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Campbell River
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Sociologist. Career academic with advanced studies in many disciplines eager to share knowledge.

I teach by helping learners discover the knowledge they desire to attain. I believe learning is a hands-on process with lots of practical application as well as theoretical grounding. A typical session would involve discussion and application of assigned background reading.

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Hi! I'm a second year Honours History student, hoping to gain teaching experience for a career in the education field. I offer lessons and help in history, music, and all elementary school subjects!

I have several years of experience aiding and teaching special needs children and adults. I find that the traditional methods of teaching, such as lectures and verbal cues, aren't as effective as one-on-one contact and demonstrations, and I strive to make sure that both are incorporated in my teaching styles.

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I have more than 10 years experience helping students write better essays.

I focus on your full degree, and cover Bachelor's and Master's degrees. I currently cover Business, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Philosophy, and History degrees.

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Master's degree graduate of Religious and Consciousness Studies teaches individual lessons at their home.

My scholarship is in the evolution of human consciousness so I view history like a tapestry weaved within the cultural myths of the past. I tie it all together to help you see the big picture, converting complex theories into clear ideas, making them easy to understand.

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Lets study social sciences! or history, politics, geography / I am a law student, we can do it!

It is essential a first recognition, then a diagnosis of the shortcomings, good planning and excellent execution in the development of learning, finally, the total review. However, it should be noted that each student is different, therefore there is no scheme in which to put it. That makes the characteristics of each one a different objective to raise.

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The Complete Ethical Discourse and Guidance Platform to Excel on Life Issues

My teaching approach always puts the student at the centre. I always evaluate where the student is take them through a comprehensive journey to explore and to build on the existing knowledge by way of an instructional process, be it a lecture or open discussion. Further progress is therefore made through analysis and application to specific tasks as may be necessary.

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Final year History undergraduate offering lessons in history, politics and theology in London.

I am a third year student, so I am happy to give lessons to anybody below me in the academic hierarchy. I work best with students who already have some level of interest in the topic. Structure is simple, and includes a degree of rote learning to complement explanation of wider topics, themes and concepts.

Paris 9e
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Visiting researcher at Columbia University in New York. PhD student in geopolitics at IFG.

My methodology for private lessons (and as much as possible for classes) is to start from what my students are to offer them a way of learning that suits them. I also try to understand their needs to best meet them and help them achieve their goals.

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Philosophy student offering philosophy, politics, history or theatre lessons in Bristol area

In one on one lessons, I focus my lessons on the areas in which the student needs the most support. In group lessons, I base my lessons on a syllabus area and use powerpoints and interactive exercises to ensure the students understanding of course material.

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Theology graduate gives Religious Education lessons from primary to undergraduate level in Evesham area.

My 1st class BA (Hons) in Theology and Ethics and decades of experience devising and teaching programmes enable me to tailor tuition sessions according to individual levels of ability, understanding, and learning style. My teaching methods adapt to students of all ages, Primary, to A Level and beyond. I am passionate about my subject and very thorough.

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World Culture Historian invites to on-line journey, can meet in Lincoln Castle

I like to put a 'issue' and see what made it, how people reacted and what was outcomes. Sometimes looking at it from the point of view of a modern person,sometimes taking side of another era viewer.We discuss using PPE and I support with use of specific terminology.

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Politics, History and History of Art.....Near Swindon....38 years' experience...focused, patient and kind

I enjoy tutoring and dealing with written work and planning. I recommend books and approaches and try to be as supportive as possible. What else would you expect from 40 years of teaching and 38 of those tutoring groups and, above all, one to one. I have a range of levels and subjects built up in an expert way over all this time.

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History Graduate offering History and other related lessons in the Preston area

My teaching methodology is very much dependent on each and every students needs. I am very versatile and can adapt to all scenarios. I understand that we are all different in our learning and in our first session we will figure out what our best approach will be.

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A Self reluctant saint want to teach subject related to Social Studies.

Starting from School to degree level, I can shift my paradigms as per the choice of the student. I want to break the curricular on proper segments and will try to coup up according to the capability of that Individual.

Espera Feliz
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Pedagogist and Professor of History, works in Guaçuí - ES and Espera Feliz - MG, offers private tutoring classes at an affordable price.

Lectures and dialogues with classic books in hand, as well as some domestic activities and texts via blog. I also want to start using video tools for educational support if necessary. Prevalence of a neotomist background pedagogy based on Jacques Maritain.

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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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Geopolitics to enhance your historical understanding of what makes society tick today

In historical, sociological or political learning the geopolitical background to your study allows you to have a unique understanding when preparing papers on your selected subject. I teach exclusively via online tutoring either via skype or typing directly to your queries.

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Theology and religion student at University of Birmingham- To teach topics in religion philosophy and ethics

In terms of teaching i am looking to inspire my students by cultivating to each individual personal learning methods. Everyone learns differently and to adhere to this i can provide not just content driven lessons but also supporting readings, movies, music and videos.

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Geography Professor from a renowned University to give remedial Geography classes online.

There is no fixed methodologies in geography. Sometimes it is lecture method, sometimes it is discussions, sometimes research based. Sometimes statistical, sometimes computer application is important, many a times deductive. I have a lot of ppt and after discussing a particular topic, I love to answer questions of my students & then question them on the topic.

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Experienced teacher offers tuition in philosophy, religion and ethics at GSCE and A'Level

I am a patient, insightful and good-humoured teacher. And I am delighted to say that it is my students themselves who have declared this over the years. Not only do students find my teaching exciting and enthusiastic, they also praise my accuracy, attention to detail and —above all— my attention to each student's individual learning needs.

Thomas robert
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MA Historian with international professional experience mentoring and guiding students to succeed in Greater London, UK .

I coach and mentor individuals who require guidance and help in both their professional academic needs and life skills. I take a very open approach to my work, allowing a two way dialogue between teacher and student to develop and grow.

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Ancient History and Archaeology student offering lessons in History and Latin in the Leicester vicinity.

As I am a Master's Ancient History and Archaeology student, I have the independent skills necessary to deliver concise lesson plans that will greatly benefit any potential student in a quick, methodological and effective manner. I am also able to pinpoint exam technique which is a crucial element for success.

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History student in Sheffield offering extra tutoring in History, Philosophy, Ethics and Theology

My particular skill set lies in essay-writing, revision and exam preparation, as these are all skills which are being refined throughout my degree. While the essay style that I teach is especially applicable for A Level exams, it is also useful for those studying at GCSE - though I am certainly able to accommodate for students at Key Stage 3 or below.

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M.A.Christian Studies Graduate gives tuition in Theology or Religion to High School and College students

I would like to give lectures in New Testament, Old Testament, Christian ethics and other subjects in Theology/ Religion. I would give lecture for 45 minutes and give discussion for 14 minutes. the other subjects is Christian ethics and Social Thought.

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Classics and Ancient History Research student based around both Birmingham and Walsall

I am able to teach students up to a degree level, and would structure my lessons personally around the student themselves. With each new student, I will be sure to first ask what you hope to achieve and learn from the tutoring sessions and what topics you would like to prioritise.

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A* Religious Studies Gap Year student offering Religious Studies tutoring, online/Wirral area

I can offer GCSE/A-Level Religious Studies lessons tailored to your exam board.

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Postdoc academic historian: specialism in Classics, History, Ancient History, Philosophy, Ethics, Morality

I am a flexible teacher. I use lectures and seminars, as well as group work-shops, to explore issues. I have a methodological approach, and I build each session on the personal development of my students.

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Thinking skills to bolster your reasoning power in written and oral examinations.

Thinking skills are truly a life skill that we don't often have chance to develop fully as we're often too occupied with information. Being able to identify the key concepts and raising questions enable you to get to grips with the subject matter and examine and manipulate and play with it from different perspectives: "...what if...?" "...if this is...then why is...

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JCU Psychology Student located in Townsville Who Tutors in Humanities and social sciences

Believing that students are the solution and have the answers that others seek rather than a problem that needs to be addressed is the main foundation in the way I would tutor.

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