives exam training and assistance in all social and economic courses in Maastricht and surroundings!

Hi! I am Ties, a first year WO student and I give tutoring in all subjects in your E&M selection package! Do you keep running into problem with History again and again or have you lost all motivation for economics? I can help you! Together we will look at which problems are at the basis of your problems and work together towards your next tests and examinations.

Den Haag
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18-year-old VWO pupil gives extra lessons in history in region The Hague

I prefer to teach in the following way: First I walk together through the material with the pupil. If we come across things that are not entirely clear we will go into this in more detail and try to explain this as clearly as possible. As a control, I listen to the student about the subjects we have just treated to see if it is really understood.

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A homemaker who can make you better in geography and history! Only for students in classes 1-8.

My teaching method is to make students understood the chapter first and then make them rote learn for their exams and give writing recommendations. I can also speak three languages Hindi, English and Bengali and can speak to them in their native language.

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Student completing grade 10 ICSE and willing to share knowledge with other students studying in ICSE starting from grade 1 to grade 10 only.Private as well as group tuitions available.

My teaching method is: 1).I will be taking the help of tools to stimulate creativity.I will include playful games or forms of visual exercises that will excite young minds and capture their interest as this is a time-tested method to identify every young student’s creative abilities and encourage creative contributions. 2).

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Tutoring in Wageningen for the subjects geography, history or social sciences / social studies at VWO level

I myself needed tutoring for math tutoring. At the time, I was very much looking at what I thought was difficult and how that could best be tackled. Often learning a kind of tactic to be able to make a question is already a huge step forward.

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Alexandra Jansse is an experienced geography teacher with a broad cultural interest and her own TV production company. I come to your home or you join me in Amsterdam West.

To me, teaching is "tailor-made"; and together we look at what is necessary for you to understand and control the material. If you have trouble with this school subject or are you lagging behind on the subject matter, too low figures may be the result. What are your pitfalls? I give personal attention, so that self-confidence comes back and you perform better again. Most pupils need structure.

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