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Criminal law student gives classes for high school and college students in Montreal

These classes are targeted to other Criminology students or students in Social sciences , but are not limited to them since everyone has the right to learn.

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Dedicated and inspiring young woman devoted to the art of tutoring in social studies

I believe every individual learns at a different pace and in various ways. Each student has the opportunity to strive and excel in their academic journey given the right amount of care and attention. My techniques include giving the student the opportunity to evolve in the right type of learning environment that allows for their own strengths to be utilized for their development.

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French and History student willing to tutor social studies, history, geography, French and English

I like to use the curriculum and different structured lesson plans to try to better understand what is expected from teachers. For topic comprehension I use different activities and models. I am open to helping with homework, projects and assignments.

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4th Year Sociology Student gives Social Sciences lessons for students in Brandon.

My teaching methods match the way I learn, by teaching people through visual representation. I try to use as many visuals as possible to help put a physical image in your mind to remember, versus just reading text off the page.

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Social Worker working for the ministry of justice of Canada who can help you understand the basics of the justice system!

My teaching method is to break things down to really simple images so it can be easy to understand! In my opinion it’s the best way to learn especially harder subject like law!

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The study of what is to be right and wrong in human behaviour

I start my class with a mind warm up, encourage self directed learning and sometimes use technology to boost learning

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Research master degree in History provides tutoring for elementary / high school / university REIMS

Research master's degree in History "History - Teaching and Research", I'm looking for providing private lessons to college students or high school students, among others. Lessons in middle school and high school are not always suitable for all students, and history is often neglected in favor of other subjects which seem more important.

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Need History or Classical History Help? Tutor in Philadelphia Metro area online!

Currently, hold a BA History degree with a minor in Classical Civilizations with graduate coursework in History. Pursuing teaching certification and MA in History, and later MA in Ancient Mediterranian Studies. Classes: U.S History to 1877, U.S History after 1877, 20th Century U.S.

San Antonio
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Liberal Arts & Sciences graduate, former high school history instructor offering World History, US History and Social Studies Tutoring in San Antonio area

BS in Psychology, 2012, University of Florida. MS in Higher Education, 2016, Walden University. Additional college courses in French language, Greek History, Egyptian History, African American history, European art and architecture. Trained in CHAMPS educational theory. Trained in education development of young adults.

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Entry level History Teacher with a particular passion for encouraging creativity and analytical thinking in education.

I am adept and conscientious in preparing lesson plans that are specifically catered towards the abilities of my students in order to both encourage and challenge them during their pursuit of knowledge. While I specialize in History lessons, I also know that writing and test taking skills are crucial to a students success.

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Recent History and Education graduate offering history tutoring in Jacksonville for students of any level

What works with some students might not work with another. Creating an individual success plan for each student is how you get the best results. Starting with a baseline assessment to evaluate what specifically is causing the difficulty in the class and then going from there.

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I teach U.S. history, global ethics and organizational leadership in Denver, Colorado.

My teaching philosophy is enthusiastic, positive and student-centered while steeped in transformational learning. I believe in the importance of creating an environment in the classroom where the student is the center of the learning experience. In designing my courses, I want students to make real connections from the material covered in class to their lives, current jobs and future careers.

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Experienced Learning Coach and Teaching Assistant: Middle School, High School, and College Students

In every situation a person encounters, they are either teaching a lesson or learning a lesson. In order to successfully teach, you must be able to learn. With my students, I always want to have an open door for learning. This increases the confidence in the students, and allows them to begin to understand and take responsiblity for learning and teaching.

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College student w/ G.E.D. I excel in History/Social Studies and English/Literature, as well as Economics.

My teaching method works for anyone for anyone from elementary school to college. -I usually will ask if anyone has any question before reviewing the material that needs to be learned. -I'd then review with the students. -Finally, I'd ask what confused the students and try to clarify by having a meaningful conversation with the student or group of students.

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History aficionado, desiring to educate and share a wide variety of topics!

My passion is educating others in a way that is relevant to them: helping students make connections and give them the skills and desire to understand how interconnected our collective history and geography are to us all! I like to make the ancient and obscure relevant to the present, it is the best way to understand the world around us!

West Palm Beach
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A current history teacher in Palm Beach gives tutoring in all social studies subjects!

My teaching methodology revolves around finding similarities in the past and applying it how it affects our lives today in a manner that is engaging to the student. In addition, my curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking as it is vital not only to the study of history but to living in an age of distraction and misinformation.

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Qualified Educator with 20 years experience teaching all subjects to students with Special Needs

I am very hands on when working with students. I make every effort to create lessons that will be engaging and fun for each of the students that I am working with. Whatever the subject areas that we are working on it is important to me that I am ensuring that my student feels safe, secure and knows that I am proud of the efforts that they are making and they are working toward mastery.

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Teacher with a BA in Sociology; 3 years experience in social work and 2 years experience in education.

I approach teaching based on the learner. First I like to do pre-assessments to figure out how much the student knows. Based on this, I tailor my lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. After the lesson, I like to do a post-assessment to see the students' progress and tailor following lessons as necessary.

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Need Social Studies help? Massillon area teacher w/ a social studies background and special education.

I am a 16 year veteran teacher with a background in 7-12 Social Studies(government, US/World History, Sociology, Geography) as well as a background in Special Education(k-12). I like to have more of a background lecture that is short, then a discussion based on how it pertains to today's world. That connection makes history relevant.

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Political science teacher offering lessons in Chicago Illinois that will motivate your sense of civic duty

Are you ready to learn more about politics, civics, and history? Then you've come to the right place. I'll help you navigate the fascinating and sometimes confusing world that we currently live in. From the simplest to the hardest concepts surrounding politics, you'll leave my course feeling more connected to thepoliticians who represent us.

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IB SPECIALIST - MYP 6-10 & DP Business Management - specific attention for your summative assessments, projects, and tests

I have ten years teaching experience in the International Baccalaureate Program, MYP Grades 6-10 (World History), and Grades 11 and 12 Business Management (Standard and Higher Level) Focus of lessons will be on simplification if content and how to connect the students content knowledge to the real world - through source analysis such as current events related to world history or business news...

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Certified teacher with 6 years experience offering History lessons in Houston, Texas.

My name is Jennifer Fayn. I am a certified teacher in the state of Texas offering History lessons to primary, middle, and high school students. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

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Understanding the Social Sciences through theory, practicum, the scientific method, and application

As a state licensed teacher and Masters degree holder I have taught and tutored from Elementary to Graduate level students. I understand the obstacles learners may experience. Retention may hinge on being able to relate curriculum to students that not only meet the class needs but the individual needs.

East Orange
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History and Anthropology Professor teaches Social Studies and Cultural Appreciation from home

I have taught African Civilization, Cultural Anthropology and Cultures of the World for 14 years at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, New Jersey, U.S.A. These are Associate Degree students who will eventually transfer to universities and four-year colleges to earn their Bachelor degrees.

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Fun English and History Tutor with 10 Years Experience in Cedar Park

I Graduated from Vista Ridge High School as a Texas Scholar in 2007. Graduated with 4 AP credits. Attending Austin Community College. Currently have 12 credits. Excelled in my English Composition classes, invited to enroll in Honors English at ACC.

Agoura Hills
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College graduate with Biology degree, tutor k-12 in Conejo Valley district area

I believe that the best way to learn is to bridge the gap between what you already know, and what you want to know. I know it can be discouraging to struggle and not understand a subject, but as long as you are willing to try, we can build that bridge. There is no one perfect approach for everyone, and I will work with you to find what helps you achieve your goals.

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College Professor with 10+ years experience tutors in all Social Science areas

I am a college History professor that has taught all social sciences ranging from 8th grade to graduate level courses. I have been tutoring as well for the last few years. I can tailor a lesson for you on a specific subject or series of events; or, I can provide tutoring over a wide range of material based on your specific needs.

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World & American History Instructor/Tutor in Springfield Missouri that makes learning fun

My technique is simple in nature and depth in practice. I want to find out what makes your learning yours due to an individualized approach that benefits the individual and the class when appropriate. I have have heard from previous students that they each got something different than one another.

San Diego
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Recent History PhD recipient offering history-related tutoring in San Diego and surrounding area

I am willing to tutor both high school and college-level students. In a one-on-one setting I will gladly tailor our sessions around the specific needs of the student. For group settings, I prefer to split time between lectures and group discussion.

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Teaching History and Politics and Making It FUN! 10+ years experience as a teacher!

I love to teach students through great discussion and Socratic questioning. History is much more than dates. I emphasize themes, cause and effect, and question students predispositions as we work together. Once a student can tell me what they think, then I push them to learn how to write what they believe.

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