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Canadian kinesiology student with a specialization in exercise and fitness prescription teaching fitness online

All of my teaching methods are based on current Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) guidelines, as well as what I have been taught in my four year bachelor's degree in kinesiology. I will work around the client's level of fitness and their goals. I will walk clients through a warm up, strength and/or aerobic exercises, and cool down.

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I am Highly trained TRX trainer.i train about 5years and have good knowledge about trx training and crossfit training.

Training Step By Step Strive hard in training in order to achieve our aims in TRX with Folks.Besides, I will give them a good program for Feaching their aim in TRX. Increase Resistance of folks via training routinely. I am in montreal and Hope to have an impressive and eneegetic train with you.

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Personal trainer/HKin grad teaching health, fitness and wellness in Kelowna for anyone

My teaching focuses around making small but simple changes to the way you move your body and think about health and fitness. Workouts and classes are adaptable for any fitness level and always fun and challenging no matter where you are at! My mission is to teach you the skills so you can take care of yourself for life.

Paris 12e
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Sports Coach graduate / physical trainer, gives lessons at home (in Paris)

Home trainer graduated (BA in Athletic Training STAPS mention), I exercise for over two years with customers satisfied with their progress and athletes who have reached their goal. I therefore propose my services at home or outdoors, be it physical preparation (Athletics, Tennis, Boxing, Judo etc.), physical maintenance (ground-up, weight loss, muscle toning, weight etc. ) or group lessons.

(8 reviews)
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Sports coaching, physical preparation for exams, bodybuilding, wellness, I am the missing link in your success.

- Teacher of EPS Bi eligible for the aggregation, my courses are addressed to all. - Biomechanical study of the student's movement, expertise and precision. - Pedagogy based on the individualization of the work, the playful side and the development of the taste of the effort.

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Private lessons from movement and training science specialist scientific methods personal lessons

The lessons are made over 1 hour. I would surely want blood tests and a medical report before. I prepare all programs including nutrition program according to the person. weekly course schedules are held for the disciplined courses. There are rules that must be observed. the implementation of the training program and the results-oriented studies are given.

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Curious researcher about a great variety of exercises and nutrition that I implement in the Gym where I work in Madrid

The first thing I want is to get to know my client, to know what goals he has, what strengths he has and what possible obstacles we might face, if he likes some sport and / or specific type of exercise. Then I will do a series of tests and take the measurements of the client to know where we started and finally design that super personalized training plan thanks to all the information collected.

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Athlete in judo / weightlifting and sports coach gives lessons at home sport

The approach that I adopt is first of all that of listening and observation. I can not be helpful if I do not understand your requests. Subsequently, I find it more fun and enjoyable to work dynamically using space and mobility. I do not hesitate to be creative in the construction of my sessions or exercises. Adaptability is a master word in my methodology.

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Personal trainer with university degree in Valencia with extensive knowledge about dietetics and antopometric and plyometric measurements with the possibility of online training or presence

Personal trainer with a university degree in Sports and a personal trainer course, more than 4 years of experience in the sector, always adapting to the objective of the person, with the possibility of personal training, online training, routines for runners, preparation of oppositions.

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Coach Sportif at Home and Outside: Building Muscle, Yoga, Pilates, boxing and TRX

Antoine What do you like most in the business of sports home coach? "I like the investment sincerely ask this business, the privileged relationship of trust that is created with my clients. The human relationship is what I prefer because you can not be a personal trainer if you do not deeply love the people. this job is so much more to do sports.

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State graduate, dynamic and motivating young coach. Work at home or outdoors or even in the classroom.

I base my programming according to the objective / s of the person. My coaching is structured and is planned in advance for optimal results. A class can take place at home, outdoors when the weather is right or in the gym.

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Why settle when you can aspire to excellence? The Personal Trainer that will transform your body and your lifestyle!

A Personal Training course involves the use of various techniques, depending on the client's needs.

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Certified Personal Trainer in Toulouse (Boxing training, Indoor or outdoor, Running, Relaxation/ Stretching ...)

For fitness, weight loss / gain, improved cardio fitness or flexibility, I integrate several disciplines in the proposed sessions, including: + Boxing & Cardio-coxing + Running + Bodybuilding ( with or without material) + Stretching, yoga & relaxing techniques + And many fun activities! I favor outdoor work, although I can adapt indoor training with machines.

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Individual personal trainer or groups, 15 years of experience, address or street

Each person is a world, so the training and ways of motivating make them different for each person, to get them to reach their goal. The world of fitness is very broad, which makes it easy for me to come up with the combination of methods so that the person feels good doing his work on the way to his goal.

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Coach Sportif graduate, nutritional coaching + consulting, 12 years experience, Paris, Hauts-de-Seine

I am a graduate of a license in sports, alternative fitness and health. I have over 12 years experience in fitness, exercise prescriptions and in group lessons. I adapt to every type of individual. I like giving advice and see progress (weight loss, muscle gain, develop techniques ...) people with whom I train. I tailored programs of training and food for all levels.

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Qualified Personal Trainer for all levels in Ile de France, english speaking.

Loss of weight, gain muscle mass and regain self-confidence with framed sessions tailored to your goals; -Target the objective -Evaluation of your physical condition -Assignment of the training program -Nutrition advice -A follow-up + update after 4 weeks -A coaching session of 1h (1 to 4 times per week)

(18 reviews)
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Experienced very friendly fitness coach available to help you achieve your goals: D

Pedagogy, experience and precision are essential to my teaching I have many recommendations and pro until the end Sociable, I was able to start working at look voyages in Croatia for 6 months, then GO Club Med in Corsica, just Magic, Turkey and the plagne 2100 .... among others ..

Raúl gómez
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Sports Clinic With Classes in Small Groups and Individual Training, Physiotherapy, Nutrition

Center with individualized advice at all times, you will always have an instructor / coach guiding and making you better in an effective way. Forget about you feel lost and stagnate in the results.

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Sports Coach graduated from a Sports Training Master's Degree gives Physical Training / Fitness training in Ile de France

Holds a STAPS sports training license obtained at INSEP as well as a "Sports Training and Performance Optimization" master's degree based on the performance development of top athletes. I am also a player, a long time basketball coach and fitness trainer. Having framed all types of public, I will adapt to you, whatever your goals, age and sport level.

Alcalá de Henares

Personal Trainer and instructor of Martial Arts and Fitness in the community of Madrid

Improve your physical condition in a fast and simple way. Training methods tested and developed nationally and internationally. Monitoring of all sessions and constant evaluations to check the degree of improvement. The philosophy is only one, to train hard but having fun.

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Certified personal trainer offers individual and small group lessons outdoors / at home

I only use body weight and the environment around combined with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and a minimum of additional equipment if any at all to execute effective workouts. All exercises are modifiable, so there is always an appropriate challenge available for all fitness levels, and progress can continue for life.


Oualid BELAOURA coach professional boxer, boxing, development of physical qualities in the island of France.

My pedagogy and based on: the different techniques on: 1-displacements. 2-the defensive means. 3-the attacks. The ability to give by using the impact of body weight, punch combinations with efficiency, speed and accuracy. this practice provides a well being for the body but especially for the head.

Vicente López
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Personalized Training, Physical Preparation, High Intensity Functional Training, Martial Arts and Boxing

To help you achieve your goals and objectives, whether as a coach or competitor. I use 50% theoretical and 50% practical classes, I share and teach the most modern methods of training in a way that is 100% easy to understand, I give study guides and support material, together with this I share 100% instructional videos.

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Educateur sportif SANTE graduate CREPS TOULOUSE gives FITNESS & MASSAGE in Carcassonne

Hello I am Jean-Jacques, fitness graduate & bodybuilding oriented HEALTH. My method = "Move, relax and eat well after effort comforting!". On the program: a customized physical activity followed by a relaxed massage on an ergonomic chair and adapted nutritional advice.

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Personal trainer Certified with 8 years of experience offers group or individual lessons with personalized training for customers of all ages. I am specialized in the main disciplines d

My method of teaching is equivalent to my knowledge developed over the years, to my great motivational state that I feel I have, to the different training practices that adapt from subject to subject, from scientific evidence found. My single lesson lasts 1 hour and I also take lessons in packages.

Las Rozas
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Student of Science of Physical Activity and Sports who wants to train with you and get fit by the area of ​​Las Rozas and surroundings.

My workouts are based on the demands of each person who hires me but they always have a common pattern that is the training dynamic which is always a high thing that drives the desired results for each person. I usually work a lot on the basis of very dynamic exercises that require displacement since that makes us gain muscle mass while we lose that extra fat that we have left over.

Paris 4e
(1 review)
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Personal fitness trainer, yoga teacher, I'm your best partner form and well being

Hello, I am Sarah, your best partner form and well being specialized and graduated for more than 10 years in the fitness activities: yoga, prenatal yoga, pilates, postural ball, Bodysculpt, soft gymnastics, circuit training, Hit , boot camp, stretching, relaxation. I also accompany you daily with a personalized follow-up and nutritional advice to guarantee you results in only a few weeks.

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Do you want to get fit and evolve your way of training? Well, your Trainer Certificate of Evoltion 360 is already in Madrid, a new American fitness system that combines training

I try to recreate a BOOT-Camp training experience or military training, combining several training protocols, and using the most up-to-date systems, guided by the Evolution 360 methodology. Combining Cross training, HIIT, TRX, Functional Training, Calisthenics, to create circuits adapted to all types of athletes, from beginners to experienced.

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