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Foreign-trained Psychology professor, multi-cultural counselor specialized in Online Mental Skills Training. High performance on demand!

My specialty is teaching critical mental skills either in person or via video conferencing apps to aspiring people who desire to go from good to great. I teach in the English and/or Spanish languages. Try me and move to your next stage in life.

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Anthropology student and tutor in Hamilton. Willing to teach up to university students

My teaching methods are very hands on and writting based but its alot of fun! A class would be an hour to two hours.

Campbell River
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Sociologist. Career academic with advanced studies in many disciplines eager to share knowledge.

I teach by helping learners discover the knowledge they desire to attain. I believe learning is a hands-on process with lots of practical application as well as theoretical grounding. A typical session would involve discussion and application of assigned background reading.

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Journalism student with industry experience giving journalism and current events lessons in their home in Toronto

I approach my classes with flexibility. We can explore different teaching methods but I prefer to use hands-on approaches. This would mean going out and actually participating as a journalist yourself. These classes are meant for potential journalism students in university/college or anyone beginning in the program.

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Third year Psychology major from St. Thomas university helps gives students a better understand of the brain.

My teaching methods are hands on, giving both verbal and visual examples. I like my students to be involved in the course content and not just writing notes so they are more likely to understand and remember. My classes would be meant for any age from high school to university.

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I am a university student currently completing my bachelor's degree in History and offering to tutor any in Edmonton in subjects of History and Anthropology

My name is Ahmed I am 22 finishing my degree in History with minors in Sociology and Anthropology. The classes are intended for anyone in elementary, junior high, high school, and university who are doing Social Studies or History courses or who just have a general interest in history.

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Art student with 5 years of experience in both music theory and art/art history offers lessons in said subjects

As a creative mind myself, I like to take a creative approach to my classes, and I am extremely flexible and happy to cater to my student's individual learning styles! I enjoy finding the humour in situations, and I am openly supportive of marginalized communities. I have the most experience working with high school-aged students but I am more than willing to take on students of all ages.

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Evoking the clients own inner values for changing and personal development.

Meeting the client with where they are at and not where you expect them to be. I believe the single best predictor in a clients success is their perception of their relationship with their counsellor. Fostering and maintaing a authentic working alliance is crucial.

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Let's learn PSYCHOLOGY! PhD candidate eager to tutor psychology at any level

I enjoy helping people learn material and connect with it in meaningful ways. I base my teaching on an understanding that the more deeply a person engages with the materials the more likely they are to remember and retain the information.

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The study of what is to be right and wrong in human behaviour

I start my class with a mind warm up, encourage self directed learning and sometimes use technology to boost learning

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PhD in psychology and cognitive neurosciences give private lessons of psychology and propose statistic assistance for data analysis

Doctor of Psychology (PhD at the University of Strasbourg, France), with a master degree in biology and also in science communication, I I mainly teach psychology, statistics and cognitive neurosciences and also propose to assist you to write dissertations, research memory and doctoral thesis.

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Doctorate in Journalism and Mass Communication to teach all about Communication field

My teaching method is student friendly and I believe in creating a strong and reliable bond between student and teacher. I make use of day to day examples and experiences in order to make my students understand a particular topic.

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Communications, Social Media and PR professional (MA degree) gives classes in Montréal

My teaching methods vary depending on the student. I mould my classes based on your needs. I approach your questions with flexibility and we will work together to solve problems. Technology is a big part of my world and it will be a big part of my classes.

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Education Major student, giving instruction classes in History, Geography, and Politics. Bachelors in Theology

My gift is taking hard to understand concepts and making them easy to grasp. I take a very hands on approach, with both structure and flexibility during the class period.

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Engineer who has a knowledge of management, living in hamilton to teach you how to write best resume

As my subject is on resumes and CVs then here are the steps 1- bring your resume which you make 2- i will review 3- I will provide sample resumes depends on the field of studies you have 4- you will make it again 5- I will review and suggest changes that required

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Trainer and teacher experienced in working methodology in the region of Aix-Marseille

Your college student / high school student is struggling to organize its work? He does not know what to learn? He does not know how to learn? Tests and exams demotivate or panic? Do not hesitate, contact me! Methodological support / coaching / support Your child needs a boost? Sign on to an internship or for regular monitoring.

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Kitty H - South Hams - A level Psychology tuition; A level English tuition; A level Biology tuition.

I always work together with students on the assessment outcomes provided by the exam board to set targets for the achievement of their specific goals, so that they can monitor their progress and focus on attaining the grade they need. We work through past paper questions and match up the outcomes to the marking system.

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Gain social media understanding & platform growth with experience from start-up founder in Bristol

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of building your business. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress.

New Delhi
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Post Grad from BHU, teaching psychology to class 11- up till graduate school. :)

My teaching methods keep improvising with the needs of the individual student. But I believe in a teaching methods that are very student friendly and explanation of what it really is. I like to use projective techniques combined with realistic practical explanations and examples. I don't believe in mugging nor pressuring the child into mugging. Hope to see you soon.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted communications skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

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Experienced Teacher Assistant offering Psychology lessons up to University level in London

My number one rule to ensuring that students perform well is to first build a relationship with them in order to be able to give instructions through different methods, which should be linked with psychological problems, needs and development of the child.

Aranda de Duero
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Graduate in Psychology gives private classes on philosophy, psychology, mathematics and biology

My techniques lie in making classes as ludic as possible for learning concepts, with a personalization and adaptation to the needs of the student, reviewing concepts and explaining new.

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I can help you to learn anything and live psychologically.keep in contact

I'm a teacher and as well as a psychology student. In my opinion a good teacher must have the idea about what he/she know or didn't know,which means he/she must know about his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. amanda
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Clinical Psychologist and English specialist with 20 years of experience gives online and offline support in: Psychology, English Language, Postgraduate, Undergraduate GCSE and A level academic suppor

I started teaching English in 1994. From 1998 I have been heavily involved in teacher education and teacher training which means that I have a vast amount of experience to tap into. I have worked with children as young as four years old and supported adults through GCSES and Undergraduate degrees. I am a published academic. My articles can be found on Google Scholar.

North Bergen
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Responsive and creative math and SAT Prep tutor with 10+ years experience in Greater NYC area

I instruct students in grades 5-12 in math content classes and SAT Prep in reading, writing an math. I individualize my teaching strategies based on students' existing knowledge, needs and learning style. An initial assessment of relevant topics provides me with the information necessary to target specific content, skills and strategies.

Sakshi seth
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Psychology tuitions from high school to Masters in Surat from experienced and qualified Teachers

My teaching is usually fact based which is the combination of knowledge from books and outside. I prefer application and interactive class rather than old school type one way communication. I prefer checking knowledge of students by application based questions and assignment.

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HBO student wants to help high school students with their homework / exams or help 'learn how to learn'

I deal with each piece of theory on the basis of the table of contents. It clearly shows the main titles and the subtitles, on the basis of the table of contents you can then "hang" your study material on your table of contents. The first lesson will therefore mainly consist of structuring the subject matter.

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Skilled communicator and writer with an MA in Psychology offering Psychology and English help

My teaching method is laid back and tailored to the student. I like to go at the student's own pace and recognize that learning is a process. I offer Psychology lessons to high school and undergraduate students. I offer writing and English help to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as undergraduates and adult learners. My lessons are easy to understand.

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Professor of Psychology, Research, Emotional Intellgence, Sensation Seeking, Abnormal Behavior, Assessment Measurement

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Community Counseling, Certification in Research Assessment and Measurement and an EdD - ABD in Counseling Psychology paired with a license in Counseling. I have taught Psychology to Undergraduates, online.

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A level student offering online psychology tuition on the AQA exam board only

I attempt to find people's learning style and adapt my teaching method to you. I will check exam board and look at mark schemes and exam questions. I offer a link to my subject quizlet included to help you revise.

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