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Registered Nurse providing Health Teaching, First Aid and First Response Training & Life Skills.

My teaching methods are inclusive, open communication and skills based. A typical class will include some background knowledge, clarification of ideas, skills practice and mastery of the concepts. The classes will be tailored to the individual building on prior knowledge.

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Education student teaches eating well skills to live a well balanced life

My teaching methods involve providing context to the importance of each of these lessons. Going in depth of different ways one can accomplish these activities. There will be a portion of these sessions where students will get to put into practice the methods that were previously discussed.

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The music therapy is always needed to pass through your day with less stres.

I approach the subject with flexibility and hospitality. The two are important as those interested are there to be less stressed mentally.

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Overcome Depression and Weight Gain for Women in Vancouver Thriving with Passionate Lifecoach, Artist and Wellness Teacher

Stepping into Your Queenhood Since 2009, I’ve been uplifting the Divine Feminine after a deep transformative 5 year journey through Italy that connected me to my powerful feminine wisdom. I coach women who know they are designed for a greater calling and living their own unique story and destiny.

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The quality of the input decides the quality of the output...with a measure added. So let's ensure the fuel we give our bodies is the absolute best.

Completely positive as always. I believe that, if there is a challenge, positive action must be taken. Brooding about it serves no purpose. I also use a combination of cures.

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Individual or group sessions of artistic therapies in Santiago taught by actress

My classes are based on the observation and diagnosis of the needs and objectives of each student. I use the techniques and tools obtained according to what each student wants.

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Give meditation classes, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

An experience close to death at the age of 24 years and many years of internal work, supported by the meeting with Tibetan, Indian, Japanese and Moroccan masters in particular allowed me to develop and deepen qualities that I put at the service of your needs

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Edgar arturo
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Professional Meditator offers Mindfulness, relaxation and meditation courses at home and online

I offer 8 and 10 weeks programs for adults and teenagers in which I facilitate the oriental techniques of the inner knowledge for western people who live in the city, through activities, exercises and dialogue to develop wellbeing, self-knowledge and mindfulness awareness

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Art Mediator gives Healing & Growth Workshop/Playshop through dance, music & creative arts

A system that promotes human development through integrating experiences induced by music, creative arts and dance. It consists of a set of exercises, organized music with the aim of raising the level of health, develop a better communication, and stimulate creativity. Each participant is invited to discover and display their own vital answers and their particular form of expression and action.

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Teacher for more than 15 years teaches meditation, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy therapy for beginners and advanced

Define your objectives during a first interview. Definition of your personal commitment. Definition of my commitment to assist you in the realization of your project (s). I lean to help you on a personalized method in 30/60 or 90 days that I created. This method is the result of personal work and accompaniment over 15 years and is very effective in achieving your goals. Guaranteed results.

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Practice and teaches for over 15 years: meditation, massage, art therapy, music therapy, energy treatment for beginners and advanced

I teach meditation, massage, music therapy for beginner, intermediate, advanced levels at all ages. My specialty: to help you reconnect with your fundamental nature, free, happy, peaceful. I rely on this for several techniques. I mainly use listening, breathing observation, guidance by my voice and the sound of Tibetan bowls or crystal.

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Paco Yoga teacher BCN Hatha Asthanga Relax Massage FAM gallery trainning fitness

Quiromasajista titled. Hatha / Hata yoga advanced teacher. My strengths are value and attitude that base my professionalism and full dedication to work. More than 15 years teaching Yoga classes internationally. Titled in other sports disciplines. Professional diver. Massages therapist.

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Physical education teacher and student of kinesiology provides training oriented to the need and welfare of each person.

My class methodology is to adapt my knowledge of training, the anatomy and physiology of the body to the tastes, needs, difficulties and objectives of each person, and achieve effective results, lasting and feasible in an autonomous way.

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