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Fun with Psychology! Join me for interactive and unconventional Psychology classes in Mississauga. I have a Master's Degree and 7 years of study in Psychology - work with me and soon it'll be your fav

Since Psychology as a subject has tremendous scope for inward reflection and debate, my teaching method will typically involve an introduction to a topic and sharing of some consolidated resources, followed by facilitated discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. I like my students to have their own ideas- and to help them evolve, refine, and gain perspective on their ideas.

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A current doctoral student with a good understanding of research and ethics

My approach to teaching is basically discussion method. I am practical, and I like engaging my class to arouse their interest and enhance their analytical mind. I use everyday experience and more often, I like the student to take the lead.

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Dr. History, International Relations, General Knowledge, Current Events, Civics, Politics and Moral

The techniques are interactive and I usually begin from the general to the particular. That is, testing students' pre-knowledge on a subject before engaging in the teaching process and this is guided by the students' pace with regard to understanding and assimilation. Though degree students are preferred, I may consider other levels depending on students' request.

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Has August Comte made your life miserable and dreary ? Then i am the person you need to come to ( Liberal Arts Graduate Offering tutoring in Sociology ,History and Politics .

Before i approach a subject , i asses the kind of students and capabilties that they demonstrate , according to that it will be structured methodology that cater to the competencies required by most institutions today but in a much more one to one basis

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Tutor gives history classes to high school students. effective tutorial the student can succeed in school

my teaching method are creative, unique and wants to be uniquely specilized for each student.

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M.A. Sociology Graduate with 3.5 years of teaching experience in Montreal (Sociology tutoring, essay development/writing techniques for Social Sciences)

As a teacher/tutor, I consider that I have two main roles: as an expert in the content of the subject at hand, and as a manager/mentor who will have a tailored approach to teaching depending on the task at hand (class presentations or one on one tutoring).

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Education student gives history and english lessons, as well as essay advice, in Edmonton, AB.

My approach to tutoring (and teaching) involves working closely with students to assess their own challenges and then collaboratively strategizing solutions. I also endeavour to inspire students to be active learners and to ignite a genuine interest in the material that they are working with.

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History teacher gives history of philosophy and general history classes in Montreal

His teaching style is catered to the student's needs with a depth of knowledge from which to draw. This allows him to engage in role playing games to demonstrate the dynamics of a given historical event. Brandon is able to teach all ages of students.

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Child is a blank paper, teacher can mould it in a good way.....

I have a lots of patience,punctual and always understand the desire of the student because in this age, teacher create a future of the student. In modern era I prefer to use tech aids for teaching which create a interest and attraction about study.

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Have a wide range of teaching, tutoring, training and facilitation experience inBiology, Pharmacy, International Relations, Arabic and Hebrew. Arabic and Hebrew are mother tongue, I worked for few yea

I believe in customizing the lesson and a lot of out of the box tricks to make it both fun and effective for students to learn Arabic/Hebrew, International Relations, Pharmacy and Biology. Passionate about International Relations and Global Affairs that no mat-ter how hard the subject may seem for you, I'll infect you with my pas-sion and you would enjoy the lesson.

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Graduated in Philosophical Sciences with the highest marks he gives private lessons both individual and group of History and Philosophy.

I am strongly convinced of the great usefulness that humanistic subjects play in the everyday life of each one of us. In particular, I believe that Philosophy and History are the two subjects that more than any others provide us with the keys to understanding the complex reality in which we live.

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I can teach From class 6 to 12 and state PSC and UPSC

From basics to professional, I prefer to go step by step. Not believe in shortcuts. Approach for genuine and understandable easy studying.

West Midlands
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Provide a good level of communication skills and ensuring that the user gets full support

I can provide good strategies for learning fast and I am currently a university student. I believe I can pass my skills to my students and can improve their lifestyle of learning things. I will also be providing free lessons.

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Alexandra Jansse is an experienced geography teacher with a broad cultural interest and her own TV production company. I come to your home or you join me in Amsterdam West.

To me, teaching is "tailor-made"; and together we look at what is necessary for you to understand and control the material. If you have trouble with this school subject or are you lagging behind on the subject matter, too low figures may be the result. What are your pitfalls? I give personal attention, so that self-confidence comes back and you perform better again. Most pupils need structure.

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Melbourne Uni Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialised in Civics, Politics and History

Questioning is my main method. My question will lead you to find the answer by yourself over an interesting and challenging process. Once you've got to the good answer, it will become part of you that you will never need cheat sheets for. The questions will highly resemble what you will have in the SAGs and final exams, which in the meantime facilitates improvement of writing style.

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Educator with 15 + years experience in school leading ks3 and 4 lessons, tutoring and mentoring, a Ba Arts degree and Adult learning skills, seeking to teach History, Art, Social Sciences & English.

My teaching methodology is to be friendly, patient, be able to differentiate different learning needs. To put learners at ease and begin each lesson with a starter and carefully structured lesson plan, with time to validate learning has taken place at the end of the lesson and successful outcomes have been achieved.

West Palm Beach
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A current history teacher in Palm Beach gives tutoring in all social studies subjects!

My teaching methodology revolves around finding similarities in the past and applying it how it affects our lives today in a manner that is engaging to the student. In addition, my curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking as it is vital not only to the study of history but to living in an age of distraction and misinformation.

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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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Geopolitics to enhance your historical understanding of what makes society tick today

In historical, sociological or political learning the geopolitical background to your study allows you to have a unique understanding when preparing papers on your selected subject. I teach exclusively via online tutoring either via skype or typing directly to your queries.

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Master of Teaching graduate gives humanities lessons to high school and uni students

I have recently graduated from a Masters of Teaching and am interested in sharing my skills and experience. I cater my lessons to the student using fun and creative activities! I asses the current skills of each student and identify areas of improvement. I believe that all students are capable of excellence.

Ciudad de México
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Master in political and social studies teaches social sciences at Ciudad de México

Hi, I'm Juan Diego and I'm a teacher in political and social studies. I have very good interpersonal relationships, which allows me to teach from small children to university students. This means that my teaching methodology may vary depending on the needs of the student.

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Teacher with 30+ years experience offering specialism in History, RE, Film and Media studies.

I believe students can exceed their expectations if they are shown how to succeed. Many students underperform due to a lack of confidence and my aim has always been to build confidence through small winnable steps that leads to success.

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Student of mechanical engineering with some great knowledge about polity of India.

I teach using some practical examples, though my way of communication is highly oral and very less visual but i make the communication very interesting with practical examples. I am not expert teacher but i use to make videos which help me in improving myself.

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“Great Books” tutor with experience engaging in intense writing and discussion on ancient, world, and US history.

When it comes to teaching and tutoring History, I generally adopt an approach that blends recall with Socratic inquiry. This back and forth, in which the tutor maintains an intense discussion with the student, allows that student to come to their own conclusions about difficult works, and to communicate those conclusions in clear, articulate responses.

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Friendly Politics Graduate offering lessons in politics, history and citizenship in Manchester.

My teaching methods are rooted in the needs of my students. I want students to come away from our sessions having learnt something. However, I want them to have fun doing it. This means that my approach is made up of reviewing the syllabus, informal chats, activities and digital teaching resources.

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Humanitarian worker with ten years experience giving lessons on policy and communications

I approach each topic according to your needs. After an initial consultation I create a bespoke course just for you, backed up with the latest and best research in each subject area. This way you get a course filled with practical experience, relevant theory and relevant research.

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A professional speaker of history, politics, agriculture, cinema, education and its its catalytic role in developing our future.

A MBA Marketing professional with a keen interest in history, literature, sports, cinema and its instrumental role in cementing our future. I've been speaking on forgotten history, role of politics, social awareness, agricultural impact and economical conditions and ways of improving the current scenario of participation of youth.

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Trainer specialised in communication skills covering the social, professional & educational context

People love to learn ....... they hate to be taught this is my premise always when I attempt to 'teach' people ..... actually teach is a wrong word, most of participants learn by sharing of experiences and and by seeing and hearing about live examples which i make every class of mine ....

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Mphil reaserch scholar gives social science lessons to secondary,higher secondary and undergraduate students

An Mphil researcher in the University of Hyderbad. My research is in Political Science. My current work is on models of political reconciliation in divided societies. I am also interested in the history of political philosophy. My approach to teaching is an interactive communication with the students. I choose to supplement my classes with multimedia devises and textual materials.

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Education should not be in the four corners of the classroom it should be online

I teach social studies I am a graduate in political science I have units in teaching right now I'm working on my masters in special education presently I am working in one of the county the largest in Maryland as an assistant teacher

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