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Trained University Writing Consultant and Multidisciplinary UBC Graduate tutoring Local and International Students in Vancouver

My lessons are geared towards students who want to improve their overall writing in the long term and don't want to rely on a tutor. I like to start off my sessions with a self-assessment by the student on what they think they need to work on. Regardless of whether it's an essay or a report, I start off by reading their introduction, the first paragraph, and the conclusion.

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English professor teaches English social and literary history, literary theory and criticism.

I briefly outline my lessons and course outcomes. I lecture on specific topics encouraging the students to learn by research. In addition to set lessons, I bring in other relevant texts to provide the student with the full context of what he/she is reading.

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English teacher offers tutoring, essay workshops, proofreading, and English instruction for all ages

I appreciate that every student learns differently, and have a flexible & open-minded approach to teaching. I love open discussion & collaboration, and believe that the best way to teach is to truly connect with the student. I'm happy to teach all ages & grades.

St. John's
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English major teaches practical essay writing and test prep in St. John's, NL

I believe that the most important skill you can learn is how to be concise. This skill is valuable for High School or University courses.

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Fulbright scholar offers English/creative writing help for students of all ages in Vancouver

I base my classes on the individual learner! I like to get to know the individual's learning style before I start to construct my lessons. With my K-12 students, there exists a large range of comprehension. Some are visual, others are experiential, and still some absorb the information best when I speak directly to them.

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Published writer and artist-educator gives academic/creative writing classes for high school and undergraduate/college students in Toronto

As a creative writing facilitator and writing consultant, I advocate a comfortable learning environment where students can be creatively and critically engaged in the writing process. I have taught college-level courses for two years, facilitated workshops in high schools around the country and have taught English in Japan and Hong Kong.

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Master English teacher provides students from all corners of the world with fun and engaging lessons.

It is through my love of phonics and unique teaching style that I am able to help students perfect and become fluent in one of the hardest languages in the world.

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With a Masters Degree in Communication Studies and over 15 years expertise in multimedia communication, I can help you with writing great essays, poems, dissertations and be your sounding board for an

My method is unconventional. I like to teach by using copious examples from the realm of experience of the students. I don't believe in using a one-size-fits-all approach; knowing that no two individuals are the same in terms of nuances, idiosyncrasies, I adopt a method that suits the occasion.

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English Teacher with an Impeccable Word giving lessons to students in Hamilton

I teach based on the student. I carry a strong belief in the many individualistic needs of each student and cannot properly teach without first meeting the student and understanding their learning style; Do they require visual or auditory lessons, etc.

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Mass Communications graduate gives english language classes or high school students in the Caribbean and across the world.

I approach english language in the easiest possible way and try to keep my classes fun, informative and relevant. I go at the students pace and make sure that they get the most out of my classes. I engage in a Facilitator/activity style o teaching that promotes self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization.

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English Literature student gives literature and essay writing classes for high school students in Toronto

My teaching methods are to assign books and form a discussion group around the books. As well, I will assign short essays in order to determine the level of the writing of the student to better assist them. My classes are meant for any level of high school.

North Vancouver
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English honours UBC graduate tutors English language and literature in North Vancouver

I believe that everyone can excel in and enjoy their English classes! As someone who went through the BC school system, I understand that English classes can be pretty dry, but I also know that reading and writing can be easily tailored to individual students' interests. I think patience and support are essential to effective teaching.

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Teacher from Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with experience teaching English, Social Science, Religion, and ESL

My approach to learning involves a student-centered lens by incorporating student voices and student knowledge as legitimate and important to learning. I believe that empathy and understanding of students' diverse needs is at the core of any successful teaching methodology.

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A doctoral candidate with 4 years of experience, teaching English language and literature in Toronto.

My teaching methodology is deductive: learning paths can be taught so that in the long learn the student becomes an independent learner.I believe that in a language class student participation is utmost important and that learning should be interesting and fun. If the student loses interest, he/she stops learning.

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I offer one-on-one English tutoring (with respect to reading, writing, study skills, etc.) and instruction in English Literature and related branches of the Humanities.

In every course that I teach, I stress the importance of effective reading and writing while emphasizing the key distinctions between periods, genres, and styles. At the same time, I always encourage students to challenge accepted beliefs, particularly those concerning human nature.

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High honor graduate with several years working with students of all ages

I am a keen observer of how my students learn and adapt to their strengths. I teach in a method that can adapt from lecture based to conversational and free flowing.

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Friendly English (BA) and Immigration (MA) graduate working in Toronto's non-profit creative sector can host lessons or travel to you.

I approach all subjects with curiosity and flexibility. I believe everyone learns differently, and that you know yourself and your learning style best. Learning is most effective when it encourages challenging what's presented to the audience through immersive and interactive methods.

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Philosophy and literature student gives you a leg up on languages, writing, theory and critical thinking.

I believe in nailing the basics—but that means more than just memorization. You can only understand the fundamentals of a topic when that topic fundamentally engages with you.

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OCT Certified Teacher in London gives Academic English Literature and Writing Lessons

I have wanted to be a teacher from the moment that I entered junior kindergarten at 3 ½ years old; the well-used chalkboard hanging on the wall of my childhood bedroom will attest to that. From the moment I was old enough to, I volunteered myself for as many opportunities to work with children as I could.

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Business & Philosophy program graduate (& writing aficionado) wants to help students with papers, resumes, presentations in the GTA.

I am a graduate of the Honours Business Administration program from Ivey Business School (Western University.) Practiced my english writing and reading comprehension skills meticulously in my previous Honours Philosophy program and in preparing for the LSAT. My love for the english-language, logic, and the expression of ideas, has led me to pursue a law degree at the University of Toronto.

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Taking Away the Fear of Dissertations with your Dedicated and Experienced Champion

My teaching is student centred. I tend to listen and walk the student through the process. I also make sure that the student is interested in the subject on investigation. Even though I simply the process for easy of understanding I also ask relevant to ensure that there is clarity in the though process.

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Highly experienced and dedicated English teacher - provides lessons that engage and transform your grades and learning

Are you looking for an inspirational, patient and empowering tutor who can assess your specific needs and engage you to address and overcome them? Lessons with me are about overcoming any barriers to learning and breaking them down concisely.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted editorial skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

Dr jan
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My tuition covers the areas of Political Science, Sociology, Anthroplogy, Reserach Methdology, Foreign Policy, Business Studes and Religious Studies.

* I have 10 years teaching experience * I have students from many universities including Cambridge University, University of Oxford, Russell Group Universities including King’s College London, UCL, LSE, SOAS, and Royal Holloway University. * I am very organised and punctual tutor and work very carefully with the students within time constrains and tight deadlines.

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BA English Literature student offering up to A-level English lessons in Coventry/London

My teaching methods vary depending on the way the student best retains the information. I usually encourage mindmaps and organised note-taking as well as providing thorough explanations and discussions to help break down theories and ideas. If there is a specific method that works for you, I am happy to explore it to ensure you receive the best possible results.

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Adgirl looking to tutor English Language and Literature from GCSE to A-level

I vary with classes and levels, and I like to take a friendly approach rooted in what my students want to achieve. I adapt to the student and the curriculum, but typically use a range of real-world examples to create a better context.

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[IB Examination Prep: INTENSIVE COURSE] IB English A Language and Literature by a Well experienced IB Tutor

This Intensive Course is specifically aimed for students who are listed to take the 2019 May Examinations (2020 exam takers are also welcomed). The course will start from 120min/per week.

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Classes For All Subjects For NIOS Secondary Course in Salkia and Howrah

I teach in a very easy manner by explaining various examples for each and every topic.I take group classes also and help the students clear all their doubts by making them revise all important topics before exam.I also teach all subjects for classes 3 to 8 including English,History,Geography,Maths and Science.

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A level English Literature student looking to teach students who need help.

I can teach anyone under 16, whether it be for SATS or GCSEs, my style of teaching is based on student's needs, mini-tests to cover topics that we will have covered, I find mindmaps and notes very effective however if this is not for the student, I can do something more practical to help them. A main teaching style of mine is looking at the criteria needed for certain levels and nailing that down.

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