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Dianna may
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Exercise doesn't get in the way of life it adds to the quality of it.

My teaching methods are how to be more flexible and develop our own skills. Moreover, I'm willing to work with all kinds of people. Same thing, we can start the lecture with the warm up movement. After that, we can make a review about the previous class that we had. We could have an appetizing activities before we start the class. I could tell you that we can make the class more engaging.

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Former Sports Marketing MA and BA course designer, lecturer and dissertation supervisor.

Developing understanding of material using relevant examples and case studies, background financial accounts and changes in the law or other forms of regulation.

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Sport Management senior with a career 3.7 GPA. 8 years of experience in sports and coaching.

My teaching methodology is based around my student. My goal is to enlighten every mind, at the pace of the student. My focus is on small achievements that develop in a way that student will retain and truly understand the entire course matter.

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Sports Administration and Sports Management tutor, available in Mokopane, offering his services

My teaching method is structured but very easy going. It is all about the learners attentive to detail, having fun, as they work. I am a very friendly and cheerful character, and that comes out in the way I tutor.

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Highly qualified individual looking to give lessons on all areas involved in sport, over 15 years experience located in Perth

Can teach over the computer via Skype, email or over the phone. Ability to also teach in person in one on one sessions or groups can also be a possibility Lesson structure is individual and is depending on what your goal or outcome is.

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Sport Management/Business PhD/Masters graduate offering online tutoring for students - at all levels

My teaching style is hands-on, interactive, engaging, discursive, passionate and enthusiastic. I genuinely love to teach and impart knowledge, and I am committed to delivering high quality teaching. Lessons structured to the students requirements and preferred method of learning.

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Physical Education Trainee Teacher with Bsc Physical Education degree offering practical and theoretical PE lessons in the North East

My lessons are fun and engaging, and are structured in a way best for you, whether that may be through reading, writing, designing mind maps, watching videos, creating posters or creating models of specific systems eg. respiratory system, to increase your understanding or knowledge of the subject.

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Body Engineering to perfection according to personal needs, body preferences and mind!

Depending on the requirements of a client, different methods will be undertaken going from a gym environment (body improvement) to knowledge teaching by sitting down in a classroom ( e.g.nutrition). Outside can also be used if aerobic and anaerobic work is required. Field work also depending on the sport.

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Sports expert with years of Elite and International experience working across all ages.

My teaching methods are very much individual centred, focusing on your personal goals, desires and drive to achieve the maximum potential. I accomplished this through my method of accelerated learning; focusing on an autonomous delivery in a creative, fun and happy environment.

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International Athlete with 2 x Masters Degree in Sports - N.Ireland based / UK focused

Quick, easy teaching - to the point and everything you need to ACE your subject :) Contact for anything Sports Science, Sports Management, Sports Admin, or Personal Training related. I have a wealth of theoretical knowledge, plus over 8 years of industry experience. Both UK and US focused Sports curriculums can be taught and helped with as I've experience in both.

Cape Town
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Sports Administrator and Manager offering tutoring in sports management and administration at all levels

Learner centered approach..very open minded and supportive to my learners .

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Sports graduate with 11 years experience working in the sport industry including coaching and leisure facilities

I am happy to teach anyone and will be prepared to work the students as hard as they would be prepared to work me! Each student is different and before the start of the first lesson I would require the student to complete a short questionnaire so I can understand their learning style as this is important to keep the student engaged in the lesson. Lesson would include videos, diagrams etc.

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Post Graduate student at Deakin University studying Masters of Business (Sports Management) on scholarship. Sports is my first passion in life, teaching is my second.

Introduction to Sports Industry of Australia Sports Organizational Behavior Sports Marketing Sports Organization Theory This unit will guide through the basic pillars of the Sports Businesses and help you understand the potential of the market and the types of roles and careers the field has to offer

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Basketball coaching in the schools of Meerut with a scientific background to the players

Train the players from basic level for the improvement of skills and make them physically fit by training and by nutritional guidance. 1. Organizing the basketball tournament, talent identification test and selections trails. 2. Teaching basketball coaching pedagogy and talent cultivation skill to U-14 to 16 age group players 3.

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College golfer with previous experience in sports data analysis and sports tracking

My teaching method is by repetition by activities. I believe that the more you are exposed to a topic in a real setting, rather than just reading or listening about the topic, immerses students in a more in depth and creative setting. By doing this, you get more out of the lessons and want to learn more.

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International Sports Management graduate looking to offload my knowledge and experience onto those in need! I not only provide theoretical understanding, but also provide lived experience in sports ma

Much of my teaching is based on vocational experience I have picked up over the last few years - while I do have the university education and theory-based understanding, I feel my best skills have been honed while working in various sporting environments. My basic lesson structure will revolve around several topical subjects that influence the very essence of the sporting world (e.g.

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Sports Science - NLP - Health and Well-being South West England / Oxfordshire BSc Physical Activity, Exercise and Health

My teaching, coaching and mentoring method can be adaptable to each student or group. After delivering a wide range of qualifications to Military students from Skiing to Performance Coaching for over 11 years, I can facilitate any style of learning.

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Highly experienced, result oriented and successful track record of imparting coaching since last 2 decades.

My teaching methods are utilizing power point to explain the concept and then imparting education through the use of game-based learning technique, practical training and taking quizzes and surprise tests to understand the understanding of the students, re-explaining them if students fail to score.

Saint Charles
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Experienced Sport Psychologist and Coach in St. Louis Offering Mental Skills Training

I am a hands-on teacher and coach that helps the student learn from applied learning experiences and meaningful homework. I enjoy facilitating a teaching environment that is engaging, exciting, and based on a mutual exchange of ideas. Provide students with skills and strategies that promote excellence and success.

Las Vegas
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Sport Management Professional with Eight Years of Experience Working for NCAA and Professional Sports Teams

I approach each subject differently based on the student(s) I am tutoring. Every student learns in a different way and at a different pace.

Suffolk Park
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As a Corrective Exercise specialist I am helping peoples exercise with good form and posture, posture is where movement begins and ends providing there is good posture

The Holistic approach I use follow 6 principles: 1 -Thinking (the Limbic brain is responsible for processing emotion ) emotions are a huge driver and drainer depending upon our ability to process it correctly, we can eat, drink, exercise right but if we do not think right everything else follows.

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Sports Management student at Loughborough University offering help to PE students up to A-Level

I am energetic tutor and like to teach through going through specifics of curriculum's and making quick-fire notes with effective learning techniques and plenty of short quizzes which are accessible to students outside of tutor time so the knowledge can be easily reinforced.

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Producing tomorrow’s sports professionals, TODAY!! Professional and personal development in action.

I have already had MY day but can still help others to achieve their fullest potential and achieve their One Moment in Time!!!

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Professional in Sports field with a strong philosophy on sports major in Chess & Cricket

My technique in teaching is pretty my interaction based I try to bring the best in you kindling your passion.

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Sports Management professional with a M.S. and B.S and multiple years experience

My teaching method is to provide the student with the subject matter and list out what we will be learning. I then will let them work on the material by themselves, but be around to help them with any issues or further questions they might have.

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Experienced expert in snowsports management offering tutorship in sports management. MBA student

I create a positive environment and encourage radical candor to help create an organic learning environment where true understanding can occur. Mostly using a whole-part-whole method where we introduce a concept of methodology, break its applications and capabilities down and then put it back together to understand its application within the industry.

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Sports management student at the University of Edinburgh, willing to teach sports management up to the University level

My teaching methodology would be comprehensive, using analogies and examples to make sure concepts are well understood. I would refer to textbooks, readings and articles.

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A Sports Science Teacher Allowing Other students to learn this beautiful sport♡

My teaching method I's willing to go all out to make sure you understand every single word I type out .. I must be able to communicate with my students aswell as talk to them like a best friend not a teacher.. dont ever feel scared of stopping in the middle of a lesson and asking me a question...

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Recently completed masters degree in physiotherapy offering lessons on health,sport and well being

-I give lessons to any educational level /age -My lessons are tailored to fit my students preferred style of learning -I like to make learning fun and interesting learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding and this is my goal for all my students

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Former professional dancer and teacher assists you and your famiy manage the needs of your elite or talented athlete

I will assess current dynamic of athlete at training environment, academic environment family relations. Short and long term goals of athlete and for athlete. Develop realistic goals , how the family can have a positive or negative impact. Body confidence nutrition , conditioning, injury, maintaining optimal health, speaking up Financial and time impact upon entire family.

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