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Smart food makes the world for round. If youre looking for a better life-style or juste want to save money while eating better, you're at the right place

The way I teach is by learning. As a group we have to think as one, so no one is left behind in my groups. Im a avid experimentalist so we will train our bodies and minds in the same way we study durinf class.

Ciudad de México
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Master of meditation and certified anti-stress therapies in the US and Thailand

Through our classes and courses we increase the well-being of people, which translates into more motivated, resilient, creative and happier human beings. The classes and courses do not come from any religion, they are supported by scientific foundations and all are aimed at creating new neuronal connections, that is, to improve the way in which the brain processes information.

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Classes and Treatment of Reflexology and Masotherapy by a professional specialized in Health and Alternative Therapies

For the classes and treatments of Reflexoterapia I use the maps elaborated and verified by the physiotherapist Eunice Igham, in which the correspondence between the reflex zones of the feet and the hands with the different parts of the organism is established.

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Masseuse and Fitness instructor qualified in Massage therapies, Anatomy & Physiology and Fitness instructing

Lessons will be broken down into theory and practical sessions and will be adapted to suit the students requirements and learning style. I can offer my services to both secondary school and college students or students working towards an ITEC Diploma, Active IQ, A Levels, GNVQ or Early stages of a degree.

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Spa practitioner training wellness massage in Alsace in Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse

Hello, I give you massage wellness courses in Strasbourg and the surrounding area.

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Ayurvedic Massage and Other Panchkarma Therapies at Your Place By Ayurvedic Physician.

Helping in Maintaining Health & Curing the diseased through Natural Process.

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Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience specialising in Nutrition, exercise & weightloss.

My lessons are based upon firstly finding out what motivates you, what are your goals, have you been successful before? The next stage would be to find your relationship with food, your eating habits and reviewing your food diary. Once we have discussed these we can start to get to work on changing your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

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Salon owner and Qualified Massage Therapist available to teach all about starting up in the industry

As a learner I found I benefited from watching and doing. Many prefer classroom style learning however I prefer a more open sharing environment where you aren't intimidated or overwhelmed by information and you have an open forum to ask questions, seek further help and additional support wherever required.

Edward lagaya
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Massage therapist teaching you massage techniques from London, qualified and insured therapist.

A qualified and insured massage therapist who is willing to teaching someone with a certificate in anatomy or a student in university who has an anatomy module, who is motivated and show interest by asking a lot of questions. My lessons are practical and you will need a massage table and a friend that is willing to get massaged on.

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Specialist in Humanized Treatment, Reflexotherapy, Relaxation - private and group lessons. Curitiba and Region.

Hi, my name is Tatiani, I'm 40 years old and I'm a Reflexotherapist at 6 years. I started studying Engineering, then Administration. But when I needed care for Stress, I fell in love with alternative therapies because I never liked taking medication. Today besides attending and giving classes, I use the techniques applied for a better quality of life.

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Beauty therapy student offering massage and eating healthy to a level 2 -3 in sheffield

My teaching method covers a lot such as, ways to relax, how to give a great massage and learn how to eat well etc. I'm not a strict person, i will help you all the way with anything that you are stuck on.

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Traditional Thai Massage Course taught by Certified Teacher. Our teaching method is the WatPo massage style. Ancient method of Thai origin.

My methodology gathers the techniques of 3 disciplines of traditional treatment: -Amasamiento of the muscles. -Manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic (osteopathy). -Digitopuntura, pressing on certain points of acupuncture or energy lines.

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Health Fitness, personal training, sports therapy, Rehabilitation, A&P I teach it all.

My approach to teaching is dynamic and encompasses a variation of methods. We will be discussing the subjects, watching videos, listening to pod casts, reading articles and completing work sheets and when the student is ready they will complete a presentation and complete an exam.

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Anatomy and Physiology lessons from a qualified Musculoskeletal Therapist ideal for diploma of massage and Pilates students

Lessons are tailored to suit the individual. Simplicity is key. You will leave sessions with a hunger for more information Pilates will challenge your body to move in all directions and feel the connection of your mind to the movement. Understand your strengths and focus on areas that need improving.

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Do you feel your mind wanders when you try to meditate? Look no further. Experienced meditation tutor in London

I teach differently types of meditations and these are sometimes mixed to benefit the individual e.g. chanting with visualisation meditation, chakra meditation with sounds, laughter therapy and meditation etc.

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I am employ in cancer foundation hospital in operation theater in-charge

my teaching method is very simple and individual class and group classes so my specialty is cardiac surgery and anatomy and massage therapy study and some time nutrition giving a guide line so i am very very happy in teaching point

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Sports Therapy Student offering massage/sports therapy lessons to students upto university level

I give lessons to high / secondary school and college students who are studying A-Level, BTEC and GCSE physical education or sport courses. I can give lessons based on what they are currently studying and have a wealth of knowledge to further their studies.

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Beauty & Massage therapist and qualified teacher with over 20 years of teaching and industry experience.

I offer VTCT qualifications in a range of Level 2 & 3 massage and beauty therapies. However I can also offer tuition to those wanting to learn for personal use. My teaching style is relaxed and not intimidating, maximum group size is 4, but often work personally with just one student. I provide all resources needed for you learning.

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Full body massage may take many forms because of the variety of types of massage, called modalities, practiced. According to the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals group in Golden, Colorado

Full body massage may take many forms because of the variety of types of massage, called modalities, practiced. According to the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals group in Golden, Colorado, the focus is on the feet, legs, hips, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and, occasionally, the face.

New Delhi
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I'm a qualified physiotherapist from PGIMS Rohtak now in AIIMS NEW DELHI

I teach clinical aspect of right way of doing massage for different conditions stress management , pain relief back pain , knee pain , shoulder pain etc

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A Qualified and experinced Beauty Therapist tutoring Beauty Therapists upto College level

My lessons are structured depending on what the students want to learn and are as interactive as possible to meet their needs

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Techniques like Myofascial Release, cranio Sacral therapy, Ischaemic Compression, Trigger Release those will be very useful for Pain management will be taught.

Teaching methodology will be scientific, Structured, Professional and implementing the practical knowledge. Will give lots of activity ahweta for them to practice.

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I will help the people how to do the massage and it's uses

All my classes related to physical education and ready to teach and inspire the people to do physical exercises

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Beauty and Holistic Tutor with over 20 years experience offering Body massage Courses.

My teaching methods are signatured to the individual needs to obtain outstanding results and knowledge to support within your future roles.

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Spa Manager passionate to share knowledge and experience in Scotland, 20 years experience

I approach each person as an individual and adapt techniques accordingly, I am very passionate about the industry and believe it a pleasure and a gift to share my knowledge and experience.

Ritu raj
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I had learned massage therapy class from South india and now working in North East India

My teaching is about therapy, muscle recovery, fitness freak, weight loss and I love to satisfy clients with all needs...

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Healthy life leads to a healthy thinking explore the fitness you will never be disappointed

Never give up one life live longer stay healthy and be the best version of your self what you should be always

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Massage which will help you in stress relief and gain the positive energy for the rest of the hours to unleash your life and enjoy it to the fullest with new aroma.

My teaching methodology will be based on the basic techniques first and then moving on to the selection of the right one for the kind of massage you are providing to the person. this will help you be an expert.

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Massage Therapist gives private lessons online and in person for various types of massage.

My classes are by levels, the first 3 are largely theoretical level for our body knowledge? The following 3 levels are all of practical component. The course is practical, demonstrative, case studies, buzzgroup and role play. Its very easy.

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