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Community worker outreach Development students loves to do tutoring and had past 4 year experience in community

My method would be easy to teach direct by web cam, which is easy and reliable and no need to visit and come out of your comfort zone in this weather of Canada. Easy, creative and comfortable are three words which will describe my method of teaching.

West Midlands
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Provide a good level of communication skills and ensuring that the user gets full support

I can provide good strategies for learning fast and I am currently a university student. I believe I can pass my skills to my students and can improve their lifestyle of learning things. I will also be providing free lessons.

Denby Dale

Dr PJ - West Yorkshire -Highly Experienced Academic with 4 years of experience at successfully supporting students of all abilities

I have an extensive portfolio of health care education and management experience that enables me to support students with a very wide range of abilities. - Which subject(s) do you teach? * Health & Social Care * Education * Management & Leadership - Tell me about your qualifications.

Aranda de Duero
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Graduate in Psychology gives private classes on philosophy, psychology, mathematics and biology

My techniques lie in making classes as ludic as possible for learning concepts, with a personalization and adaptation to the needs of the student, reviewing concepts and explaining new.


Vicki-Marie - Online Lessons - Psychology

I'm an online tutor of the Social Sciences, including Sociology and Psychology. I have three degrees, Qualified Teacher Status and over twelve years of teaching & tutoring experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Sociology: GCSE, iGCSE, A level, undergraduate. Psychology: GCSE, A level, undergraduate. UCAS application advice and support.

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Professional but exciting teaching methods for all social work students at undergraduate level masters BIA and AMHP. I am a practicing social worker of around 10 years. I teach private tuition for all

My teaching method is composed of 1:1 teaching lessons in a unique service delivery depending on which area the student wishes to cover. Example you may need support with a particular topic with in social work. I will screen this accordingly to your requirements however support you articulate common social work Values with in your own work as well as looking at the specific topic in hand.

Deer Park
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Psychology graduate, provides lessons to all students. Various topics such as; well-being , nutrition, history, economics and assistance with assignments.

My teaching method is based on my experience studying psychology. I do not teach students how to rote learn, as research as shown this to be ineffective. Rather, I focus on scientifically proven methods of learning, such as mnemonics as well as timed studying, specific nutrition and sleep patterns etc. that have been shown to be significantly more effective for retention.

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Masters student studying cutting edge Psychosocial Studies with a background in Sociology.

I hope to tailor what I do to what you need. A normal lesson would involve a theoretical discussion in which we would explore the syllabus. Following that I like to work within the modern context so any theory will be situated within this, giving the student a deepened understanding and interest. Every lesson will involve some form of exam technique practice at the end.

High Wycombe
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I help students with managing their mindset, deal with study overwhelm and pass their exams. Using my 30 years of experience.

I work on the inclusive model of teaching - working with your style and not against it.

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Passionate Youth development tutor, with a PGCE and vast experience in educational settings

I use a wide range of assessment and teaching and learning styles to engage the learner with the content.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Occupational Therapy graduate offering psychology and healthcare professions up to university level

I teach up to degree level. My structure of teaching is based heavily on student need. My goal as an educator is to understand the student, their style of learning and what is important for them to learn. I will then tailor the learning experience to suit each individual student.

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The best social Work Tutoring offered by an experienced social Work professional.

I was nominated as the best social Work student in 2012. I have a passion for the profession and I'm able to explain abstract, complicated concepts in a practical manner. I use a lot of practice examples to understand the theory.

Mermaid Beach
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Argentinian psychologist and artist, passionate for everything i do, above all education

intuition, listening and watching to the students needs. I study and read every time to get in touch with the most accurate way to reach each student singularity. I worship authentic interest in learning, and take care curiosity doesn't get spoiled.

South Croydon
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Tutoring through experience, academic attainment and learning. The Holistic approach to tutoring.

I teach by focusing in a holistic way. For example I explore the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional factors and how the desired subject relates to contributing to the whole. In achieving perfection, balance is essential. Socio-economic and personal growth.

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Public Policy Professional with a Master of Social Work providing academic support in Sociology, Social Work & Social Policy

A trained social worker, my approach to teaching encourages students to be self-directed through flexibility and discussion. Students (and human beings) learn the best through self-interest. If you are looking for a tutor, I assume that you are curious and interested in the topic area.

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Third year Social Policy student offering Sociology and similar lessons in Brighton

My teaching approach is based on our first meeting. I like to understand what you think helps you learn best and how to meet these needs with your strengths and weaknesses.

Andrés felipe
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Psychology student with a diploma in pedagogy and level of English B2 provides his service to guide and provide at different academic levels the areas related to psychology, philosophy

My teaching method is based on the psychological constructivist model, which argues that the student plays an active role in their learning and has a great responsibility over it.

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Media Studies expert with a degree in journalism in London, 10 years experience

GCSE ,A-level or degree level classes are available from me. My lessons will go as the following, we will do a mini test to see what you know, we will then go over everything you want to know and i will help you know it, we will then test you at the end of the week to see what you know.

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Human Resource Management Student Offering English, Economics ,Business Studies lessons in london.

I am studying management and i provide lessons to a-levels and below. Degree levels can approach me only in management subject for discussion and clearing fewer concepts in economics or statistics etc. As a tutor i am very patient with my students and i believe in more research and written practice thoroughly.

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Unconventional Social Work & English Language tutor with 5 years of relevant experience

I vary and personalised my teaching methodologies depending on the level of understanding and language capability of each student. Some of my students do have learning difficulties and I cater to their needs, by making exceptions and improvisations to my lessons using not only picture cards, audio books, videos etc.

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A level student teaching religious studies, sociology, ethics,social skills, feminism and debating skills in cardiff

My teaching methods tend to depend on who I'm teaching as everyone learns differently but most learn visually and one of the best ways are by using flashcards. I read over each topic and will write down everything that needs to be taught within that topic and i go through it at the end by tests and at the beginning of the next session before moving on.

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University of Newcastle, studying Secondary History Teaching, Central coast, giving history lessons

My teaching method is focused on what the student is struggling with, as well as a well rounded approach so they are completely understanding the topic, not just the assignment they need to complete.

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Enthusiastic individual looking to support students in social work up to University standard.

First and foremost, I care. If you are expecting an individualised experience, then I am the right person to offer support.

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GPA 5 2019 BA Social Work graduate. TOWNSVILLE OR ONLINE tutoring for Social Work students. Proof reading, editing, designing, topics, research. Specialise in helping ESL students.

Proofreading, editing, understanding tasks, choosing topics, frameworks, structuring an essay, referencing. Available for less than one hour at a reduced price especially for proofreading and referencing assistance. Easily contacted via email and happy to answer your questions outside tutoring hours.

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Second/Third Year CDU uni student offering lessons to new social work undergraduates

I have not yet completed a lesson as this is my first post, but I will be looking into structuring and organising a lesson - as well as incorporating students needs into lessons.

1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Teacher, sociologist social worker and psychotherapist offering teaching tutoring and Q A for assessments

Trained in a variety of teaching methods and will use whatever method helps each individual or group to learn most effectively.

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Social work support to social work student, theory links to practice also

I approach teaching prioritising the subjects that students are struggling with , taking into account their learning styles and learning needs.

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Accredited social worker who also has a undergrad in psychology, teaching lessons in Melbourne

I like to teach by discussion and through conversation. I try to make things easy to understand and explore topics in detail while still simple.

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Social worker able to provide tutoring in health and social care, social Work and across the social sciences including psychology, sociology, social policy.

I tailor each session to the students needs, learning style and current level. I approach each session with enthusiasm and strive to give my students the best results.

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